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R sex - "It was only suppose to be" Complete

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PostPosted: Thu Jun 10, 2010 5:59 pm    Post subject: R sex - "It was only suppose to be" Complete Reply with quote

It was only suppose to be. . . - Part 1
by Dawn Sanada June 10, 2010

"It was only suppose to be the hunt for a siren."

Written to the shortened mix of Benny Benassi's 'I love my Sex' found here
(Which can be heard playing in the club scene, the song that the siren sings to the Doctor.)

This is about the Eighth Doctor, his hunt for an alien siren, and his first exposure to the pleasure his body can both feel and create.
(And with this picture in mind. *^__^*)


The Doctor panted softly as he ran down the big city sidewalk, arms pumping, legs stretching as far as they could with every stride. The street lamps high overhead in the 2010 Earth city lit his way as he ran.
He'd tracked a siren alien to this planet from another. She'd already caused so much trouble on the last planet. Having actually lead to the collapse of an entire government, using her voice to invade the minds of anyone who listened, to do as she wanted. Of course, she'd been well paid by some other, unknown to him, individual. She'd been handsomly paid to make sure the entire government of the planet fell. It didn't matter how. The 'how' had been up to her. All that mattered was that it was done.
It sickened him to think about how she'd done it. Sang to enter their minds, then forced them all to take up arms and shoot one another.
The Doctor had arrived, but only a few seconds too late to stop any of it. All of those innocent lives. It didn't matter how corrupt or money-hungry the government officials had been on that planet. They didn't deserve to have that done to them. No one did. It both sickened and bewildered the Doctor as to how someone could be so ruthless, so emotionless, so . . .
He shoved the thoughts of entering into that main city hall building, of seeing all of that blood and those bodies out of his mind again. He'd learned about the siren and came prepared before he even entered the building. Earplugs. Unfortunately, he hadn't gotten much chance to use them. As soon as he'd entered the room, the siren saw him.
A tall, sleek, curvaceous, tan skinned, amber eyed, long haired beauty. Enough to tempt most anyone simply by looking at her. The voice made it impossible.
For the Doctor, however, who could appreciate beauty, didn't find himself attracted to her. Not that she wasn't worthy of. It was simply that he didn't feel any attraction. What would make most men's knees go weak about this beautifully sexy woman could've been another brick in the great wall of China, or another flower in a huge field of flowers for all the Doctor was concerned.
She must've picked up on this in the few, brief seconds they'd been in the same room together.
Of course, a great deal of this was conjecture on the Doctor's part. She could've ran for any number of reasons.
The Doctor shook his head slightly as he ran, forcing himself to focus on the present. It irritated him how his mind would wander like this sometimes. If nothing else, he was glad he hadn't started talking aloud to himself again. He wasn't overly fond of these times, when he didn't have a companion to travel with. Someone who would listen to his ramblings and be a springboard for him, even if they didn't understand what he was talking about most times.
He slowed to a moderate jog as he approached a night club. He could hear and feel the thunderous bass from the speakers inside. Taking a moment to catch his breath, he reinserted his earplugs. He hadn't heard her voice in the air yet, so, better safe than sorry.
With the earplugs securely in place, he strode straight up to the front door where a muscular, tall, middle Eastern man stood. The Doctor had never actually gone to, or had any reason to go to, a night club, so, when the bouncer stood directly in the doorway, obviously refusing the Doctor entry, he fished through his pockets for currency.
"Ah! Here you go!" he said, holding open his hand with several crumpled dollar bills, along with paper money from at least two other planets. "This should be enough, shouldn't it?" he asked, hollaring and hoping to be heard over the bass eminating from the building.
The bouncer didn't seem overly impressed, only taking a glancing look at the Doctor's hand before looking back at the brunette.
"Not enough?" he queried, thinking that he should give his pockets another fishing through in an effort to find more.
If the bouncer hadn't been so serious, he either would've broken down laughing or simply face palmed. . . or both.
Here was the Doctor, dressed so old fashioned, so proper for whatever time he came from, and then there were the club goers. Leather, jewelry, a few wearing plastic glow sticks and, one would imagine, makeup that would appear under a black light.
He was so out of place that it was quite funny.
The bouncer took hold of the Doctor's shoulder and turned him away from the door saying simply, "go home. For everyone's sake." Then gave him a gentle shove between the shoulders to help him along the way.
The Doctor stumbled forward, his currency freely falling to the cement sidewalk and into the shadows. Several steps away, the Doctor looked back at the man, then the closed door that was behind him and all of those muscles. He had to get in there. HAD to.
With a single nod of compliance and determination, he straightened his jacket, then started walking off. At the corner of the building, in the alleyway, he hurried into the dim light it provided and began scanning for any windows he could use to get in by. It wasn't long before he found what he was looking for. However, the trio of windows were a good 40 feet up. The Gallifreyan had made a hurried full circle around the building, taking in it's features. There were two exits that were separate of the front door, but, knowing buildings like this, they were probably rigged with emergency alarms to go off the moment they were opened.
The Doctor entered the initial alleyway once more, facing the first windows he'd first seen. There weren't any structures, no fire escapes or large dumpsters, that he could use to his advantage with this. He'd have to think of something though, and soon.

It hadn't been an easy thing to do, to get into the building through one of the high windows, but thankfully he had a small grav plate in the Tardis. A 'souvenier' he'd picked up several planets back. It was about the equavalent of a serving tray that could float, to be honest. Although it could only float a few mere inches off of the ground, only being used at dinner tables, he'd managed to tweak the programming in it and up he went into the air and to the middle window. The grav plate was wobbly, enough to really make him concerned about the risk of it tipping and dropping him, but it didn't. It remained stable enough for him to use it, to pry open the window, and manage his way inside.
To his good luck, he found railings that ran out from and just beneath the windows.
He carefully made his way onto the nearest one and took a moment to look down. The club was dimly lit, strobe lights and black lights being the only illumination except for the bathroom doorways, which were gently lit by a steady blue glow of light from around their door frames, and the same for around the edge of the bar at the other side of the large, almost warehouse-like interior.
People filled the place, leaving little room to move freely if they wanted it. The only precious spaces to move freely were against the walls, then again, most of that was steeped in shadows and who knows how many people were there?
He scanned for what passed for a stage and saw a young man, a dj, mixing songs for the people to dance to.
His soft, grey blue eyes scanned the crowd for his target. For a moment he was certain he saw the siren, but, just as soon as he'd seen her, she had vanished into the sea of people.
As the Doctor carefully made his way down one of the pillar-like railings and sighed. He hadn't noticed it too much when he'd been up at the windows, but now more than before the mixes of various perfumes, cologones, natural body odors from sweat, and drinks accosted his nose.
'Lovely', he unpleasantly and sarcastically thought to himself.
As he kept close to the back wall, moving around at his leisure, always scanning the crowd for signs of his target, he had to admit that simply feeling the beat thundering through the entire building, vibrating the very air he breathed left the man torn between how he was feeling. On the one hand, it was annoying, bothersome like a mosquito that continued to buzz around one's ears. On the other hand, on some simplistic, basic level, he was enjoying it, as if it resonated with something ancient and primitive within himself.
After several minutes, the Doctor paused as a pair of disctintly feminine hands with French tipped nails rested themselves flat against the middle of his back and meandered their way up his back, up to his shoulders.
This had been the fifth time someone had done that to him since he'd been at floor level. Twice men, three times now women.
Not that it wasn't a nice sensation, but he had other things on his mind. Like finding that siren before she could do any more damage.
It was logical why she'd come to a club like this. The easiest place to start at. The least likely place to stand out at. From the way he'd heard it, that's how she'd begun on the other planet.
The Doctor rolled his shoulders to remove the newest set of pesky hands from his shoulders and took a step forward. However, this time, the hands immediately returned, this time snaking their way out across his shoulders then down to his chest, followed by a warm and very female upper body pressing itself against his back.
The Doctor took hold of the wrists, removing them, opening the woman's arms, then stepped forward again. He released the wrists, then turned to look at the woman, intent on telling her to stop and find some other male to flirt with. When he turned, however, a familiar face greeted him. The siren.
He blinked, taken offguard for a second, then, lightning fast, he whipped out his sonic screwdriver, holding it at arm's length between himself and his newest enemy. Okay. Sure. The sonic screwdriver wouldn't do much to stop her, but it'd serve as an excellent distraction. It would disrupt the lights and electronics of the building. More of a sparky light show than anything else, but certain enough to distract her.
This time, unlike last time where the instant she saw the Doctor she ran, she remained standing where she was, an amused smirk on her deep red colored lips.
He couldn't hear her, but he could read her lips simply enough.
Hello again, he read.
The Doctor kept his stance, ready to activate his sonic screwdriver, a serious, determined look on his handsome face.
There's no need for that, he read.
He didn't understand what she meant until he felt strong arms wrap around his own, holding them at his sides, as well a around his waist. Someone snatched his sonic screwdriver out of his hands at the exact moment a set of fingers found their way to his ears, removing the precious earplugs. Instantly he cringed as the thunderous, booming music and base attacked his ears, making his eardrums hurt. It took a great deal of concentration not to be overwhelmed by it, even temporarily.
He glared forward at the beautiful siren, grey blue eyes narrowed challengingly.
"Now, please, don't be like that," she said, somehow her voice effortlessly permeating through the music / noise as she took a gentle hold of the Doctor's chin, lifting his face up and allowing his soft, brown hair to fall away from his face. He half wondered if her voice, admid all of this noise, was being sent more to his mind telepathically, rather than interpreted and heard by his ears. It'd be the only thing that'd make any sense, knowing that if he tried, he'd probably have to shout in an attempt to be heard.
The sensation of goosebumps racing across his skin made the Doctor's hair stand on end in reaction to her touch.
With a single hand she waved away all of the individuals who'd been holding the Gallifreyan back, and she stepped in close to him, allowing herself a long, leisurely moment to breathe him in.
As much as he wanted to move, to remove himself from her fingers, from such a close space, he found himself unable to move.
The duo looked into one another's eyes.
"I didn't come here to start more trouble," she admitted, fondly admiring his eyes. That's when he realized it. She didn't need to sing to control him. Just the mere act of speaking was enough. Her intentions were made clear telepatically. She was controlling his body and refusing it any movement.
As they stood there, she took note of his eyes. They were a cool, soft color, a rare color for her to see, and, at the same time, warm and beautiful. A confusing combination, and, yet, still noticable in the strobing, dim lights. "I'm not for hire any more," she pryed her gaze away from his eyes, contenting herself with delicately brushing the back of her fingers down along his smooth cheek, then across the right side of his jawline. It was difficult not to admire a face that seemed so finely smooth. One could easily compare him to a statue made from marble. Cool and lifeless, yet, at the same moment, having so much realistic detail, one would expect the statue to suddenly move and speak of its own accord.
"I'm a long way from home. Used for years by a powerful man because he found me on the streets. He rescued me and I was in his debt. With that last planet, I was able to finally buy my freedom from him." She touched her fingertips to the side of his neck, her thumb resting on the other side of his neck, on both of his jugular veins, and slowly moved them down along the powerful, pumping veins. She was finding herself terribly intrigued and attracted to him. As hot and humid as the club was, his skin was refreshingly cool to the touch. One would imagine that even in a place like this, covered in as much clothing as he was, he'd be sweating. At the very least he'd be uncomfortable. Yet, as far as she could see, there was not a single bead of sweat to be found.
She looked up to his eyes again. "Simply let me go. Let me have my freedom. I promise that I won't cause any more trouble." She rested her hand on the middle of his chest, palm flat, fingers spread wide apart, hiding the fact that she was surprised to feel two hearts pounding away in his chest. "Please."
"You have to pay for what you've done," he said sternly, acting as if none of this was affecting him, as if she wasn't even touching him at all. "You've killed too many innocent people. Even a single life I couldn't let you get away with."
She chuckled, stepping in close to this intriguing creature of a man, leaving only a few spare inches between their bodies. "It's cute that you think those people were innocent. However, if you knew about the corruption that was going on, how far out it all branched, how many lives they had ruined and taken away, you would have agreed with me. I may hate having to make people kill one another, but with those people, they deserved what they got, because they would never be properly punished on that planet. It was perhaps the one job I felt worthy of doing. I don't like what I did, but I don't regret doing it."
"That doesn't make it right."
"I never said it did." With every second that ticked past, she was finding it all the more difficult to resist the Doctor. Sure, he wasn't doing anything to intice her, nothing at all seductive, the exact opposite of that to be honest, but she was getting so turned on. He was a beautiful creature and here he stood, all stern and serious. Acting as if he wasn't at all turned on by her. Not by her voice, not by her appearance, none of it. If she wasn't so distracted by him, she would've been insulted.
Unable to resist any longer, and so badly wanting him, she began to sing.
The moment she did, the Doctor's perception of his surroundings became effected. Melting and blurring. The deep, dimly illuminated surroundings remained, but they lost their focus. The siren's voice seemed to echo as she sang, taking over his mind and now leaving no resistance to her ways.
This, however, didn't stop the Doctor from trying. However, it was like a person being pulled out to the open sea via a riptide. He was trying to swim back to shore, but the psychic riptide that was the siren's voice was pulling him out further and further. He was losing himself more and more against her voice.
The siren, unable to hold back for a moment longer, brushed her hands back through the Doctor's soft hair and crushed her lips agains his. Despite this, her voice seemed to continue singing in his mind, keeping him under her control, making him feel what she wanted and, in turn, making him feel like he wanted the same thing.
His hands found their way to her back, pulling her in close as she pushed him back against the wall. The two of them were now completely emmersed in the shadows.
Her hands untied the silk tie around his neck, almost ripping it free from the collar of his shirt, then began working, opening his shirt and pushing it, along with his jacket, away from his chest and shoulders.
She pulled her lips away from his and began kissing along the side of his neck. It amazed her how his skin tasted. A bit like dark chocolate and sandalwood, then another scent/smell she couldn't rightly identify. It was an odd combination, a stange one, yet. . . it blended together deliciously. As he shrugged off his shirt and jacket, her hands began unbuttoning his slacks, her mouth opening wide against his skin and then closing, each time sucking at his cool skin, threatening to leave a mark behind if she continued for much longer.
As his slacks were opened, she became more turned on by him, this, in turn, communicated through her mental song to the Doctor's mind, and arousing him.
It was a completely new sensation for him that he had no choice in being immersed in, yet, because of her, he was deeply enjoying it.
She knew exactally what she was doing and was going to do to him. He, however, was experiencing this all for the first time.
The siren drew in a deep breath, opening her mouth again against the side of his neck and sucked hard once before biting down on his skin. Not hard enough to leave a lasting mark or to draw blood, though her sucking alone would certainly leave a mark there all on its own by now.
She had to have more of him. This wasn't enough. Pulling her lips away from his skin she jerked down his slacks and underwear to his thighs. She laid her hands flat on his thighs and let them explore on their own in the darkness, coming to his groin and finding his cock already standing to attention.
The Doctor tilted his head back and gasped feeling one of her warm hands wrap around his member, and it took almost all of his strength right then and there to not let his knees give out beneath him.
As the siren began kissing her way across his chest, stopping only to lick and gently nip at his hard nipples, one of her hands began lovingly, delicately trailing across the length of his cock while the other rolled and caressed his balls.
The Doctor's mouth dropped open, his arms spreading out against the wall behind himself, hands flat against it as he cried out. The sound, however, being completely lost in the loud music that continued to play in the club, drowning out all other sounds that were being made.
Before the Doctor knew it, because he'd been a bit lost in the incredible ministrations of the siren's experienced hands, he found himself on his back on the uncomfortably cold floor, his slacks down to his ankles and an amazingly hot warmth having completely enveloped his cock.
The siren had been more than happy to begin riding him, her short skirt bunched up at her hips as she straddled the Doctor's waist, but leaving the rest of her body fully clothed.
If it hadn't been for the siren having total control of the situation, the Doctor wouldn't have known just what to do, or understand how his body was reacting to her actions. Instead, he laid under her, sitting his legs up behind her and starting to lift his hips up meet with her every time she came down on him. Each time she took in every last inch he had, his hands on her leather-clad hips.
For several glorious minutes this continued before the Doctor pulled the siren down onto him, their chests pressed against one another and he rolled them both over, now with her beneath him. Removing himself from her amazing warmth, he took a moment to kick off his socks, shoes, slacks, and underwear, then laid his body barely on top of hers, from groin to chest. He could clearly feel the sensual heat rising from her body, the scent and taste of her hormones mixing with the air and floating up and touching his body, combining with his own before floating up into the air with the rest of those present from the crowd.
The Doctor kissed her deeply. She brushed one hand back through his hair, the other trailing up and down along the full length of his back as the kiss turned deep and passionate.
The Doctor effortlessly slid himself back into her inviting warmth and started thrusting with half strength, finding all of the sensations, smells, and heat alluring and fabulous.
It barely took any time at all before the siren had to pull her lips away from his, desperately wrapping her arms around his back and leaving her mouth hanging open, moaning loud and sharply with each thrust into her he made.
She'd been with enough men in her life to know how to do this, to make a man do this in the right way to please her to the maximum, but with the Doctor, it wasn't just sex for pleasure. He was something new that she couldn't quite describe, and she could feel her psychic grip on him weakening the longer they went, the hotter he made her body.
She cried out desperately for more. Holding one arm across his shoulderblades, the other across the middle of his back, he used one of his hands to situate one of her legs up and resting it over his shoulder. Then, with both hands on the floor at her sides, he continued thrusting, this time able to feel himself being drawn in deeper and, by Rassilon, if it wasn't an intoxicatingly addictive feeling.
He wasn't aware of when exactally her psychic hold on him began to slip away or just how much of it was gone by this point. He'd become so pulled in by what he was feeling, how he was feeling, that he only knew one thing. He wanted more. This was all new to him and he wanted more. His body was tensing, a heat pooling in his gut as he continued, his pace picking up to an almost frantic speed.
Gritting his teeth, panting sharply, beads of sweat falling away from his cool skin, he barely heard as the siren screamed out as she climaxed, the muscles inside of her suddenly squeezing his member. The feeling made him falter and stop as it kicked his sense of arousal up to a whole nother level entirely.
The siren, though still in the amazing throes of her own climax, grabbed the Doctor by his hair, a hand on either side of his head and forced him to look directly into her eyes. There wasn't any psychic control or forcing being done now. It was a demanding, desperate plea not to stop. She needed more. Then, she closed her eyes and forced his head down, kissing him desperately and hungrily, even as her hands trembled.
He crushed his lips down onto hers, not realizing how lustfully hungry he'd become and slid his tongue into her mouth as he began rolling his hips back and then foward, pulling almost completely out of her body before moving back in, all of the way to the hilt, and, even then, continuing to push his hips forward, adding pressure up between her legs.
A loud whine came out of the siren as he repeated this several times before pulling his lips away from hers then starting thrusting into her again. He started at a moderate pace, but as intense as his need was, that speed and strength swiftly increased, causing the siren to cry out heatedly with each time.
It was impossible to tell just how long they remained on the floor like this before the Doctor's body finally reached its own climax and he ejaculated, but one thing was certain. The Doctor was completely spent from the exertion and pleasure of it all. It had been his first time, after all.
He laid on the floor, completely naked in the dark, panting sharply, sweating, and his entire body tingling from the deep pleasure he'd felt for the first time in his life.
When he finally managed to collect himself, he slowly sat up, his body trembling slightly from his exhaustion. Nothing had changed except for one thing. The siren was gone.
It was anyone's guess as to how long she'd been gone, but, without knowing just when she left, she could've been anywhere. For as much as the Doctor knew, he could've been laying there for seconds, minutes, an hour?
Breathing carefully, he cleaned off his spent cock as best he could before pulling on his underwear, then the rest of his clothing. To his surprise, he found his sonic screwdriver safe and untouched in his jacket pocket.
Walking with a hand flat against the wall for support, his legs feeling like jelly with every step he took, he managed his way out of the club through the front door, getting a surprised look from the bouncer who'd originally turned him away.
By the time the Doctor made his way back to his precious Tardis and got her into the vortex, he stumbled to his private chambers, collapsing down onto the cool, welcoming, comfortable bed.
It bothered him to no end that the siren had taken such full control of him.
He closed his eyes and drew in a deep breath. The sights, smells, and sensations of what took place came rushing back at him so fiercely that it was beginning to turn him on. He could still smell the mixture of his body's scents with those ofthe siren's. They clung to his skin and permeated his clothes. As much as it bothered him, and as much as he didn't want to admit it, he did enjoy it.
Opening his eyes, letting the gentle, consistent hum of the Tardis wrap itself around him like a warm blanket on a cold winter's night, he rolled over onto his back, settling himself down into his bed.
He thought about running scans and finding if the siren had tried to get back to her spaceship and make a mad dash off of Earth in search of another planet. He could. He could easily do that. No question about it.
Remembering back, looking into her eyes, deep in his hearts he felt like she was telling the truth. Maybe not about everything, but about one thing for certain. She didn't want to do anything else like what she had. She'd done enough.
A soft, slow exhale escaped between the Doctor's lips.
"Fine," he admitted softly, quietly to the air around himself. "I'll let you go." However, he vowed that if he even slightly felt like she was causing trouble again, he'd hunt her down and stop her. Next time with much better earplugs.
He sighed heavily and sat up, removing his jacket and shirt, and tossing them to the floor. He was feeling uncomfortably warm again and it wasn't going away.
For a long moment he sat there on his bed, quietly, debating on what he should do.
What she'd done, what she'd made him . . . no, what she'd allowed him to experience had been remarkable. Although he wished he could've been introduced to this in a much different manner, it had affected him enough to make him curious about what else his body could feel. How else could his body create that intense of a level of pleasure?
He wasn't hormonally driven like most other species were, overtaken with an intense urge to have sex with anything that had a willing and welcoming orifice. He did feel deep passion and compassion. He wasn't immune to that. When he did feel, it was more at a level of puppy love, not urgent, sexual need. However, what he'd been through, for once, just for a moment, made him wish that he would feel that way. That hot, needful sexual lust.
He tapped his fingertips against his thighs, heavily debating with himself on what he should do. His curiousity had been peaked, wondering what other sort of pleasure his cock could provide. He'd never used it or seen it as an instrument for pleasure, for himself or anyone else's. It had always just been a part of his body used to elimate waste through. Plain and simple. Yes, of course he knew how many other species reproduced. He wasn't blind or ignorant of it. He knew how things worked. He'd just never felt a need to do that himself.
"Oh blast it," he muttered, flopping back onto his bed. He undid his slacks and pushed them and his underwear down his legs. He kicked off his shoes, then let the remainder of his clothes join them on the floor. Placing a hand around his cock, he released a slow, slightly shaky breath. At that moment, he resigned himself to exploring this until he felt his curiousity was sufficently satisfied. However long that may take.

the end. . . or is it?

Part 2 - It was only suppose to be. . . - Part 2

The Doctor drew in a gentle breath. The instant he did, a sharp spike of pain made itself loud and clear, coming from his ribcage. Instantly his body reacted. A sharp gasp then coughing, jerking his entire body and mind into consciousness in a rather rude way. He curled up on some cold floor, squeezing his eyes shut and hugging his stomach. After a minute of carefully breathing, slow and gently, his body relaxed, but both arms remained over his stomach.
Blinking open his eyes, he was greeted with the soft bluish glow that was the magnificently roomy console room of his beloved Tardis. The sound of her ever present hum in his ears. A deeply reassuring sound.
"What...?" he breathed out.
Looking out from behind his brown bangs, not daring quite yet to move his body, he let his grey blue eyes roam around himself. Nothing seemed out of place, but something felt like it was.
Slowly sitting himself up, pushing himself up with one hand, while keeping his stomach protected with the other, he realized he'd been lying unconscious at the base of the console. It was anyone's guess as to just how long. It bothered him that he had no idea how he got here and why he was hurting. Using the edge of the console to pull himself up, he quickly saw a familiar and unwanted guest lying several feet away from the console.
"The siren," he muttered, half intrigued, half angered. What was she doing here? How had she gotten here? It irritated him when he had moments like these. Even moreso when he KNEW he was having another lapse in his memory. He made a quick scan of the console monitors to have an idea where they were. Safe in the vortex. No destination. Simply... floating.Everything was quiet and peaceful. With that out of the way, he started towards the siren, but stopped after only two steps, keeping a tight grip in the edge of the console. His right shoulder was bruised. He was able to now tell that his lower ribs hurt. Specifically only his lower ribs. Probably cracked or broken judging from the pain. The bottom left of his back, just above his hip, also hurt, and his left ankle felt like he'd twisted it badly at some point not very long ago. "Just what happened?" he quietly asked himself before cringing. His bottom lip hurt. Lightly running his tongue along it, he could feel a scabbed over cut there and could taste dried blood.
He tried to wrack his mind, force forward whatever forgotten memories he had to the surface, but it was in vain. His last memories, his last CLEAR memories were after the siren had escaped him in the club. He'd returned to the Tardis and had spend what must have equaled up to a good two days giving his body a throuough and personal exam, testing out what knowledge he had in order to discover all of the ways his body could give him pleasure.
His brow furrowed as he tried to remember after that.
He remembered coming to a point where he felt satisfied with what he'd learned and everything he'd felt, then decided to return to his usual visiting random planets in time and space. It had been like discovering the fact that he could eat, could taste for the first time. Masterbation was wonderful and lovely to explore, but, after a while, it became a tiring discovery. He became satiated, then stopped and moved onto something else that would grasp his curiousity. His first love. Exploring the universe.
He blinked as his mind returned to the present, his eyes focusing on the siren on the floor again.
Moving slowly and carefully, he approached her, then knelt, painfully, at her side. Brushing the long, thick, dark hair away from her face, he could see a dark bruise on her cheek. Taking a good look at her from head to toe, it was clear that she'd been through something. Her skin tight, leather-like top, shorts, and ankle high sandal-like shoes were scuffed and had patches of dried streaks of mud on them. Her knees looked like they were suffering from a light case of road rash.
"What happened?"
It's not like she was going to suddenly jump up an answer him. As subtle as his telepathic sense was, he could most always pick up if someone was truly unconscious, dead, or playing possum. The siren honestly felt unconscious.
Not wanting to simply leave her here, fearing just what sort of trouble she could create if left alone with the console, he picked her up into his arms, then painfully made his way to the infirmary. Intruder or not, if she was badly injured, the least he could do was heal her up and then throw her out of his Tardis. Once in the infirmary he laid her out on the only available, and empty, table in the room and erected an energy shield, making certain to block all audio communication that may come from within. He'd been under her control once. He didn't feel like repeating that again. Especially not if it could be avoided.
With that done, he activated a machine inside the shield that immediately set to work analyzing what her injuries were and then treating them. One less thing for him to have to worry about.
The Doctor, meanwhile, sat himself down nearby, picking up a hand held device and scanned himself, checking his injuries, then, like his unconscious visitor, set about healing them. "Concussion, cracked ribs," he muttered, couting out his injuries, "bruises." He'd been in a fight, he concluded. That was the only logical explaination. Nothing in the console room looked like it had any explosions or problems. None of his blood was seen plattered across it. That took out the possibility of turbulance, of him having been thrown hard against the console and been injured due to it.
He sighed, looking at his unwelcomed visitor. There was only one way he was going to get any answers, and she had them.
It was almost a full 45 minutes later before the siren came to. He'd busied himself in the infirmary, a roughly 15w x 12h x 20d foot room that, unlike the control console room, was brightly lit with white to light grey colored walls and an array of medical devices, mainly used for repairing injuries and speeding along the body's natural healing processes, scattered somewhat messily across the other free table in the room and the counter.
From the corner of his eye he noticed movement. Turning around to see, the siren, though looking something of a mess, was standing up and brushing her hands along the energy shield.
He watched as she looked directly at him and she said what anyone would in such a situation. Let me out.
Inwardly he smirked. The tweak to the energy shield had worked. He couldn't hear her.
The Doctor shook his head slightly, pointing to his own ears.
Instead of anger or frustration, as he was expecting to see, she pleaded.
Not certain how well she could read lips, he walked over to a nearby console and typed on it for a few seconds, then looked back at the siren. Her eyes never having left him for a second.
"I've adjusted the frequency of the shield around you," he started. "I know you can hear me, but I won't be able to hear you." He stood in front of the siren now, arms crossed over his chest as he looked down at her. "I have no desire to be forced under your control again. Feel free to talk. I'll be able to read your lips."
He closed her eyes and seemed to sink down onto the table as she sat on the edge of it. He nocticed that she seemed so much smaller than she had the last time he'd seen her. She'd been tall, strong, confident, alluring to those who were under the heavy sway of their hormones. Something had definately changed, and he knew it wasn't simply because of his having put her in that energy shield.
The siren didn't even attempt to speak for a few minutes. To the Doctor, it looked like she was trying to pull herself together. The Gallifreyan let her take her time, cleaning off part of the nearby table, then sitting on the clutter freed space.
Eventually she sighed heavily, brushed her hair back behind her shoulders, and looked directly at the Doctor. With that, she began.

After leaving the Doctor in the dark and on the club floor, his mind and body still reeling from being thrown into the throes of ecstasy, she'd made her escape, just like the Doctor had figured. She'd taken her small space craft, about the size of a medium sized car, and left Earth.
She'd managed to get out of the solar system with no problems. She hopped from one planet to another, trying to find somewhere safe to settle down at with her newfound freedom and, hopefully, as little danger as possible. Unfortunately, her former employer, the man who'd rescued her when she was younger, Toraius (tow-rye-us), had found her again. He had been in the process of placing her ship in a tractor beam when the Doctor's Tardis had appeared, literally, out of nowhere, causing problems for the beam.
Toraius, for whatever his reasoning had been, had begun opening fire on the Tardis and the siren's small ship.
A few unpleasant minutes later found the duo sitting together on the floor in a dark metal grey colored cell. It must've been only 10 feet tall and 14 feet between every wall, with an energy shield being used as the door. The only way in, the only way out. There was a soft, dingy, yellowish light eminating from the ceiling, looking like it'd neither been cleaned nor tended to in a very long time.
The siren was sitting with her back against the wall, legs sitting up, forearms resting across her knees.
The Doctor, on the other hand, was sitting in the middle of the room. His pockets had been emptied and his jacket taken away before being thrown in here, since he had subtly tried using his sonic screwdriver before being thrown in here. All that resulted in was pissing off the guard that had 'escorted' them from their trapped ships in the docking bay to here, and the Doctor ending up with several sore spots where bruises were, undoubtably, forming, and a sore stomach from where he'd been kneed at.
"I'm really sorry about this," the siren said softly, her head hanging between her shoulders. She'd seen this beautiful man before herself get beaten down and thrown into this cell like a worthless sack of potatoes. She had a tremendous soft spot for pretty things. She wasn't a theif and could live without them in her life, but she would always pause a moment to admire them. It honestly hurt her to see him go through that. He, however, barely seemed phased by it at all. Little did she know just how often he was thrust into the line of fire and just how much more often he had to use his cunning and wits to get him out of it.
"It's not your fault. Wrong place, wrong time on my Tardis's part," he said in a rather nonchalant way. He leaned back, laying his hands flat on the floor behind himself and rested on his arms in a somewhat reclining position, his legs out straight, one ankle over the other. "Something she does much too often for my liking," he added with an under the breath mutter. It was bad enough that the old girl had trouble getting destinations and times correct. Something many a companion had complained to him about over his regenerations. However, it was made a bit worse when, more times than not, he and his companions would get, unintentionally, thrown into a whole world of trouble because of it.
Silence passed between them for several long moments.
"Any ideas on how we get out of here?" she asked hopefully.
"Not a one," he cleanly admitted, his gaze up on the ceiling.
She sighed heavily, defeated.
"Something will present itself though. Always does."
She looked over at him. "What?"
Remaining leaning back, he rested a cheek against his shoulder as he turned his head to look at her. "An escape route always presents itself sooner or later. All too often I find myself someone or someone else's prisoner. Never lasts very long though. Typically they want to question me or torture me." His gaze wandered back up to the ceiling again, a thoughtful pout on his lips as if he was studying every last bolt and paneling for something to use. "Sometimes both when they don't believe what I say. It's all the same, really."
"That's terrible," the siren admitted, actually taken back by hearing this. She removed himself from the wall and sat herself behind the Doctor. Somehow she felt that his predicament was her fault, and didn't want to face him. She HAD lost him on Earth. She was certain she and Toraius's ships had been the only ones present. She was certain she, and her ship's sensors, had watched him appear out of nowhere. Here he was again. Somehow it had to be her fault. "Why would anyone want to hurt you?"
"Like I said, wrong place, wrong time." He sighed loudly and closed his eyes, his frustration evident. No solution presenting itself yet.
The siren nibbled on her bottom lip for a long moment before placing her hands on his shoulders, beginning to massage.
"What're you doing?"
"Massaging your shoulders."
"Because. . . I'm not sure what else I can do." Her hands stopped, resting on his shoulders. He hadn't moved away from her or demanded she stop. Yet, on that same note, he hadn't done anything to invite more. "And. . . I really am sorry about the guard hitting you." Not certain how to interpret him, she started again, moving her hands out to the corners of his shoulders and down across his biceps before bringing them back up to his shoulders.
"It's not like you could've stopped him."
"I could've tried."
"A gotten hit too. Then what? We'd both be injured then."
Silence fell over the duo. This continued for several minutes before she actually felt the muscles beneath her touch relaxing, not certain if he was actually that tense or if he was finally allowing himself to relax. He leaned his head forward, placing his arms a bit further out behind himself to allow her hands better access as he closed his eyes.
She brought her thumbs up to the base of his skull then used them, moving them in small, caressing circles, down beneath his collar along the back of his neck.
He lazily opened his eyes when he felt her hands remove themselves from his skin, and watched as they moved over his shoulders. He could feel and smell as she leaned in close behind him, her cheek almost touching the side of his head as she removed the pin holding his silk tie in place. She untied it and began removing it, but stopped the instant he brought one hand up and took hold of her wrist.
"I want to remove this," she said gently, her lips beside his ear, "so I can reach more of your neck." Not moving her head, she looked at the side of his face. "If you want me to stop, I will." Her voice dropped to a whisper. "I won't do anything else. I promise."
"What about your friend? Won't he be here any minute now?"
He could feel her relax some, in a defeated way. "He'll probably be busy with this ship for a while, taking us. . . where ever it is he wants to go." She barely noticed as she rested her chin on his shoulder. "He'd do that a lot. When he didn't have immediate need of me, he'd put me in one of these cells or in a little more furnished room. Sometimes hours, sometimes days." She didn't like to think of that. She'd been free. He'd given her freedom. Why had he taken her back then? Maybe she'd never been free to begin with. Always only his tool to be used when and how he saw fit. "The guard might come back in a while with some food if we're lucky."
The Doctor's grip loosened around her wrist. The woman he'd first encountered, who he'd been so set on stopping and capturing, seemed to have only been a prisoner. It didn't change the fact that she'd killed people. Who knows how many others had died because she'd forced them to? But. . . if it was all true, if she was only being used. . .
He couldn't stay upset at her. Not too upset. He couldn't easily forgive her for what happened in the club. Yes, okay, sure, it had been . . . fantastic, but that doesn't mean he'd enjoyed how she'd forced her will, her desires, her feelings into his own mind and body to make him compliant. All to escape.
"I didn't know. I'm sorry you've had to live like this."
She shook her head slightly. He released her wrist and she laid her arms down over his chest, her wrists crossed over his stomach. "Not your fault." A dry chuckle came from her. Hadn't he said those exact words to her only minutes earlier? "I guess Toraius never intended on letting me go. He saved my life and I owe it to him. With no way out." She closed her eyes, bringing her hands up along his chest, snuggling up to him a bit as she hugged him, simply wanting to be held. All of this talking wasn't making her feel any better about their situation or her life. "For years he told me that if I did these jobs for him, he'd pay me. When I had enough, I could pay him and he'd let me go. Free to do what I want."
The Doctor moving under her arms made her sit up and remove her arms from around him, not sure what to expect. He sat up straight and turned around to face her. She blushed as he cupped her cheeks in his cool hands and looked deep into her eyes. "I'll help get you out of here. No one deserves to be treated like this. No one." The last two words stressed.
Not sure what to say or what to do next, looking into those beautiful grey blue eyes of his only wanted to make her do one thing. She brought her head forward and kissed him deeply, placing both hands on his chest.
He gasped softly and pulled his head back, looking at her with surprise.
"I-I'm sorry." She lowered her gaze. "I shouldn't have done that." She could feel his double hearts beating directly beneath her hands. They'd suddenly started beating a bit quicker because of the kiss. "It's just . . . no one's ever thought that much of me before."
Gently placing his hands along the sides and underside of her jaw, he lifted her face to meet hers. Only when their eyes met once again did he speak. "I'm truly sorry about that, then. I promise, when we get out of here, I'll take you somewhere safe. You will be free."
She closed her hands against his chest. "How? Toraius will just hunt me down again. Unless I'm dead, he'll always come after me."
A warm smile lit up his face. "Trust me."
With tears welling up in her eyes, feeling hope again, she whispered, "I do," and prayed that he wasn't lying to her the way that Toraius had been for all of these years.
At that moment, something unspoken passed between the two. A single thought. A single desire.
They closed their eyes and kissed again, slow and deep.
It wasn't very long before the siren scooted herself up close to the Doctor's unusually cool body, her hands seemingly moving with a life all their own as they unbuttoned his vest and undershirt, then rested flat against his cool, peach skin. She took her lips away from his as her hands rubbed up and down along his sides. "Why are you always so cold?" she whispered. "Anyone else would feel really hot under these clothes right now."
A soft, breathy chuckle escaped from him. "It's my physiology," he answered, his breath already having quickened as his hands caressed her back. "Just the way my people are."
She smiled, leaning in and beginning to place light kisses along the side of his neck as her hands moved to the small of his back, fingers sliding underneath the waistband of his pants. "It's different, but refreshing," she softly spoke against his skin.
"I'll take that as a compliment."
She chuckled. "You should." She felt him jump slightly as she brought her fingers forward underneath the waistband, his stomach automatically reacting and sucking itself in a bit once they reached the front of his pants. From there she proceeded to unbutton and unzip them. Once that was done, she slid her hands flat up along his stomach, savoring the smooth, softly sculpted contours of his muscles there, then pressed against his chest, gently guiding him back and down onto the floor.
He didn't offer a bit of resistance as she did this, sitting his legs up and open on either side of her. She taking a moment to remove the light jacket and top she wore, freeing herself from the waist up of clothing. She leaned over him, content to be seated between his legs, setting her hands on his sides, and began kissing his chest. As she started making her way up, aiming for his neck she felt his hands glide up along her bare, sleek sides and forward to her chest. Cupping one in each hand, he began rubbing them against his palms, giving them an occassional squeeze.
She couldn't resist a moan as he did that, laying herself between his legs, her stomach against his, pressing directly down onto his erection and making him softly moan in return. She rolled herself slowly up, then down against his body, making certain to focus most of that between his legs, and was pleased when he both moaned and unconsciously set his legs a bit further apart, moving his hips upward in an attempt to feel more.
The siren's hands moved down to his hips, pushing on them to lift herself up a few inches, then pull down his pants and underwear to the middle of his thighs. She brought her lips up and kiss his and was greeted with a passionate kiss, one of his hands leaving a breast to rest on the back of her head.
A quiet chuckle from the siren made the Doctor pause momentarily, and the kiss came to an abrupt end.
"What?" he asked, already starting to pant ever so slightly, looking up at her confused. "What's so funny?"
She looked down at his flushed face, his lips full and a more prominent shade of red from the rushing of blood in his body. This making his eyes stand out all the more like the moon on a clear night. He was absolutely beautiful, moreso than in any of the other times she'd seen him. It took almost all of her willpower not to mount him right then and there. "You're just a bit eager is all. I take it that you haven't done this a lot?"
He swallowed, looking up at her. What sort of question was that to ask at a time like this?! "If we're being completely honest here, then no. You're the first."
She blinked, honestly surprised.
"After the club, I explored the ways I could feel pleasure with my body, then stopped once I felt satisfied," he stated in a rather factual way, as if pointing out the sky was blue or the grass was green.
She smiled, her dark hair having fallen down along the sides of her face. Her sharp green eyes brilliant even in the dark shadows her hair cast. "Oh you lovely creature you," she breathed. "There is a big difference between being by yourself, and having a willing partner." She brought her head down again, placing her lips on his, yet not kissing him again. Breathing against his lips, she whispered, "let me show you," then kissed him again, deep and hungrily. He was more than willing to do the same.
His hands roamed down her sides to her hips, undoing her shorts but stopping before he could pull them down when he felt one of her hands on his cock.
She pressed her lips deeper down onto his, their mouths opening and closing on one another's as her hand began stroking up and down. He moaned in their kiss, then, a bit roughly, pulled his lips away from hers and moaned deeply, tilting his head back a little as she gave him a light squeeze, then began moving upward, every few centimeters giving him another squeeze before getting to the head and letting her fingertips caress the heated skin there. He skin still felt cold to the touch, but was much warmer now. Warmer than it had been.
She took pride in that fact. If his natural body temperature was cold, sitting somewhere around the low 60 degrees Farenheit (about 15 degrees Celsius), and he was now feeling at about the mid or even upper 60's, a difference in temperature even she could feel, then she must truly have him heavily aroused and his body ready for action.
She kissed the side of his mouth before sitting up, pulling herself away from his body, then rising to her feet, ignoring how her legs were already starting to feel wobbly from the adrenaline and excitement.
He looked up at her, somewhat worried as to why she'd suddenly stopped.
She flashed him a reassuring smile, then removed her shorts, underwear, and sandals. He quickly picked up on this and wasted no time in removing his own clothes and glad to do it, even if the cold, metal floor now touching his skin was uncomfortable.
As she sat back down again between his legs, he sat up. Not waiting for her to take the lead again, he took hold of the upper part of her arms, pulling her in close and kissing her desperately. She brought her hands up, sinking them into his soft hair, and holding the sides of his head. He wrapped one arm behind her back and guided her down to the floor. He barely noticed if she made any noises when she came into contact with the cold surface, but did notice that, as he laid her down, she was more than happy to sit her legs up and open against his sides, leaving the lower part of his body between her legs. An invitation.
The Doctor laid himself down gently on top of her, sliding his tongue into her mouth, allowing their tongues to intertwine and twirl around with one another. This only turning him on moreso. Removing his arm from underneath her back, he rested that one on her hip, and brought the other down to hold the head of his cock as he brought it between her legs. He was actually trembling, able to control most of it, as she felt her opening against the side of his hand, then guided himself into her, sliding his cock through his hand and into the delicious, wet warmth that was awaiting him.
They both moaned as he took his time entering her, moving all of the way to his hilt before pausing to try and catch his breath. The feeling of what must've seemed like very hot hands touching the cool skin of his shoulders grabbed his attention. He looked down at the siren.
"Just take a breath," she told him gently, reassuringly, caressing his shoulders. As badly as she wanted him to start moving inside of her, as much as he was trembling from the desire and adrenaline and excitement of the moment, she wanted him to try and compose himself. If he were a shaking wreck, no matter how naturally he moved against her, it wouldn't be at its best for them both. From the way he'd admitted only moments ago how he'd explored masterbation, though she had no way of proving it unless asking him, she was sure that he hadn't done this before. Or, if he had, it had been a very, very long time and he'd gotten rusty. Only newcomers would be like this.
A shaky breath entered then escaped from between his lips.
"Good. Again."
He obeyed again and, after a third time, she could feel his trembling ease off.
"Much better," she reassured him, brushing her hands soothingly through his hair, allowing her fingernail tips to glide across the surface of his scalp as he took another two slow, controlled breaths in and out.
Once he felt much more stable, he began to move his hips back, then forward, eliciting a breathy moan from the both of them.
It wasn't very long before he began to pick up speed, feeling much more confident and needy, allowing his body to give into it. There was no way that either one of them could know how long they spent having sex, varying speeds, changing positions to get the maximum amount of pleasure that both of their bodies could give. The entire world, all of existence seemed to fade away, not knowing or caring any more if anyone else but the two of them existed. All that they knew was the desire and pleasure that their bodies were feeling.
In an almost perfect unison they eventually cried out, having reached the climax of their desire and energy. The sound of their pleasure-filled cry bouncing off the empty corridors and extending to who knows how far away. The Doctor finally removed his spent cock out of her and laid flat on the floor, arms spread out as he focused on nothing at all as she laid at his side, panting heavily. He'd come down from the incredibly high he's on soon enough. In the meantime, he'd remain still, letting his body tingle. He'd allow the thick sheen of sweat on his skin mix with the air to help cool down, and enjoyed all of the heightened sensitivity he was presently feeling. All too soon it would be gone, so he soaked in how it all felt.
It was a while before the two gathered themselves. They took time to clean themselves up, and put their clothes back on.
"Adrianne," (ah-drE-an) she said simply. *2
The Doctor, who'd been busily buttoning up his vest, looked over at her. "Hm?"
She tugged down at the ends of her shirt, straightening it over her back and chest. "My name. It's Adrianne." She caught him smiling a little as his eyes fell back down to his vest, then brushing his hands down the front to straighten it. They'd both forgotten the fact that, in all honestly, neither one knew the other's name. They simply hadn't asked.
"What about you? What's your name?"
"The Doctor." He turned around once, eyes on the floor, before smiling triumphantly. "Ah, there you are!" he muttered, walking several steps away, then snatching up his silk cravat. As he proceeded to thread it beneath his shirt collar and tie it at the base of his neck, the siren place a hand on her hip.
"'Doctor'? That's it? That's got to be a nickname. What's your name? What people call you?"
"Doctor," he said again simply, as if that one word would explain everything she needed to know.
"Hmph. Your parents must've had some high hopes for you when you were born," she unintentionally commented out loud.
He laughed out loud once hearing that, the looked at her with a truly amused smile.
"Nothing," he added with a smile. "Not important."
It must've been a case of perfect timing since, at that moment, they both fell silent. The sound of approaching footsteps, faint at first, was heard bouncing off of the solid steel corridor.
Barely more than two minutes later, the guard from earlier appeared at the doorway to the cell, eyeing them both carefully.
Adrianne huffed, resting a hand on her hip. "Hey to you too, Barrid." There was no way for either man to not pick up on the sourness in her voice. She was probably still angry that he'd been the one who'd escorted them here and who'd also beaten down the Doctor before throwing him into the cell.
The young man, probably in his early 30's and fairly well built, tapped his knuckles against the small console on the wall beside the door. Immediately the energy shield dropped. "Out."
The siren led the way, arms crossed over her chest, with the Doctor a few steps behind. All the while she was glaring invisible daggers at the young man.
He held up the phaser he was carrying, clearly showing the two of them. "No funny business."
Silently they started walking down the corridor. The siren first, the Doctor second, and the guard bringing up the rear.
"I take it we're going to see Toraius?" she asked, though it sounded more like a statement.
She didn't sound at all surprised. It was only a matter of time before the captain of this ship and crew came face to face with her again. "You're a bastard, I hope you know that," she commented, just as sourly as before. "You know just as well as I do what he promised me. And you're still going along with what he says? He'll lie to you the same wa-"
The bright flash of yellow colored energy shot past the Doctor and Adrianne, colliding with a panel of the wall about 14 feet forward. This resulted in a nasty black stain being left on the metal, the very center of it looking slightly distorted as the heat from the blast had momentarily, slightly melted it.
The duo stopped, jumping at the sudden, unannounced shot.
"I'm not here to talk with you," Barrid said, his voice cold and stern. "Now MOVE! And if you open your mouth again before we get to the captain, I'll shoot, and this time it won't be the wall that gets hit."
The Doctor turned around to face the man, about to say something, but the guard, arm held straight out, pointing the phaser directly at the Doctor's face stopped him. "That means you too." It took a great deal of restraint to say nothing, but the Doctor remained silent. He turned around and the trio proceeded to the end of the corridor, up through the elevator, and to the bridge where the captain of the ship was waiting.
"Look who we have here," started Toraius warmly, a humanoid man with noticably red brown hair, dark, almost black colored eyes, and slightly tan colored skin. "If it isn't my lovely little siren come back home." He approached, placing his hands on her shoulders and moved in to plant a kiss on her cheek when a loud 'SLAP!' resounded clearly in the quiet air of the bridge. He stepped back, placing a hand on his cheek, and glaring at her. It wouldn't be long at all before a red, angry, hand shaped welt would appear on his cheek.
He raised a fist, ready to strike when the Doctor stepped between the two. He flashed a big smile. "Hello! I'm the Doctor. What's your name?"
His distraction worked, as the captain lowered his fist, though giving Adrianne a warning glare. "My name is Captain Toraius Elis," he introduced, annoyance coloring his tone.
"Why did you bring me back here?" the siren interjected rudely. "We had a settled agreement. I saved up for years - YEARS to pay you the settled amount, and after you let me go, you pull this crap on me?! I thought we had a deal!"
He huffed, giving his reddening cheek a rub before lowering his hand and turning away from her to look at the large viewscreen that was situated at the front of the room. "We did have a deal up until someone went and decided to destroy a certain planet with a certain vocal-controlling species living on it."
"Wh. . . what? What're you talking about?"
The Doctor already knew, but understood that she wanted to hear him say it. Say it clearly.
The captain didn't look back at her, only keeping his eyes on the starscape spread out before himself on the viewscreen. "I WAS trying to be gentle about this, but I see you're being a bit thick. Your planet has been destroyed. If you're not the very last of your species, your one of extremely few who managed to survive."
A breath caught in her throat.
The Doctor looked back at her and saw her face turning pale.
"Y-you're . . . you're lying," she gulped.
He turned his head ever so slightly, looking back at her from the corner of his eye. "Am I?" He snapped his fingers. "Shal, bring it up on screen." A lizard-like female who was seated at a nearby console tapped at the controls in front of herself. The viewscreen flickered to life. It displayed a fairly large world, easily three times larger than Earth. The ocean was a brilliant shade of green with land masses of what seemed like violet. Swirls of grey and white clouds colored the atmosphere.
Then, from somewhere under the viewscreen, a series of energy bolts shot out, striking the planet. The first few had no obvious effects, but the following ones did. Chunks of water and land were broken apart, some sent flying up into the sky and beyond. The shots continued. The surface of the planet was cracked open, revealing it's brilliant, red orange molten core.
The energy shots stopped and was followed by two red glowing spheres. Energy torpedos, the Doctor mentally took note. He'd seen those nasty weapons used before and looked away from the screen. Thankfully he hadn't seen that many planets destroyed in his lifetimes, but that's not to say he wanted to witness even the few he had.
When they reached the target, the planet exploded in a flash bright enough that anyone watching the screen had to look away from, or else risk hurting their eyes. When they looked next, nothing of the lovely, serene-looking world remains except what must have been millions of tiny shattered, burnt chunks floating through space.
The Doctor took his eyes away from the screen and looked at the captain. He was continuing to watch the siren out of the corner of his vision, a smirk on his lips.
"Why?" her voice cracked as tears rolled down her cheeks, wanting to stop looking at the screen, but unable to force herself to do so.

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The captain now turned around to face her, even though the Doctor still stood between the two of them. As he leaned back against a railing that separated the upper part of the bridge from the lower, where one would figure the captain would be seated at, he rested his hands on the railing at his sides. "My dear, lovely Adri," he began, finally getting her to tear her eyes away from the screen. "I've told you before. You're an incredibly valuable asset. One I didn't realize the true worth of until after I'd released you. I couldn't let you go back to that planet. If you ever would, I might not've been able to find you again. So," a shrug.
"You monster," she growled.
"Now, now, I let you and your little boy toy here live. I'm not such a bad person. I'm simply an opportunist."
Adrianne was unable to control herself. She raced forward, straight past the Doctor, and attacked Toraius, fists flying. He, however, was easily able to grab both of her wrists and stop them from making contact. "LET ME GO!" she screamed in his face, struggling and yanking in an effort to get her wrists free. Not seeing that was working, she lifted a knee and thrust it forward. If she had only been a bit lower, this move probably would have worked.
The captain coughed once sharply when her knee made contact with his gut, then the two of them locked gazes. "You," he breathed out in a growl. In a flash fast move he spun her around, forcing her back against his chest, one of his arms pinning both of hers down across her chest, and removing a sheathed dagger from his hip, holding the blade to the skin of her neck.
"No stop! Wait!!" the Doctor yelped, holding out both hands and taking a step forward. "You don't want to do this!"
The captain narrowed his eyes at the Doctor, placing his mouth beside the siren's ear. "You're right. I don't want to harm my precious siren." He looked down at her. "However, it seems like a certain someone needs to be reminded of the golden rule here. Never raise a hand to the person who saved your worthless life." He placed his lips just a half inch away from her ear and whispered a single word. "Sing."
He brought the blade up to just beneath her jaw, pressing it sharply into her skin at her throat. It wasn't drawing blood yet, but only a fraction amount more pressure and he would.
"Listen," the Doctor began, keeping his hands held in front of himself and in plain sight of everyone to see. He had to think of something, and quick.
A little dribble of blood began to trail its way down over her throat.
He looked at her. She must've picked up on his unspoken question. "Can't," was all she mouthed.
Toraius looked from the siren to the Doctor, then chuckled, having picked up on it too. "You really think I'd let my precious siren here stay on this ship for years, killing people I wanted out of my way if my crew and myself weren't protected?" He straightened up, lifting his chin a bit. The Doctor noticed a rounded metal collar around his neck. He looked around himself at the four other crew members present. They all had a matching collar in the same place. "She can sing all she wants, but she won't affect us. Isn't that right, Adri? Now sing."
Ever so slightly she shook her head.
"DO IT!" he shouted in her ear, making her cringe and, at the same time, inadvertently help the blade to dig further into her skin.
She didn't have a choice. She began to sing, simply vocalizing, not even singing any words, even as tears rolled down her cheeks. All the while not taking her eyes away from the Doctor.
This seemed to be more than enough. Instantly he felt his body unwilling to do what he wanted it to. He tried to move, but couldn't. He tried to speak, but was completely unable to. He was a prisoner in his own body.
"Tahru," he nodded to a tiger striped, short furred humanoid that stood only a foot underneath the Doctor's height. "Phaser." The crewmember obediently removed the phaser from its holster on his hip and tossed it to the Doctor's feet. "Pick it up." The Doctor didn't move. "I said," he pressed the wide, flat side of the metal to the underside of Adrianne's jaw, holding it even as the metal continued to bite into her skin. "Pick. It. Up."
The Doctor picked it up.
"Now, aim it at your chest."
The Doctor looked at the captain, his hearts racing moreso than what they were. He desperately tried to fight against it as his body moved on its own, resting the end of the phaser to his chest. It's not the first time he'd ever stared down death. More than likely if he did shoot himself, he'd just regenerate. Not such a bad thing. At least he'd still be alive. Then again, if he did it in front of these people, the captain would probably want to find a more efficent way of killing him. A much more *permanent* way.
"This isn't about you, Doctor, so no hard feelings. It's about Adri." He placed his mouth beside her ear again. "Fire."
The Doctor braced himself for the burning sting he was likely to feel at any second now.
One second ticked by. Two. Three. Nothing.
"I said, fire," he said through gritted teeth.
"You make me do this," she stated, suddenly her voice sounding much stronger than it had moments before, "and I swear I'll make you pay."
The dagger blade was removed from her throat, only for the tip of the blade to be placed at her gut. If he were to stab her, it would likely not kill her, avoiding anything vital, but it would hurt. "I. . . said . . . fire." The sharp point of the blade threatened to dig into her skin and draw blood at any second.
"Doctor," she said softly. Her eyes said what her mouth couldn't. Trust me.
A bright flash erupted from the barrel of the phaser as it went off and the Doctor collapsed to the floor.

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It was only suppose to be. . . 3
by Dawn Sanada June 17, 2010

"It was only suppose to be the hunt for a siren." part 3

"Good girl," Toraius said, removing the dagger and releasing her before sheathing the weapon. He turned around to look at the viewscreen, the large monitor now displaying the same view of space as before, the video having been turned off. "Now, I have another job for you," he said, acting as if the past few minutes hadn't even happened.
He didn't have a chance to explain further before whistling filled the air. A careless, random tune. He looked at his siren, giving her a peculiar look. He'd never heard her whistle before. "What're you doing?"
"GWAH!" yelped out one of the bridge members a fraction of a second after a flash of energy brightened the back of the bridge.
The captain spun around in time to see the Doctor, quite a live and well, though on his side on the floor, firing the phaser twice more. Barely a second more and the final crew member on the bridge was taken out, and now the weapon was aimed directly at the captain.
The captain glared at his siren. "You."
The siren continued to whistle her random tune, keeping a solid control over the Doctor's body and the phaser. He fired, but the captain dodged. He punched Adrianne, throwing her to the floor, and the whistling stopped. The Doctor, feeling his body free from the siren's control, lept to his feet, throwing the phaser away from himself. He raced up behind Toraius, putting his whole body into the move, and rammed straight into him, taking them both down to the floor. His aim had only been to temporarily distract the captain, allowing the two prisoners a chance at escape, but he wasn't given this option. He hadn't been quick enough to get to his feet and scramble for the safety of the elevator. This was only the beginning of their fight.
As Adrianne coughed and gasped to get her breath back, struggling to get to her feet, the Doctor and Toraius were locked in a fierce, fist flying struggle on the floor, each man both giving and recieving blows. One moment the captain would have the upperhand, the next moment they'd roll over and it would belong to the Gallifreyan. More blows were exchanged and it took a bit of time before Toraius managed to knock the Doctor clear off of him and both scrambled to their feet.
Adrianne struck Toraius along the middle of back. He spun around, ready to strike her when the Doctor, who was now behind the captain, took advanage of the moment, grabbing the phaser and dagger from the man's belt hilt, then throwing them clear across the room as hard as he could. He wiped at his mouth using the back of his hand, removing a thick streak of blood that had found its way down his chin from his stinging bottom lip. At the same time, he tried to ignore the sharp pain eminating from his stomach. It wasn't a stretch to figure that a few of the captain's blows had fractured or cracked a couple of his ribs.
Adrianne grunted loudly as she threw a piece of paneling, easily 2 feet by 3 and not exactally light, having been removed from one of the nearby consoles for repair needs. Toraius was struck clear in the back, throwing him to the floor. It wouldn't keep him down for long, not as strong as he was.
"Adrianne!" the Doctor called out and headed for the elevator.
Not needing any further invitation, the siren ran after the Doctor as fast as her feet could take her.
The captain was getting to his feet again just as the elevator door hissed shut. The siren pressed two numbers on the inside console of the little room, and the elevator moved with speed and ease to its destination. "The docking bay?" the Doctor asked.
"Good," he said, panting softly before leaning over some, holding an arm across his stomach and trying to push the pain back. "The sooner we're off of this ship, the happier I'll be."
"Did he hurt you much?" she queried, deep worry coloring her tone.
He shook his head a bit. "I've been through much worse than this. I'll live." He had been, but that doesn't mean that this was any more pleasant. Exhaling slow and carefully, he straightened himself back up, meeting her gaze. "I'm not fond of being used to kill," he stated bluntly.
She blinked. Where had THAT just come from?! Out of the many things he could've said a time like this, THAT'S what he chose to say!? "What?"
"On the bridge. You used me to kill those -"
She smiled. "No. You probably didn't realize it. When I had you pick up that phaser, I had you use your thumb on the underside of the barrel to place it at the lowest possible setting. Just a stunned sting to the chest, enough to make you stop if you were running. Why do you think all you did was fall to the floor? I was in control and I was going to make sure you weren't hurt. Then when Toraius's back was turned, I had you turn it up to half strength. Enough to keep them all out for a good half hour. I've traveled with those people for years. Much as I hate Toraius for what he did and the others for still following him, I wouldn't want to see them dead."
He sighed. "That's a relief."
"I'm sorry for scaring you, and for using you again. If-"
"It's alright." *3 Keeping a hand gently resting on his throbbing stomach, he added, "for now, let's just focus on getting out of here."
Silence passed between them as they waited.
"It should be quiet from here," she informed him. "He only has a crew of 10. The ones who aren't up on the bridge are usually in the engine room somewhere."
He nodded.
The doors opened and they exited. As expected, the corridor, a straight shot forward to a pair of closed doors, was empty. It looked exactally like the corridor they walked down that had the holding cell.
Halfway down, what they'd both been expected to happen did happen. They were attacked by the remainder of the crew members who should've been in the engine room. It didn't take any real effort to know that, once the captain got out from under that metal panel, he'd called for reinforcements to stop the Doctor and Adrianne. It was only a matter of moments before the Doctor was roughly tackled to the floor by two men. Adrianne spun around, intent on helping him.
"No! Keep going!" he shouted before a knee found itself embedding itself into the lower left side of his back. "ARH!"
Seeing two more men and a woman heading after her, and feeling like she didn't have a choice, she turned around and ran down the remaining length of corridor. Once at the door that automatically opened for her, she ran inside, a rough sketch of a plan forming in her mind.
One of the men holding down the Doctor sunk a hand into his brown hair and clenched his fist in it, pulling his head up and back at a painful angle. "Ya know, ya've made the captain pissed. He was actually yellin' at us ta stop ya."
The Doctor hissed against the various points of pain.
"It's not often someone gets our captain so upset."
"He brought it on himself," he stated through gritted teeth.
Suddenly, without any warning, the man shoved the Doctor's head down. His forehead made sharp contact with the floor. The hit being enough to daze him for several seconds, his entire world blurring out of focus.
Adrianne, in the docking bay, had made a mad dash for her shuttlecraft. There was a phaser in there. By the time she'd reached it, one of the crew members had just happened to come up to the door. Not having any time to think, she fired. He stumbled back and she fired again. This time he fell to the floor but the two others were quickly making up for it. Thankfully, it was all over quickly as she fired a rapid succession of shots, taking out the duo. With them out of the way, she hurried out of her shuttlecraft and ran for the door. The Doctor was absent and it took no real effort to guess that he was still being held down by the two in the corridor.
She hurried over to the door, phaser in hand and aimed, ready for when the door opened.
Like she'd expected, there was the Doctor, lying face down on the floor and the two men on top of him, successfully keeping him there.
"Get off of him!" she barked, remaining standing in the large doorway.
"Tch," the man who'd concussed the Doctor only minutes earlier didn't see the phaser-weilding siren as any sort of threat. "If you've got that, you may as well use it, sweetheart. We've got orders from the captain ta not let either of ya go."
"Fine by me," she said, and squeezed the trigger. Unfortunately, this time, nothing happened. Gasping, she lifted the phaser and looked at the underside of it. The small readout display wasn't glowing. There was no power left. "Damn!" she spat. She knew it was a fairly old phaser. That wasn't news, but she was sure it had more energy left in it. "Get her." She snapped her head up in time to see the second man who'd been holding the Doctor's legs down was rising to his feet. Adrianne swallowed nervously, stepping back as he approached, threateningly walking towards her. She threw the useless phaser at him then ran back into the docking bay. Hearing the door close behind her, she made a sharp turn to the left and grabbed one of several pipes. She knew from years of being on this ship that it needed constant maintenence. It wasn't at all unusual to find small piles here or there of tools or unused materials or unuseable materials that had been removed from within one of the walls.
She hurried back over to the edge of the doorway, just out of sight of anyone who might enter, and a good thing too. The door opened again and the man who'd started to follow her came running through the entrance. Wasting no time, she swung. The man was hit under the chin and the resulting force knocked him clear onto his back on the floor.
"Jagun!" called the last man who was still holding the Doctor down. "Crap!"
Adrianne stood in the doorway, holding the pipe like a bat, a nasty look on her face as she stared down her final opponent.
Several tense seconds passed by as the guy looked from his secured prisoner beneath his knees and Adrianne, the precious siren. Since the Doctor hadn't moved at all from the blow to the head he'd recieved, the man took a chance that he was unconscious. Standing up, he clenched his fists at his sides. "Give it up, Adri!" he warned.
"You give it up!" called out the Doctor's voice. The man had no chance at all to prepare himself or move as one of the Doctor's heels came up and embedded itself into the man's groin. A terribly dirty strike, no doubt about it, but the Doctor figured that this crew was a good big more sturdy than he was and would be able to handle a blow to the stomach. As the man doubled over and collapsed to the floor, the Doctor unsteadily rose to his feet. "Sorry about that," he said, truly apologetically.
He wasn't a fighter by nature. He'd sooner run away from a nasty confrontation than be stuck right in the middle of it. Not that he was a coward. It's just. . . he was a traveller. A sight seer. If backed ito a corner with no other choices than to fight and live or be beaten down and killed, he'd fight tooth and nail to live. So when he had to fight, he only did so because he had no other choices. No alternatives.
"Doctor, come on! Hurry up before anyone else decides to appear!"
"Right!" He started at a jog down the corridor before tripping over his own feet and landing hard against the floor.
The siren, keeping the metal pipe in her left hand, hurried over to the Doctor's side and helped him to his feet, his left arm across her sleek and smaller shoulders. It was then that she noticed a trickle of blood making its way down from the side of his forehead. In fact, she saw a great deal of his forehead red. Biting back her anger at which ever one of those two guys had done this, she kept her right arm steadily across the middle of his back. "Let's get moving," she said urgently but gently.
They started to move but the Doctor grunted sharply and stumbled. Had it not been for Adrianne's supporting his body, he would've collapsed to the floor again.
"What is it? What's wrong?"
"My leg," he said through gritted teeth. "Those fellows thought it was a good idea to use their knees on me to keep me held down. Agh..." He exhaled sharply, straightening himself back up. The pain was throbbing from his ankle and felt like it was resounding all of the way up his leg. After a few seconds pause, they started up again. Once through the doorway and into the docking bay, the Doctor did his best, limping, and led the way to his discarded waistcoat and slung it across one shoulder, glad to have gotten it back, as well as the sonic screwdriver that had been plucked from his hand and thrown to the floor like a toy upon first entering this large room.
As the Doctor took out his key and slid it into the keyhole on the Tardis door, a bright flash of energy shot through the room, making contact only a few short inches away from where the Doctor's head was. The door easily opened as the duo looked behind themself. Entering the docking bay was Toraius.
"Hey!" he angrily shouted at the double vision that was the captain.
"Not now!" scolded Adrianna, grabbing his arm and shoving him in, then hurrying in herself, slamming the door shut. "We have to get out of here!" she said before suddenly stopping in her tracks, mouth dropping open and eyes going wide as she saw the expansive, dimly lit, warm interior that was the Tardis's main control room.
"I'll take care of that," the Doctor said, removing his arm from around the stunned siren's shoulders and managed to hop on one foot over to the console. Through blurred vision, and probably thanks to the Tardis guiding his movements, he typed on the console.

"And the next thing I know," the siren said, "I woke up in here." A long, uncomfortable minute of silence passed between them before the siren spoke again. "Do you remember any of it?"

The Doctor vaguely recalled hearing the sound of the ever familiar trio of 'VWORP!'s were heard as the ship demateralized.
Outside of the ship, neither the Gallifreyan nor the siren heard Toraius shouting angry curses, shooting at the Tardis with his phaser. Thankfully, her shields were up and she took no damage.
The Doctor slumped down, panting as he rested both hands on the console. "We're safe," he said. Blinking hard in an effort to push back the effects of the concussion, he looked over the console to Adrianne. She was lying on the floor, motionless. Though a good distance away, he could see she was still breathing. Still alive. That was good.
"Adrianna," he said, pushing himself away from the console. He was going to say somethign else. He was intending to get them both into the infirmary here in the Tardis and get healed. His body, however, had other ideas. A darkness rushed into his line of view from the edges and he desperately grabbed the edge of the console. As his vision was turned completely black, unconsciousness embraced him. He didn't feel it as his body collapsed to the floor. The sounds of his beloved Tardis didn't reach his ears. For the moment, he was beyond feeling or thinking anything.

"Bits and pieces," he admitted. Getting off of the spare table, he walked over to the console and typed on it. The energy shield that had kept her contained was now gone.
"Thank you," she said.
As he turned away from the wall he was taken completely offguard as she stepped in close to him and hugged him tightly, both hands closing on his back.
"I am so sorry all of that happend to you. Because of me," she said, keeping her head down, the side of her face to his chest.
"It's okay," he reassured her, hugging her in return. "We're off of Toraius's ship and safe in space."
She shook her head a little. "We'll never be safe from that man." She tried fighting back the tears welling up in her eyes. "He destroyed an entire planet, my home planet, just to prevent me from going back there, to make me easier to find. He'll never stop until I'm his prison again." Her heart skipped a beat feeling the Doctor's arms tighten just a little around her, holding her securely and tenderly.
"I promise you, he'll never find you again."
She pushed back from him slightly, looking up with tears running down her cheeks. "How can you be so sure?"
A warm smile is what greeted her worried eyes. "Because, like I said, you're on my ship now. You're safe from him. I guarantee it. Besides, give me a little bit of time and I'm certain I'll think up some planets you could go to live on. Spend the rest of your days in peace."
She sighed heavily, closing her eyes and resting her forehead on his chest.
"For now, however, I think what we both need is to get ourselves cleaned up and something to eat. What do you say?"
"Yes please," she agreed quietly. Despite what he'd said, and the fully confident and warm way that he'd said it, she didn't believe him. She'd never be safe. It was a wonder how they had lasted this long and Toraius hadn't been firing at the Doctor's ship. "By the way," she asked, once they released one another, "how long was I unconscious for?"
"I'm not certain," he admitted, leading the way out of the infirmary and into the warmly lit, white corridor. "You were in there and unconscious for almost an hour. So. . . I'd say . . . more than an hour."
She couldn't help a dry chuckle. "That's not a very helpful answer."
"True, but it's the only one I have."
He led the way to the kitchen. After a bit of rummaging about in the cupboards, they sat down at the table, each eating a bowl of something different, yet delicious. Adrianne wasn't in much of a mood for talking, which didn't seem to bother the Doctor much. He rambled on about several different adventures he'd been on with some popular, and others not so popular, individuals from various worlds.
To be honest, she barely paid any attention to what he was saying. She went from being in a mix of lost in her own thoughts and worries to admiring the beautiful creature sitting directly across the table from her.
When they finished, the Doctor led the way back down the corridor and to an empty room. It was comfortably furnished and the bed looked very inviting, but she was itching for a shower. She was all the more glad when she saw an open door in the bedroom that led into a somewhat lavish bathroom. After thanking him, she asked where he'd be if she needed him. He pointed through a door at the end of the corridor, saying that he'd either be in the console room or, pointing back down the corridor in the opposite direction and several doors down, his bedroom.
She thanked him, then retreated into the bedroom, with the bathroom being her first stop.
After cleaning up and feeling relaxed, she dressed in a simple, loose, no sleeved shirt that fell to below her butt, and a pair of shorts that went to just above her knees. Flopping down onto the bed, she sighed heavily and settled down into the welcoming blankets. Unfortunately, tired as she was, she couldn't sleep. She honestly tried for an hour, but to no avail.
Pushing herself up, she left the cozy bedroom and to the console room. Empty. She walked barefoot down the corridor, to the door the Doctor had pointed to earlier and knocked on it.
"Come in!"
She somewhat hesitantly opened the door, peeking her head in. The room wasn't anything extraordinary in and of itself, but it had a deep red color to the walls, a very comfortable looking bed, much like her own had been, with matching colored sheets on it. The Doctor himself was sitting in front of a dresser in a chair. His heels rested on the top of the dresser and he sat in a somewhat reclined position with the chair precariously balanced on its back two legs. He looked rather lost in though as he scribbled on then carefully looked over a piece of paper on his lap, the tip of the pen being lightly tapped against his pouted out bottom lip.
He wore a pair of light tan slacks, a white shirt that was only half buttoned up, and no shoes or socks. He hadn't been expecting to see Adrianne again for several hours and hadn't seen any need to dress up after he'd showered.
"Hm?" He didn't pull his eyes away from the paper.
"I'm sorry for interrupting but-"
That's when he looked up at her curiously.
"I-" she swallowed.
The curiousity turned to concern. "What is it?"
"I can't sleep," she admitted uncomfortably, looking down at the floor. "I know it may be an imposition to ask but. . . can I sleep with you?" Instantly her head snapped up, realizing how those five words must've sounded. "No! I-I didn't mean it like that. I don't want to SLEEP sleep with you, just- you know. Sleep in the same bed. Maybe I can get to sleep that way."
He removed his heels from the top of the dresser, setting down his paper and pen, then smiled as he flopped down onto his back on the bed, his arms flung out to either side of himself as he landed. "If you want to, you're welcome to." He stretched out against it, revealing that he'd probably been sitting in that chair for much too long, working on, whatever it was he was working on. He sat up and patted the space on the bed beside himself. "I know what times like that are like. Sometimes. . . you just can't sleep."
"Thank you," she said softly, crawling onto the bed beside him, then laying down. She watched as he laid down on his side next to her. Not waiting for him to make the next move, she moved in close to him, snuggling up to his body, resting her forehead on his chest, the back of her hands laid against his stomach.
"You're welcome," he said, once he felt that she'd gotten herself situated the way she wanted. "One question for you."
"What is it?"
"What other sort of 'sleep' were you referring to? Looked like you got a bit flustered there for a moment."
She blushed a sharp shade of red for the first time. No point in lying to the man. He HAD just saved her life. "For some cultures, to 'sleep with someone' means to have sex with them. It doesn't mean to actually go to sleep with them."
"I see. Lights dim!" he said aloud. The lighting in the room turned dim and almost completely black. Enough light remained so that if either one of them wanted to find their way around the room, they wouldn't have to do it in complete darkness.
Adrianne exhaled quietly, at some point eventually closing her eyes, but smiled in the darkness, enjoying the natural light scent that came from his body. She didn't know how long they laid together, she able to feel his hearts beating, his slow, deep breaths in and out. As tired as she was, she didn't know if the Doctor had fallen asleep yet. He must have for as regularily spaced as his breathing had become. Hoping she wouldn't wake him up she took one of her arms, laying it over his side, and down across his back, finally closing her eyes and letting herself completely relax. As she drifted off to sleep, she couldn't help thinking about how nice this was. For probably the first time in her life she actually felt protected. For a little while she could sleep soundly and feel like Toraius wasn't an ever present threat in her life.
With no time-telling devices present in the room, when Adrianne awoke, she had no idea how long she'd been asleep for. One thing she did know was that she'd sleep deep and very, very well.
At some point the Doctor had indeed fallen asleep and had rolled over onto his back beside her. She stayed motionless at his side, her one arm laying across his midsection. His breaths were shallow and slow. His heartbeats were a steady, relaxed pace. His skin, as she'd expected, was still as cool as ever. Somehow she still couldn't wrap her mind around his body's natural temperature being so low. He looked like a siren, or a human ( same difference ), and was accustomed to them all being warm blooded. He was a completely different matter.
Unable to stay still any longer, she slowly sat herself up, always keeping a sharp ear for any changes in his breathing and a hand on his skin, in case he moved. He, however, remained completely still. Fully asleep.
She leaned over him a bit. As gently as she could, not wanting to disturb his slumber, she brushed the back of her fingers across his forehead, moving aside the stray bangs that were there. She then leaned down, closing her eyes, and softly kissed his cool lips.
The sound of the Doctor drawing in a deep breath was enough to let her know she'd awoken him. She sat up a bit, but still kept her face above his.
"Good morning," he greeted with a warm smile, though his voice was thick and tired.
"Good morning," she returned with genuine warmth. "Did you sleep well?"
He chuckled, then lifted both arms over his head and stretched out with a moan before answering. "Shouldn't I be asking you that?"
She couldn't help a small laugh. "I slept very well, thank you for asking."
"Wonderful to hear. As did I. Now, seeing as how we're both awake for the day," he sat up fully. "Lights!" The lights turned on to half strength. Adrianne blinked painfully as the light, dim as it still was, reached her eyes. "Good thing you're finally awake," he said, giving her knee a pat. "I have a surprise for you!"
"A surprise? What is it?" She watched as he got off of the bed and picked up the paper he'd been writing on the night before.
"This. A list of viable planets for you."
She groaned and laid back down onto the bed, grabbing one of the Doctor's pillows and burying her face into it. It never ceased to amaze her how this alien could be so beauiful and have such an alluring scent. Whether in the throes of sex or fresh from a shower, she smelled so nice.
"What's wrong?" the Gallifryan asked, watching the siren on his bed.
"I told you before, I'll never be able to get away from him." After sucking in a deep lungfull of his scent from the pillow, she laid her cheek against it, looking at him. "It's a nice gesture and all, but it's pointless. He'll still track me down."
"Can he travel through time?"
She gave him a peculiar look. "What sort of a question is that? Of course he can't. No one can." Her confusion was doubled as she watched him smile.
"Then you'll be safe. Now," he placed a foot on the edge of the bed and gave it a jerk, which, in turn, jiggled her, "come on. Up! We have some exploring to do!"
She groaned, burying her face into the pillow once more. She yelped out as he landed on the bed beside her, both of them bouncing on it, and making her honestly wonder if he hadn't just catapulted himself onto it.
"Up! Up, up, up!" he said, much too cheerfully for being the first thing in the morning. Well. . . if this was morning.
"Okay, okay!" she surrendered, pulling herself out of the warm bed, unable to keep from laughing.
"Go get yourself dressed, something good and comfortable," he said to her as they walked to the door.
"Okay, okay," she grumbled, now somewhat regretting having woken the man up.
Thirty minutes later found Adrianne entering the console room wearing clothes that seemed to fit her perfectly. The Tardis had provided her with a nice little array to choose from. A pale pink v-neck with lavender swirl designs on it, a black leather skirt that went down to the middle of her thighs, the left side having a 3 inch slit in it, and black sandals to match.
The Doctor was looking up at a TV-like monitor. Displayed on it were several planets.
"What're you looking at?" she asked.
"These planets." He glanced over her, though his attention was still fully on the monitor.
Adrianne sighed loudly. "Not this again," she grumbled. "You're wasting your time, I hate to tell you." She turned her back on the monitor, resting her butt on the edge of the console, arms crossed over her chest.
"Remember earlier when I asked you if Toraius could travel in time?"
"And you told me that he couldn't."
"Yeah, I remember."
Obviously she wasn't connecting the dots he was laying out for her.
"I can."
"You can what?"
"Travel in time and space."
She perked up a lone eyebrow, skeptically looking at him.
"It's true!" he laughed. "Why do you think I said that he'd never find you? If I drop you off on a planet long before he was born or after he'd died, there's no way he could be any threat to you."
He could see the light of realization go off in her eyes. She pushed herself off of the edge of the console. "So . . . that means you could go back in time! Stop him from destroying my home planet!" He shook his head. "Why not?!"
"There are certain fixed points in time. I can't go back and mess with those. If I would, well, the present could change, and there's no way to know how badly it may be affected."
"What!? But, you'd be saving a whole planet of people! Millions! Billions of people! Of innocent lives!"
He placed his hands on her shoulders. "I know," he said calmly, looking into her eyes. In that moment, for a second, just a second, there was a twinge. Something clicked at the back of his mind. Adrianne was a siren. Toraius's crew all had those devices around their necks to prevent her from controlling them. If she didn't like what he was saying, what would stop her from taking control of him again and forcing him to save her planet? "I hate it down to the core of my being, and, sadly, that's not the first planet I've seen destroyed. However, I have tried to go back in time, to break certain rules to save lives. I . . . it was a mistake. The results weren't only messy for the timeline, but I was punished for it."
"Punished? By who? It's not like there's some intergalactic police force keeping an eye on time, right?"
"There is," he said quietly, and the tone of his voice relayed how serious it was. He wasn't joking. He remembered only too well when his fellow Time Lords forced him to come back to Gallifrey, punished him for saving a planet of peace-loving creatures. Their planet had been attacked by marauders. For no other reason than for the 'pleasure' of destroying a planet. They'd destroyed several before it and several after. Eventually the law caught up with them, arrested those who managed to survive the fire fight that ensued. That had tied into several new laws which affected millions of other planets.
The Time Lords ended up going back in time to stop the Doctor from saving the planet and time had been corrected. Everything had been set 'right' again. It had been a tough pill to swallow.
"Adrianne, please, trust me when I say it pains me deeply to have seen Toraius do that to your home world. The only way I can think of to help you is to help you find somewhere else to live." He drew in a breath, releasing her shoulders, and looked up at the screen again. It was clear on his face that he was trying to ignore how he still felt about that planet, about that early mistake he'd made and just how he'd been punished because of his interference. He was trying hard to cover it up as he attempted a smile. "This one," he pointed to a blue world with white ice caps, green and brown land masses, and white swirly clouds in the atmosphere, "Tamaekus 2, is a wonderful spa planet. Been there a dozen times myself. Some of the best massuses I've found in the universe and," he chuckled, "I've been around to quite a few places. They've been known to hire offwolders and are treated exceptionally well. Oh! Or this one," he pointed to a green planet. It was almost completely covered by green with only a few blue patches of water to be seen. "Amarius. A magnificent jungle planet. Absolutely gorgeous waterfalls. Aaahh, the good times I had there," he mused, temporarily getting lost in his thoughts. He paused, looking over at her. Studying for a long moment before deciding on something. "No. They won't do." He snapped his fingers. "Ah-ha! I know just the place!" he suddenly cheered, jumping up then, in a flurry, began circling the console, flipping switches, typing on certain keys.
With a big smile he grabbed a lever and pulled down hard on it. The Tardis jerked and Adrianne nearly lost all balance and fell to the floor.
"What's going on?!" she yelped out as the Tardis pitched in the other direction before straightening out.
A trio of 'VWORP!'s sounded in the air mere seconds later.
"We've landed!" he announced happily, rounding the console and gently taking hold of her hand. "You're going to love this world, I know you will," he said with a big smile on his face, proud of whatever planet he decided on.
She barely had any time to ask anything further as he led the way out of the Tardis.
The blue police box sat perched high up on a cliff. Adrianne's breath was taken away by the sight. A vast city, far below, stretched out. All around it were trees and meadows and three roads that led away from the city to other places. The sky above was a peculiar mixture of pink, lavender, and soft blue with puffy white clouds. A blue and yellow sun shone in the sky. The air itself smelled cleaner than any other planet she'd ever been on. No ships, despite the filters, could've produced this sort of air. It was a natural, fresh sort of clean, like the scent in the air after it rains. This was made all the more lovely by the array of birds singing.
"Where are we?" she asked.
The Doctor released her hand, eyeing the city below carefully. "Denarux 15." He paused, looking over at her. "You may want to cover your ears for this. It'll be a bit loud."
Confused, she stuck a finger in each of her ears and watched as the Doctor placed his thumb and index finger into the edges of his mouth and whistled as loud and hard as he could. When he stopped, she took her fingers out and listened. The whistle echoed and swiftly faded off into the distance.
"Five," he breathed out. "Four. . . three. . . two. . . one. . . Ah! Right there!" he pointed like a child seeing a wild animal for the first time. He pointed towards the center of the city. A small grey dot was rising from it and approaching. The closer it got, the more she realized it looked like an oval. A metal oval. It was a means of transporatation.
The object landed on the cliff edge before them. The side opened up to reveal comfortable seats inside with windows all around, giving one an all around view.
"Ladies first," he gestured to the interior. Adrianne entered first and took a seat, followed by the Doctor who sat up front. The door automatically, seamlessly closed.
"Destination?" asked a smooth, soothing male voice.
"Kashinami's Deluxe Bar and Club," the Doctor said clearly.
A series of beeps followed. "Destination confirmed."
They began moving. It marvelled her as she barely even felt it moving. She could see that they were, but it was different than any other vehicle she'd been in. Even in the smoothest of ships.
The Doctor had to hold back a purely delighted laugh. If things went well, and he'd arrived when he wanted to, Adrianne would be in absolute heaven here.
It was barely two minutes later when they landed at the front of a two story building with the words 'Kashina's Deluxe Bar and Club' painted above the door with, at both ends, a potted, flowering plant.
The Doctor happily led the way inside of a welcoming, well lit club. Though, it looked more like the inside of a jazz club than anything else. There were only five people sparsely seated at the small tables. Standing up on the stage was a young woman with startling purple hair, bright yellow eyes, and green streak patterns on her skin. She was trying to sing but, from the look of it, no one was overly impressed.
The Doctor stopped abruptly, Adrianne almost colliding with him from behind. "There," he whispered, extending an arm and pointing to a very handsome, well built man in his early 30's. He stood in front of the stage.
"What about him?" Adrianne whispered with a puzzled shrug.
"That's enough!" the man said, sounding exhausting, stopping the woman on stage and gently waving her off. "Thank you, but you're not what I'm looking for."
"Oh, well, okay," the young woman said, sounding defeated as she retreated from the stage.
"Kashinami!" the Doctor suddenly, unexpectedly called out, stretching out his arms as if to hug the air itself.
Everyone in the place jumped at the sudden loud sound, including the young man.
His eyes went wide, as if not believing his eyes, then suddenly laughed and smiled. "Doctor?!"
The Doctor laughed and walked up to him. Kashinami almost ran up to the Doctor and both men hugged each other as if not seeing one another in a very long time. After releasing one another, Kashinami looked the Doctor over from head to foot.
"You look well!"
"I feel well," he replied with a big smile. "Miss me?"
A snort. "It's only been two weeks."
The Doctor showed genuine surprise on his face. "Really? Two weeks? That's it?"
The bar owner nodded. "Two weeks to the day."
"Hm... not bad timing."
"From the way you talked last time you were here, you weren't expecting to be back for a long time."
He scratched the back of his head. "I honestly wasn't." He paused, letting his eyes roam around the interior of the club before speaking next. "You've changed things around a bit."
"Considering I had to rebuild 40% of the place after the Thawan attack, that shouldn't be surprising."
The Doctor's gaze fixed on an unlit, diamond shaped decoration hanging from the ceiling. "Marikash starlight?"
"It works?"
"Exactally like you said it would. Absolutely gorgeous at night. Not a single one of my customers hasn't been fascinated by it."
The Doctor looked at his friend again. "Glad to hear. Oh!" He looked back to Adrianne and waved her over. "This, my good friend, is someone I think you'll enjoy having around. Especially since it looks like you're still having trouble finding a singer."
Kashinami groaned, his shoulders sinking and a very tired look coming to his face. "More than you know."
"Kashinami, I'd like to introduce you to Adrianne. Adrianne, I'd like to introduce you to Kashinami, the owner of this wonderful establishment."
"Nice to meet you," she said.
"A pleasure," he returned.
"Go on the stage," the Doctor invited, "give it a try."
She looked at him. "What?"
"Sing!" he chuckled, placing a hand on the middle of her back to give her a gentle nudge forward.
A bit reluctantly she got up onstage, stood in front of the microphone and began to sing. Just a simple melody. Not trying to control anyone's body or do anything unpleasant. She was only singing.
The Doctor watched his friend's face as he watched Adrianne. Amazement.
The Doctor smiled, then looked up at the siren, a satisfied smirk on his face.
Then the song came to an end, everyone present in the club applauded enthusiastically.
"What do you think?" the Doctor asked, though knowing full well what the answer would be.
"Absolutely lovely!" he said, unable to take his eyes off of her. Without another word he rushed up onto the stage and a quick conversation was exchanged. Adrianne had no place else to go and Kashinami was offering her a job, a place to stay, steady income, and doing something she was naturally gifted at. Singing. The siren paused, looking over to the Doctor, not giving Kashinami an answer. Instead, she got down from the stage and walked to the Doctor.
"When is this?" she asked him.
"According to this planet's time track, it's the year 1423."
"No, no, no. When, as in, Toraius's lifetime."
"I took a gamble and bounced us both back in time about 2,000 years from our little excursion on his ship. He didn't look like he could've been alive 2,000 years in the past, so, here we are!"
She smiled brightly, cupped his cheeks in his hands, and kissed him. "Thank you, Doctor!" She hurried back over to Kashinami. "Yes! The answer is yes!"
"Stellar!" Kashinami cheered. "Follow me. I'll show you where you'll be staying. Now, it's not much, but it'll do until you get some money of your own saved up and can move out."
As he led the way to a side door, the Doctor turned around and started walking out. Adrianne stopped before she entered the door, watching the Doctor leaving.
"Doctor! Wait!!" she called out, stopping him in his tracks.
She ran over to him, almost colliding into him, and hugged him. "Are you leaving?"
"Yes," he replied simply. "I still have a huge universe to explore, and you have a life here and now, a place to be both happy and free. Kashinami. . . he can be energetic at times, but he'll be a great guy to work for. I can vouch for that."
She hugged him a bit more snugly, not releasing him.
He knew she didn't want to say good-bye. Not yet. He wrapped his arms around her and hugged her in return.
"Will you come back and visit?"
"I always come back to great places. They're too nice to stay away from for too long."
Her voice softened. "I'll miss you. I . . . I can't thank you for all you've done for me."
"You don't have to," he said just as gently to her, rubbing her back soothingly with both hands. "But if you must, then the way you can repay me is by living your life as best you can. Be happy. Enjoy what you do. That's the best way to live."
She closed her hands on his back, squeezing her eyes shut and whispered, "I will. I promise I will, Doctor."
"Good," he quietly chuckled, placing a kiss on her head before they released each other. "Now go on. I think someone is waiting for you."
She looked back to see Kashinami standing in the doorway, a lopsided, 'aaawww' sort of smile on his face. The cuteness of the moment wasn't lost on him, even if he hadn't heard what they'd said.
The siren gave the Doctor one more look, a nod of thanks and compliance, then hurried over to Kashinami. They both vanished through the doorway, and the Doctor, just as he'd expected, left the bar feeling completely satisfied. It wasn't often he had the chance of helping someone out like this, of helping them to have a happy ending of sorts, but when those times presented themselves, he cherished it.
A few short minutes later found the Doctor back on the cliff the Tardis was landed on. He was looking out over the city, admiring it. Few planets were gems like this one. Peaceful, lovely, and enjoyable. He'd already been to several points in this planet's history, into its future. He'd seen when it fell into disarray, when it had eventually succumed to the power of the dual suns it orbited, when it had been attacked by invading aliens. Those would happen a long time from now. It was useless to think of them. Kashinami and Adrianne could live out their lives in peace, in happiness. He wouldn't have to worry about that.
He drew in a deep lungfull of breath before exhaling. It really was such a nice little planet.
Turning around, he entered his Tardis and was off again into the mystery that was time and space. Who knew what new adventures waited for him?

The end

(Technically this IS the end because I'm tiring of writing for it, but it's not *really* the end. About a year later the Doctor shows up, running away from a bunch of thugs. Kashinami and Adrianne stop the thugs, and bring the Doctor into the safety of the club. He looks like he's been roughed up. When asked what happened, he admitted that he didn't know. He'd just landed there a short while ago, was jumped by those thugs who demanded answers from him, although he had no clue what they were talking about. Frustrated by not getting any answers from him, they proceeded to beat him, then give him electrical shocks to get him to talk. He eventually managed to escape. Adrianne says that she's glad he's safe for now. He agrees, then introduces himself. She is confused and asks 'don't you remember me?' 'No.' Come to find out, the electrical shocks he'd recieved messed with his memories a bit. They eventually get him to the Tardis and his injuries are healed, and EVENTUALLY, after spending a full week with Kashinami and Adrianne, who are now a couple, his memories return. bla bla bla, the Doctor, Kashinami, and Adrianne uncover a criminal ring who had mistaken the Doctor for some spy, they are all taken down, and a happy ending is had by the trio. Even moreso as the story closes with Kashinami and Adrianne getting married, and with the Doctor being Kashinami's best man. Aaaawww *^o^* <3)

*3 - FYI All right = correct. Alright = more a confirmation, like "ok" or "fine" or "I understand".
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