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Paul's interview in People (?1993) by Jane Oddy

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 27, 2009 2:04 pm    Post subject: Paul's interview in People (?1993) by Jane Oddy Reply with quote

A salvaged interview from the EZ Board Library. Originally posted by Estelle.


Paul McGann talks about events that changed his life
Jane Oddy interview in People (?1993)

The star who shot to TV fame as The Monocled Mutineer isn't much of a rebel these days. Far from it. Paul McGann has a very level-headed outlook thanks to two major events in his life--his marriage, and a spectacular brush with death.

On his marriage--to long-time love Annie Milner, mother of his two sons, Joey, four, and Jake, two--he says, "I can't believe it myself sometimes. Here I am with a family and a house of my own and I never thought I'd have either."

On his brush with death, in a dramatic car crash, he says: "Even though you're alive, you can't help re-examining the probabilities that you shouldn't be there. It upsets you for a while. It's very sobering, but in the end it makes you feel rather good."

Paul's face brightens as he talks for the first time about "the best day of my life" when he and Annie tied the knot with a marathon bash in a converted railway shed.

"We quite suddenly decided to do it," he recalls. "I proposed but there was no bended knee involved.

"There were hundreds of people there. It seemed pointless sneaking away and signing a register somewhere. We try not to do things by halves so we got this huge railway shed in Bristol.

"Everyone brought their kids and it went on for 18 hours. We had to feed everyone three times.

"Our mates in theatre built a stage for entertainment and the local off licences kept bringing more booze when we ran out. There was a bouncy castle at one end and clowns for the kids and all their nannies.

"We were so skint afterwards we couldn't afford a honeymoon."

Paul--whose brothers Joe, Mark and Stephen make up an extraordinary acting clan--then goes on about fatherhood. "When we got the kids christened, it was great getting a group of family and friends together and focusing all this spiritual energy on the child," he says.

"I love it. I absolute love it. It's hard to be away from them. I don't like it. I really miss them and if I can engineer it where they can be where I am, I do."

Paul has been battling with health problems since his near-fatal crash. He was on his way with brother Joe--star of TV's The Upper Hand--to their villa in Spain when the car they were driving from the airport plunged over a bridge.

"We went flying," says Paul. "I remember thinking what a silly way to go. I felt like I was in a washing machine and I was expecting any moment to go 'Clump!'

"It was my fault in that I was driving. It was driver error. We flew off the bridge and there was another road, a dirt road, and we crashed onto that.

"It takes months before the shock goes away. You realise that you're not so sharp after all and a bit of caution may not go amiss.

"It was terrible really. It affected Joe a bit more that it affected me, although I'm still getting treated for it."

The pair managed to stagger from the wreckage and were taken to hospital with whiplash and back injuries. "The one thing I couldn't fault the vehicle on is that we had no right to walk away from it," says Paul. "I remember sitting in the hospital sobbing with relief. As we were leaving the hospital the doctor said, 'Go and get drunk.'"

The brothers held a huge party at their villa the following night--"Off came the neck brace!" says Paul.

But three weeks later, the trauma caught up with him. "I'd been sore but mobile," he recalls. "Then my body literally went through the accident again and I was crippled.

"Luckily I live next door to a chiropractor and I was carried to see him. Now I see him every week or so."

Paul, once a British triple-jump champion, adds: "My back's been out of balance for a year and it will be for maybe another one. I can't run any more which is a shame because I loved it, but I will run again. You just have to wait and do what the experts tell you."

Next month Paul returns to our TV screens for the first time in two years following screen roles in Alien 3 and Dealers.

In Nice Town, a three-part tragicomedy, he plays a well-intentioned family man who helps out his childless sister-in-law by becoming her sperm donor to get her pregnant..

Real-life family man Paul shudders at the thought. "This guy just causes havoc. Any marriage would crack under the strain."
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PostPosted: Thu Aug 27, 2009 7:06 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

As we were leaving the hospital the doctor said, 'Go and get drunk.'"

Kyu-huuu! That's what I did after I recovered from my car accident. And bike accident. What a smart doctor!
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