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Hanging Gale - Transcript: Dialogue Only

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PostPosted: Mon May 08, 2006 11:03 am    Post subject: Hanging Gale - Transcript: Dialogue Only Reply with quote

For Akka: to translate into German.

This is all I've completed so far. Most of Part One.

Dialogue only.

No Gaelic Laughing
No Narrative Confused

You will see the action in the drama.
See if it will work for you.

For some oddly said expressions, I put it in simpler terms.

For example: I don't know if Babelfish would know what "turned out" means, or if it translates into German with same meaning. It means: eviction, thrown out from home.
Squatter: Person who does not pay rent, lives on land without permission.
Hanging Gale: Yearly Payment of rent to landowners

Ask away if you don't understand words.

Akka, Perhaps you shouldn't read it till you watch the films. Wink


Phelan Family:

Seamus Phelan: Father Of:
Sean Phelan ......Joe McGann
Conor Phelan........Mark McGann
Liam Phelan.....Paul McGann
Daniel Phelan.....Stephen McGann

Dolan Family:

Patrick Dolan
Sarah Dolan
Their Children:
Michael Dolan
Mary Dolan (courting Daniel)
Maeve Phelan (married to Sean)


Exterior, Roadside

Coach Driver: Robbery!

Ferry: Henry Jenkins, Land Agent for the Estate of Galready. You are tried and found guilty for crimes against the people of Ireland.

Jenkins: Crimes? What crimes?

Daniel: Houses, Families turned out (evicted) into the road.

Ferry: You are sentenced to death.

Jenkins: How have I been tried? Who spoke in my defense?

Ferry: I did. I wasn’t very convincing.

Michael: We shot the Agent! Jesus Christ!—The man is dead, for Christ’s Sake!

Ferry: Are you going to help me here?

Michael: Don’t

Exterior, Field.

Connor: Blessings upon your work.

Sean: Same blessings on you, brother.

Seamus Phelan (the father): Where have you been?

Connor: No where—I forgot.

Phelan: Don’t forget your father again.

Maeve: Sean! Look it’s your Daddy, Look! Michael, is Phelan food not good enough for you?

Michael (Maeve’s brother) Con, have you got something for Maeve in your bag?

Sean: You’ve been busy, brother.

Maeve: They’re beauties, thank you.

Phelan: How many children did he (Agent) have? Four or five?

Michael: Four, I think.

Connor: You don’t work for the Agent.

Phelan: What do you know? You never had to feed a wife or children.



Daniel: For Christ’s sake Michael, you have everyone wondering what’s wrong with you?

Michael: Have you told her yet? Have you told my sister she’s betrothed to a murderer?

Daniel: No.

Michael: I think you should. I’m sure she’d be proud of you.

Daniel: What else could we do Michael? We saw them turn five families off the land.

Michael: You shouldn’t have killed the driver.

Daniel: There will be an eviction order on your table. What will you do if the new agent continues on where Jenkins left off? And begins to clear the estate?

Michael: I don’t know.

Daniel: Watch your mother and father, your sister crawling in the dirt?

Michael: I don’t know.

Mary: Michael! The fires are burning. Come on. Come on both of you!

Michael: You go on ahead.

Mary: You will come later?

Michael: Yes. You go on now.


Exterior, near brush fire

Daniel: He’s coming.

Phelan: Finish your food. You think a grown man is going to be disturbed by a few fires?

Agent Townsend: Why the fires?

Guard: Celebrate the arrival of the New Land Agent, sir.

Townsend: And the Death of the predecessor. Is this Lord Hawksbury’s house?

Guard: His Lordship never used it.

Townsend: There must be a proper Agent’s house.

Guard: In Brannocktown.

Townsend: Then take me to it.

Guard: It’s not been made ready for you, sir.

Townsend: Take me to it, Captain.

Guard: Welcome to Ireland, sir.


Exterior: Evening
Mary: I’m cold. I have to go. Michael didn’t come.

Daniel: No. Here, take this home with you. Bring luck for the rest of the year.

Michael: (To Seamus Phelan), I’m going into Brannocktown to talk to Hawksbury’s new man. Come with me.

Phelan: I will not!
Interior: Agent’s office

Clerk: Are you Captain Townsend, sir?

Townsend: I am.

Clerk: McBride, your chief clerk. Mr Hennesy, your Bailiffs…Made ready all the documents you requested, in so far as they exist. Begging your pardon sir, some of your tenants would like to have a word with you.

Townsend: Busy. See I am not disturbed again.


Exterior: Office Door

Townsend: What is the meaning of this?

Michael: We came to see Lord Hawksbury’s Agent, and this (crowd) is your calling card—are you the agent?

Townsend: I am.

Michael: Then, I tell you, that we are pressed, ground down and need removal of our grievances.

Townsend: What is your name?

Michael: Michael Dolan.

Townsend: I’ve been here a short time. What do I know of your grievances or any other man here?

Michael: You only have to look around or talk to any man here.

Townsend: I intend to. I intend to personally make a thorough study of the situation and visit every tenant. But until then, I am in no position to discuss it.

Michael: When will you discuss our demands?

Townsend: Monday.

Michael: Monday.

Townsend: Dolan, Limit yourself to three men, no more. I won’t talk to a mob.


Exterior, with saddled horse

Townsend: I’ll ride alone.

Guard: I’m to stay with you at all times, sir.

Townsend: I’m land agent of this estate. I intend to go about my business without unnecessary encumbrances. I’ll ride alone.
Exterior, countryside
Townsend riding horse, sees poor man tilling field.

Townsend: I’m William Townsend, Land Agent for Lord Hawksbury’s land. You are squatting (person who does not pay rent)

(To the woman:)
Townsend: Good Evening. May I take a look in your home? Can I look inside?
Interior: Townsend is Guest at Parish Minister's dinner table

Parish Minister: Murderers! Devils who disobey God’s Holy commandments. I say to men who murder, they will be hunted down and hanged. Eye for an eye, wound for wound…

Townsend: Calculations show, ten and a half acres to survive. Not enough to feed a goat.

Minister: Without that gift from the new world, they could not feed families. The potato.

Townsend: In Devonshire, everyone has a Kitchen God for vegetables.

Minister’s Wife: Devonshire! Lovely!

Townsend: Yes. Fertile soil. Not peaty unproductive like here. And yet, tenants here are paying twice as much as tenants in England.

Minister: This is not England! These Heathens must be ruled! Moses warned them if they disobeyed God’s law, they will be destroyed. They MUST BE RULED!

Interior: Land Agent’s office Meeting

Michael: Your tenants feel oppressed and ground down. The yearly lease is increased on renewal four times. Tenants can’t pay this. Eviction notices have been sent to all tenants in debt. Families were thrown out into the road. We ask you to revoke eviction orders. Reduce rents.

Townsend: Gentlemen, the Problem is the subdivision of land. One farmer divides his land for too many people.

Connor: What else can they do? They need to grow a few potatoes to feed families.

Michael: And what if the potato crop fails?

Sean: Thank God. Potatoes are well.

Michael: People are desperate, sir. I ask again. Ask his Lordship for rent reductions. Remove the threat of eviction.

Townsend: It is Lord Hawksbury’s opinion that present distress is caused not by high rent but by mismanagement. He does want to relive distress, but not by rent reduction. I ask you, limit yourself to respectable representatives.

Michael: I have done so. They’re desperate. What can we tell them? Give us a sign for hope.

Townsend: I’m sorry. I can’t continue this discussion. I can’t continue meeting with your representatives.

Exterior Office, crowd gathered

Townsend: Clear the area! Go back to work!

Ferry: We ask on our knees.

Townsend: Please get up.

Ferry: We’re on our knees!

Townsend: Please get up. I have nothing more to say.

Connor: Get your hands off him!

Interior: Daniel’s Schoolroom

Daniel: Face to Front. Continue your studies.

Exterior, crowd rioting.

Michael: Leave him!

Townsend: Release them!

Guard: What?

Townsend: Those men tried to save me. I will not bring charges against them. Release them.

Guard: Release them?

Interior: Office

Townsend: Do you think that attack was organized?

Guard: I intended to find out by questioning those men. Now sir, perhaps you realize police guards are more than unnecessary encumbrances.

Doctor Davis: You will be sore. Get some rest.

Townsend: One thing is certain. Tenants are convinced they were not treated fair by the previous agent. You are an Irishman?

Davis: I hope so.

Townsend: Have a drink with me.

Davis: What are you going to do now?

Townsend: The tenants of Lord Hawksbury’s estate reside in the manor of Galready are requested to pay in my office, first of June. All rent due.

Interior: Phelan Home---crowd arrives outside door

Phelan: We’ll have to sell all butter, eggs, chickens to pay the rent, and sell the cow.

Phelan: What is this?

Connor: They all agreed.

Phelan: What did they agree?

Connor: Many families refuse to pay rent.

Phelan: Do you want to get them all in trouble?

Michael: NO, nor do we want to see them bled dry by English landlords.

Connor: He can’t remove everyone from the estate.

Phelan: Yes he can. He has the law on his side.

Michael: He doesn’t have God’s law.

Phelan: God’s law won’t keep a roof over your heads. People must pay what they can and hope he will be merciful.

Maeve: Hope? What good will hope do us?

Phelan: I will pay in full. I will not be turned off this land!

Exterior Phelan Home. Crowd gathered to stop Seamus Phelan paying yearly rent to Land agent.

Sean: Daddy, please! Connor is right. All these people! We can’t be the only ones to pay. Please!

Maeve: All our money!

Sean: Don’t do it, Daddy! Don’t!

Phelan: Take your hands off me!

Sean: Daddy, don’t. Stay down, Father! Daddy!

Exterior, Muddy Phelan Field

Phelan: Your great grandfather built this farm out of just stones. He dug it and cleaned it with his own naked hands. He first hoed his first crop of potatoes,---oats grown where ferns didn’t grown. Leave me be! It’s your fault, with your lists and stupidity! We are going to loose this land, and it will be your fault!
Interior: Agent’s Office –waiting, but no one comes to pay rent

Guard: Word spread effectively.

Townsend: Whose word?

Guard: Michael Dolan.

Townsend: McBride! Close the office.

Clerk: Sir. Two hours sir.

Interior Phelan home: Phelan is wet, muddy, enters room.

Sean: Come sit by the fire, Daddy.

Molly: Did you fall?

Phelan:Yes, I fell.
Exterior: Townsend addresses policemen on horseback

Townsend: The law allows us to take cattle from debtors till they pay. We have no right to break open doors. Seize only from open fields. I have a list of debtors. Everything will be done lawfully. Good luck!
Exterior Field, seizing farm animals

Michael: Don’t do this!

Townsend: I am legally entitled to take the animals.

Michael: don’t do this!

Townsend: Brady! Read the riot act!

Guard: Prepare to fire.

Townsend: Don’t shoot!

Guard: Fire!

Townsend: Hold your fire! Withdraw your men! You had no right to open fire Mcafferty.

Guard: We shot in self defense.

Townsend: You will live. Dolan will not.

Daniel: Stop! Oh God! I ‘ll see them all dead and buried, every last one of them!
Interior Phelan house. Maeve cleans the corpse of Michael, sees children watching

Maeve: My Darling Brother! ---Get back inside and close that door!---Oh, my darling brother!

Exterior: Dolan home. People gathered for wake

Townsend: Parish of Galready has been too long without a priest. I wrote to the Bishop to ask them to send someone. I regret it will be too late for Michael Dolan. I know your prayers will help him on his way to heaven and may he rest in peace. As a mark of respect, I decided to defer collection of rent till Autumn, till harvest has been gathered. Let us pray it will be a good one. Please forgive my intrusion. I offer my condolences.

Daniel: Oh, he’s a clever one.

Interior, Phelan Home, before sunrise, rain pours down heavy. Knock at door.
We see Liam!

Liam: Maeve! We have work today.

Sean: What?

Liam: We have to dig the potatoes.

Connor: In this weather?

Liam: Yes, or we may loose them all. It’s the potato blight. It’s all over the valley.

Maeve: God help us all Father. God help us all.

Exterior: Phelan Doorway

Maeve: Come in now, you can do no more tonight.

Liam: Like all things that come from God, we must pray for his forgiveness.

Connor: Did you ask to come back to Galready?

Liam: No.

Connor: I’m glad you’re back.

Liam: God’s blessing on you.

Connor: The same blessing on you, Father.

Exterior: Mass

Liam: I am proud to stand before you today. Many of you I know and love, for this is the place where I was born and raised. We know what has befallen us. We must all look into our hearts and ask ourselves what we have done so to displease the Lord.

Interior: Agent’s Office

Clerk: (reading letter) The potato fields of Ireland are utterly destroyed. Your Lordship will be aware that potato is the staple diet of your tenants, who have lost six months supply of food overnight. This has come hard upon last years partial failure, many of your tenant will find it impossible to pay rent. I humbly suggest that your lordship reduces the rents or agrees to forgo them altogether until this terrible situation has passed.

Townsend: The lives of thousands may depend upon what is done now. He gives twice who gives promptly.
Exterior: Hovel, sees sick woman

Liam: Is there sickness here?

Man: Only hunger, Father.
Exterior: Liam buries body and prays.

Liam: Our Father, who art in heaven….(says Lord’s prayer)
God is the source of all truth. His word is truth.

Interior: Store. Liam pays for food.

Liam: It shames me to do business with you.

Storekeeper Coulter: Thank you, Father.

Interior: Liam’s cottage. Liam writes. While we hear him read, we see scenes of hardship.

Liam: This is the testimony of the Reverend Liam Phelan, Parish priest, County Donegal, 17th of August, 1846. I traveled today to remote parts of the parish. The poor people of this parish are already eking out an existence on nettles and blackberries. In my journeying today I saw women and children scouring the seashore for seaweed and sand-eels, like scavenging birds. A famine, with all its baneful consequences, presses, if the people be not immediately relived.

Interior: Meeting Room

Bailiff: Silence! If we don’t have order, we will clear the room!

Townsend: We need to put forth one proposal for the public works, not 200! To provide employment for all the distressed in the district. There’s no point in everyone having private schemes. The board of works will not build you a pigsty, or a barn. The works, to be fair, must not confer benefit on one individual.

Daniel: Who will pay your relief works?

Townsend: His Lordship will pay and all the other person possessed of property.

Bailif: The money advanced by the treasury is a loan re-payable after ten years and three and a half percent. The terms are generous.

Man: Why shouldn’t I have a pigsty?

Liam: Because you my son, are not starving. We should use the loan to buy food, to sell cheaply to the really needy.

Coulter: You can’t interfere with free trade.

Liam: You can charge what you like, Coulter.

Dr. Davis: The people need to be fed, not worked to death building a road that begins nowhere and ends in a bog.

Townsend: I know where the road starts and ends, Doctor. It’s a good site because of the quarry nearby. It will be approved. Those of you who wish to present alternative schemes to the board of works may do so, in the meantime, I declare this meeting closed.

Dr Davis: Lord Hawksbury has not been in Galready for fifteen years. He can have no idea of the distress that exists here.

Liam: He must be made to understand that if the tenants have to sell the rest of their produce for rent, they will starve. They must be allowed to eat their oats, their eggs, their butter. They must know that there is no threat of being turned out to die on the road. Persuade his Lordship to forgo the rents until the crisis is over. Give the people hope.

Townsend: I wrote Lord Hawskbury. I am awaiting his instructions. In the meantime, I’m submitting the road building scheme to the Board of Works.
Interior: Dr Davis Home

Liam: can his Lordship be so ignorant of what is happening here on his own property? Do the British really not know?

Davis: You might find this of interest.

Liam: There exists a place on the earth that complains so much and does so little. Do they really think this?

Davis: They don’t know nor want to know.

Liam: I can’t believe it. ----Do you keep a diary?

Davis: Of sorts.

Liam: Can we work together, do you think?

Davis: In what way?

Liam: Draw on those diaries, write about conditions here in Galready. Get it published in London so people might know.

Davis: Tell a tale of sorrow, once again?
Interior: Daniel’s schoolroom

Daniel: Say good day to Father Liam.

Children: Good day, Father Liam.

Daniel: If the Protestant Doctor and Catholic Priest are writing the report, what need do you have of the poor national schoolmaster?

Liam: You are the one with the gift of language.

Daniel: A gift for language? Are you writing a poem?

Liam: I’d like to work with you.

Daniel: I don’t think so, Liam. Let me show you something.

I thank the goodness and the grace
That on my birth have smiled
And made me in these Christian days
A happy English child’

Daniel: I stand beneath that every day teaching Irish children. I show them a map of the world that is covered with the red of the British Empire. I tell them British troops are stationed here in India, in Australia, in Hong Kong, and here in Ireland. And I remind them that every soldier has three square meals a day. That every day food is shipped to Bombay, Calcutta, everywhere. Food that comes from Ireland. And then I ask them why, do they think, despite all that, people are so hungry in Donegal? Why can’t we eat the food that is under our noses? Or—if there is not enough food for us to eat—why is it beyond the resources of the richest nation on earth, whose ships sail every ocean, to get food from there to here? And they don’t know the answers.

Liam: Your rhetoric won’t put food on the table, Daniel

Daniel: Perhaps not, but I still won’t waste my time appealing to people who more and more behave as if they’d like to see us dead.
Exterior: Field

Sean: Why are you wasting time with that?

Maeve: Because in spring, there will be cabbage, onions…food for us. Don’t stop me from doing this, Sean.

Sean: I won’t stop you. Tomorrow, Connor works with me.

Connor: Looks like a good sign.
Exterior: Field

Townsend: Good morning, I want to speak with your husband.

Maeve: He’s in the house.

Townsend: Thank you.
Interior: I delayed the rents, but now they must be repaid in full. I selected two or three tenants who I know can pay. It’s the landlord’s rights.

Sean: We lost everything. We’ll have to sell everything to pay the rent.

Maeve: And what about those who can’t pay in full?

Townsend: Let them pay what they can.

Interior: Maeve sewing boys suit.

Connor: What’s that?

Maeve: Your father’s suit. He’s giving it so we can make clothes for the boy.

Connor: His best suit! What will we bury him in now?

Maeve: We spent so much on Michael’s wake. If we have to pay in full, we’re not going to be able to buy seed for the new garden.

Connor: Sings Song:
'I had a first cousin called Arthur McBride;
He and I took a stroll down by the seaside
A-seeking good fortune and what might betide,

Being just as they day was a-daunting.
Then after reseting we both tood a tramp.
We met Sergeant Harper and Corporal Gramp'

Maeve: Stop it.

'And besides a wee drummer who beat up for camp
With his rowdy dow-dow in the morning.
He said, My young fellows, if you wil enlist,
A guinea you quickly shall have from my fist...'

Maeve: Stop it!

'Besides a crown for to kick up the dust
And drink the King's health in the morning.'

Connor:Do you not think a uniform will suit me?

Maeve: No I do not.

Connor: There’s plenty of Irishmen who made a living in the British Army.

Maeve: Plenty have died too. We need you here.

Connor: For how much longer?

Exterior: Boy shows Grandfather his new suit. He hands boy a coin

Seamus Phelan: Go and take care of your Daddy.

Sean: You know, I only wanted to make you happy.

Exterior: Market place

Coulter: You’ll get what everyone else is getting.

Mr Dolan (Maeve’s father) – I’m not selling a thing, Maeve. Not a thing.

Coulter: What are you looking for?

Connor: Six pounds.

Coulter: Four pounds.

Connor: She’s worth six pounds of anyone’s.

Coulter: Not mine. You’ll get no better today.

Connor: Who asked you?


Exterior – Market place --Later

Coulter: Still haven’t sold her?

Connor: I”ll take the four ounds.

Coulter: It’s three.


Exterior Marketplace

Man: Are you selling the horse?

Sean: What’ll you give me?

Exterior Marketplace: Maeve waiting

Coulter: I dreamed about you, Maevie, standing at the foot of my bed, naked!

Exterior Marketplace: Fighting

Connor: Don’t punish them because of me!

Coulter: Pay them that, and you, come to see me tonight.

Exterior: Path to Phelan home. Sean shows Maeve buttons.

Sean: I got these for you.

Maeve: Buttons! You bought them? We don’t even have food, Sean!

Interior: Coulter’s Store-Night

Coulter: So, Connor Phelan. You like to fight? Can you fight with a stick?
Does anyone have a stick my young friend can have? If you want a fight, fight Ferry. I’m taking bets.
Interior: Phelan home. Patrick Dolan visits.

Sean: Hi Patrick, come sit by the fire

Patrick Dolan: Are you ailing Seamus? I sold nothing at all. I don’t know what to do.

Maeve: If it’s money you’re after you must speak to Sean.

Sean: What do you need?

Patrick: Ten pounds.

Sean: The most I can give you is three pounds.

Maeve: You can’t give him three! It’s for ourselves.

Patrick: My own daughter will turn me out empty handed.

Maeve: We’ve got hungry mouths to feed. Why must you do this? In my own home?

Sean: Take the three pounds.

Maeve: Don’t you dare!

Interior: Store-Night—everyone has left

Coulter: You were good. For now on you fight for me.

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PostPosted: Mon May 08, 2006 1:19 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

OhMyGod! Shocked Maddy! Shocked Shocked Shocked What you´ve done for me?!!!
I just copyed in my own data and will translate and read it if time is enough!
That´s the whole story of HG?

Woahhh, jump*jump*jump*
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Down East

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PostPosted: Mon May 08, 2006 2:15 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


No, Akka Surprised Cool Laughing

That's just 3/4 of Part 1.

It will take a little while to write down.

But I'm working on it.

Hope it translates well for you!

It won't make too much sense, until you see the film.

It's very visual too.
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PostPosted: Mon May 08, 2006 11:56 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

3/4 of part 1! Wowzaaa! Shocked You are very busy!
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Down East

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PostPosted: Tue May 09, 2006 7:48 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Yes, busy. Cool

My recommendation is to watch the movies first.
Then, after seeing the action and images, you will want to know
'What did they say? What did that mean?'

I once thought about being freelance subtitle provider, where you, who speak English contracts yourself to a movie company producer or distributor to provide dvd subtitles. You would work with a person of another particular country (who knows English too) and go over the script, and provide the best language subtitles--like in this case, German, Japanese or whatever. They would find the best words, expressions that can be understood by the country. A two person process. So often you see subtitles that don't fit or seem stupid when translated because they haven't found the right expression or term, or realised there isn't a word to convey that meaning and must find one. Anyway, It would be a special edition dvd of a particular movie for different countries. Of course the dvd copyright holder would have to approve of it and all--and you know that's not going to happen. They only provide extra subtitles in other languages if the movie is very popular. It's too bad. You would think there would be many more subtitle language options today. But then, if they didn't take the time to work with an interpreter of that country, and used something like Babelfish to translate them quickly, it would be a botch job. You see that Bablefish is ok, but has no finess or subtlety, it's a clumsy thing. It cannot possibly know the meaning of every country's slang, or regional expressions--for example : "sold down the river," Or "puttin' it to the man' or whatever. The automatic translator takes each word and translates it literally word for word, and makes it confusing--and sometimes funny. It's rather interesting.
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PostPosted: Tue May 09, 2006 10:19 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Sure, I will watch the movie first, too, but this time I read a little bit in front of to picture me what kind of movie it is! Wink

In my words I call your last posting: " This article is full of words describing a....discussion" and I understand the most of it some words are foreign to me!
I so would love to hold a discussion like this! I haven´t the knowledge to do that! Mad

You are so right about subtitles, I think everyone would learn so much more, if he can read and hear them talking!
But I know from some good German English knowers?(correct word) that they love original English movies. NO translating or dubbing! They wouldn´t be as correct as the originals. Also the titles of lots of movies aren´t not that what the original will say.

A lot of movies behold their own titles actually here and again there are people against that! WE are a German country and we don´t need the Anglicanism! So they call it.
A very lots of English words grow into our German language!
For example we use: coach, not Trainer
checking, not testen
terminal, not Anzeigetafel and and and...
Well, right now there aren´t more words in my mind! Laughing I will post them when they turn back into my mind! Laughing
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Down East

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PostPosted: Tue May 09, 2006 3:04 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

You do very well with English, Akka.

I am glad they will show Forgotten in Germany, with titles or dubbed. Wink
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PostPosted: Tue May 09, 2006 11:41 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Down East wrote:
You do very well with English, Akka.

I am glad they will show Forgotten in Germany, with titles or dubbed. Wink

BLUSH Embarassed

And yes, the more Paul films here, the merrier! Very Happy
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Down East

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 15, 2006 4:29 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Akka, I'm sorry I didn't get around to finishing the HG transcript.

I have MORE written by hand, NOT ALL, but more, but not typed up, yet. It's not finished. Embarassed

Things got very busy after I began to write it.

When I have more time, Embarassed Crying or Very sad I hope to finish it for you.

Just to say, I'm sorry for the delay.
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PostPosted: Fri Jun 16, 2006 12:40 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Maddy, you mustn´t be sad! You´ve done a perfect busy work for me, and I´m so happy to read this! If you don´t find the time I´m not sad, you know I takes a veeeeery long time for me all tranlsating and I sayd, I´m not sad! Wink
Hugs* Akka!
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PostPosted: Fri Apr 09, 2010 12:54 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

May be someone have a subtitles for this film? Or knows there it may be get?
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