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Transcript of the gift giving from Miz Em

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 28, 2006 9:07 pm    Post subject: Transcript of the gift giving from Miz Em Reply with quote

Em: I wanted to give you something from us. Okay, these are hugs and kisses.

J: Awww! I noticed that online, because you always put ďhugs and kissesĒ at the end.

Em: Well, you know if I actually gave you all the hugs and kisses everyone told me to, you would be miles away from here.

J (laughing): Really? Iíll start running.

Em: Iíll just compromise and give you these.

J: Fantastic. Each one of these is an individual hug and kiss?

Em: Yeah. Oneís a hug and oneís a kiss. (1 bag of Hersheyís Hugs, and 1 bag of Hersheyís Kisses)

J: Fantastic. Brilliant.

Em: And a little Chinese New Year gift. Thatís (pointing to the Hersheyís that he was putting away) for Valentineís Day, and this (a little red packet) is for Chinese New Year. And Iíll explain that (as he opens it). Itís a little charm, because youíre born in the year of the Monkey, itís a little jade monkey. Itís a good luck charm to ward off evil. Because itís the year of the Rooster and the Rooster and the Monkey donít get along.

J: I wonder if Garyís a Rooster? (We all break out laughing)

Em: I was wondering that. What year was Gary born?

J: Um, seventeen twenty-seven. (We all break out laughing again, actually we laughed a lot) No, heís actually 1963.

Em: 1963, no heís not a Rooster.

J: What is he then? Actually, for the record, I have to say, Gary and I actually do get along.

Em: I have to think about it. Iíll tell you later. (1963 is the year of the Rabbit)

J: Thank you very much! So, whereís the best place to hang that?

Em: Now, as I get older I get more superstitious.

J: Right, yeah, I do too.

Em: So when I read the forecast for this year, I thought Iíd better get you this. But, keep it in your office, I think. In a drawer or something. It doesnít have to be hanging.

J: I just got a new office, actually, a big one, a boardroom. Finally, I get a decent sized one. I turn out to be the least important person there. Honestly, for a lot of my life, I lived in a little office, because we need such a large processing space at CFP. (He describes an area but Iím sorry I canít remember what size) All my files, and computers. I have 3 computers set up. I finally got an office that is three times the size of this. (Referring to the balcony area of the bar where we were sitting. Folks, three times of that is large!) What will I do with this space?

Estelle: How many people work for Big Finish? I mean how big a company do you have?

J: Big Finish, we have an office in London, and we also have a studio in London. And Iím very lucky, I actually have a flat opposite the studio. Because Iím not very good in the mornings, Iím an evening person.

Em: I think I noticed that!

J: Yeah. Whereas in the evening, I go ďLetís party!Ē

Em: ďLetís workĒ you mean!

J: Yeah, well. I do party!! I nip up there at night, like at 1am in the morning. It only takes about 45 mins.

Em: From Maidenhead? (The farmhouse is in Maidenhead)

J: So I go up there late at night, and therefore wake up in London, opposite the studio.

Em: I thought you recorded in Fulham.

J: No, we used to.

Em: So, not anymore?

J: No, no, weíve got a place in Stockwell. Which is very nice.

Estelle: I thought you went to Bristol. Is that just for McGann?

J: Bristol, we used to go there for McGann, which is great, the same as location filming. What we basically had to do was get everybody together, put them in 2-3 cars, and weíd drive down to Bristol. And we used to stay at a big farmhouse just outside of Bristol, which was gorgeous. We used to take it over. When you have 6-7 actors, plus the producers, plus the director, youíd have about 10 people.
Em: All this for McGann?

J: Yeah! (he makes a face) Because when we first started, he said ďOh yeah, yeah.Ē At the time he did a lot of films abroad. He said ď I canít really do it, but I could do it if you could come to me so I could spend some time with the kids in the evening.Ē We were like, weíd really like to do it, so we did it. Iíd like to say on the record now, that he didnít get any more money that anybody else. But we were a bit more flexible in other respects. So. And he appreciated that. We put ourselves out to come down to him, so itís great. So he was able to spend time with his kids. Because he was never home. Being down in Bristol, nothingís filmed down there. Always location filming, even in London or even location filming abroad, you know. I think he was doing Hornblower at the time. Nineteen ninetyÖ

Estelle: It was 2000. They filmed it in June 2000.

J: Maybe, maybe it wasÖ It was just recorded before he went off then. I know he was abroad doing some film before then. I canít remember what. Anyway.

Em: I donít keep up with this McGann dude.

J: (breaks up into laughter) Well, I do. Heís a fantastic actor.

Estelle says something but I canít hear it.

J: So we went down to Bristol for Paul, but we donít because he lives in London now, so he comes to our studios instead. In some ways itís good because itís less of a kerfuffle, and in other waysÖ Itís a nice word, kerfuffle (because I giggled and repeated ďkerfuffleĒ)

Em: Iíve just never heard anyone use that.

J: Ohhh. Youíve smiled a few times when Iíve said words. Like I use this complete different language or something. Oh my God! Thereís more!

Em: This is a birthday gift from me.

J: (he does this intake of breath) You even got my birthday. Oh, itís beautiful! (as he opens it)

Em: Those are the pictures that I took. Sort of a panorama (of Chicago). Now this is a Chicago saying, I guess. Daniel Burnham was a Chicago architect. It makes me think of you. (ďMake no small plans, it has no power to stir menís soulsĒ)

J: (He chuckles as he reads it) Fantastic! Itís gorgeous!

Em: And this is something that we did for Paul that I insisted we do for you. (I open out the t-shirt).

J: (he laughes and puts his hand over his eyes)

Em: I was going to wear it but I thought ďI donít want to scare this manĒ

J: Thank you very much. (he holds it up to his chest to display the design to the camera)

Estelle: I picked them up before I went to the airport.

J: Fantastic! Oh my God! (heís just dying laughing, Iím not sure but I think he was a little embarrassed) Iím fairly red, Iím sure.

Em: As I was saying this picture shows up in a lot of different things. Itís this same picture.

J: Thereís more! Bloody hell! (I think thatís what he said)

Em: We were going to do a birthday gift for you, a birthday card. So I thought ďHeís an audio CD exec so weíll do audio CDs for himĒ.

J: Oh my goodness.

Em: So I looked all over for this (the CD case) and itís a wheel rim but I thought it looked like a film can.

J: It does indeed, thatís what I thought. (He starts to read the first page out loud) The Ladies of the Annex wish you a very Happy Birthday.

Em: So the way this works, is that thereís a CD and a liner note

J: Oh, okay

Em: The liner note is the greeting from the person, thereís a picture of the person and where theyíre from. There are a couple of songs on each CD.

(He laughs and cringes a little at this)

Em: (laughing) I donít think he wants to hear that

J: No, no. Itís so much work!!

Em: Thereís something about the songs in the message, or there should be. At least in mine there is. So right off the bat you have the non-conformist which is Magda (turning the page) First off, she didnít want to include her picture. And she got to pick four songs because somebody over there didnít want to pick any songs! (pointing to Gaby, and we all crack up)

J: Tori Amos, good stuff.

Em: And hereís another person who didnít want to pick any songs. (Rollande) What I did in the liner, I picked something about them, you know, what they worked as or what their hobbies are. Sheís an accountant. (turns the page) This is Joanne McCarthy, sheís a librarian, and thatís the next level of non-conformist, who needed two liner notes.

J: (laughing) right!

Em: So thereís one behind there, so you have to pull out the CD to read it.

J: Fantastic!

Em: And thatís Gabyís, (Gaby says something here that made Jason laugh but I couldnít hear what it was) and this is Teriís. I think of her as an artist, sheís also got 2 liner notes.

J: Did she do that artwork as well?

Em: No, I did all this.

Estelle: No, she did all the work.

J: Oh, you did it, of course.

Em: They sent it all to me,

J: My God! Blimey!

Em: the only one who was different was Magda. Magda did her own. Yeah, it took me about a month.

J: Oh my God!

Em: Karinís a teacher

J: Right. Oh look! (pointing to picture of him and Karin)

Em: Yeah, she wants to make sure you remember her.

J: So sheís in Washington, is she?

Em: No

Estelle: Sheís in Virginia

Em: Yeah, Fredericksburg, but itís really close to Washington.

J: Right

Em: And this is Estelleís. Sheís a physician, a surgical pathologist, and our camera person, hence the caduceus and the camera. Thereís a couple of people, this oneís from Germany and that one from Belgium, so I gave up and put their maps behind them. And I had a couple sketches done.

J: (he laughs again, and puts his hand up to his face) Okay.

Em: I wasnít sure about this, but I thought, okay, weíll do it. And notice, itís that same picture. And I pulled all the songs together and put it on one CD,

J: Brilliant! I am knocked out by all of that. It is unbelievable.

Em: Itís a Leighton nude.

J: Amazing!

Em: And at the end, I like your initials in this font, so I just did those.

J: Amazing! I will enjoy looking at that properly. Iíll have more stuff to listen to in the car

Gaby gives Jason a bottle of wine to take home as well.

J: I am amazed. I am absolutely amazed!

Em: Well, we have you on film asking for presents.

J: When was it, was I on a panel or something?

Em: No, it was when we were giving presents to McGann in the autograph line.

J: Oh, right. It was sarcasm!!

Em: It made our hearts bleed!

J: Iím so chuffed! Unbelievable! Thank you!

Em: Chuffed. (I giggle, as usual)

J: See Iím using more words youíve not heard of.

Em: Thatís a Matthews word, from Hornblower.

J: Unbelievable!

Rollande Cool
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