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The Doctor Deflowered

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 25, 2006 3:16 am    Post subject: The Doctor Deflowered Reply with quote

I still like this story, a Doctor Who/Rocky Horror Picture Show crossover that describes the sexual awakening of a Gallifreyan Time Lord. It features the Eighth Doc with companions Sam and Fitz, along with Frank-N-Furter, Magenta, Columbia, and Riffraff.


I would like, if I may, to present you a tale of the encounter of the Doctor, Sam, and Fitz with that sweet transvestite Dr. Frank-N-Furter, a scientist from the planet Transsexual in the galaxy Transylvania. Included in Frank-N-Furter's party are Riff Raff, a handyman and butler; Magenta, a domestic; and Columbia, a groupie. In this story the Doctor is portrayed as a sexual innocent who subsequently becomes enlightened (hence, the sexual awakening of a Gallifreyan Time Lord).

Sam and Fitz were utterly bored. The Doctor wanted to visit his friend Professor Everett Scott to discuss some aspect of transtemporal spatial mapping, or so he said. Sam and Fitz were more in the mood for some lighthearted fun, especially after Sam's harrowing experiences in San Francisco. Getting far away from the planet Earth both in time and space would have suited Sam just fine. The Doctor, however, was quite adamant about this visit and told them, "It won't be long, and then we can strike out for parts unknown."

"Definitely unknown, considering how your TARDIS goes," said Fitz.

"Joke's on you, my dear boy, because we've now arrived at the appropriate time and place," said the Doctor grinning. "All Hallows Eve at midnight." He looked at Sam and Fitz as they peered up at him dejectedly. "Well, come on!"

"Why do we have to go out at midnight? Surely your friend will be asleep," said Sam.

"Oh, no, Sam. Scott is always at his most animated in the wee hours. Besides I have excellent night vision." The Doctor flicked open the TARDIS doors and said, "Look, there's a nice full moon to illuminate our way."

They trudged slowly up a hill along a path bordered by creepy fir trees that Sam thought might just swoop down upon them. Near the top of the hill was a weird house that looked like a gothic castle to Fitz. It had lots of turrets and towers, as well as many statues of gargoyles and griffins. Fitz hoped the Doctor would refrain from a midnight architectural treatise. Sam said, "Wait a minute, I think I heard something."

All three of them looked up the path to see a naked boy stumbling along and crying, "Help me. Oh, please help me." He collapsed, sobbing hysterically in front of them. The Doctor quickly shrugged off his coat and wrapped it around the boy, a teen-ager, probably 18 with shaggy shoulder-length black hair and a small moustache and goatee.

"Easy, easy there," cooed the Doctor, as he put his arms around his new charge.

"Yeah, what happened to you, man?" queried Fitz.

The boy gulped and after a little while began a tale of having gone to the house of Dr. Frank-N-Furter. "He's the one who owns that strange-looking house, you know. My friends and I just wanted to have some Halloween fun. On a dare, we were going to go up there and put toilet paper on his trees, spray-paint his walls. When we got there--there were twelve of us, six couples. Anyway, once we got in through that wrought-iron gate and started walking up his driveway, we all began to feel kinda odd, I mean incredibly good, horny even. I got a huge hard-on. Suddenly we all started stripping. We stopped, though, when we heard the front door open. Out stepped this garish-looking, freaky guy with gaudy red lips, bright blue eye shadow, and a heart tattooed on his right arm." He stopped and closed his eyes.

"Just rest," said Sam.

"I'm okay. At least I'm away from that place," he said. "Anyway, this guy was wearing high spike heels, black fishnet stockings, garters, and a bustier. Looked like a flaming queen. He told us, 'Welcome to Uncle Frankie's, kiddies. Come on in and take a load off.'" The boy began to draw himself into a fetal position and hugged himself tightly.

He took a deep breath and continued, saying, "We started to troop through the door like sheep and saw his big entry-hall with a really elaborate chandelier. There was a staircase, and at the top of the stairs was a group of queers dressed exactly like the guy at the door. I guess he must be Frank-N-Furter. These people were leering at us like we were so much meat. Frank-N-Furter then turned and looked up at this collection of lusty freaks. He laughed and said that they'd soon have some fresh flesh for their fiendish pleasures. I'd been the last one in and was still standing close to the door. My friends were like in a trance, or something. I pushed past the weird-looking butler and ran out the door. Surprisingly, nobody came after me. I hung around outside for just a minute to see what was going on. I couldn't see anything, but I started to hear really awful, hideous screams. Those were my friends in there, and I wasn't doing anything to help them out. I got really scared and started running away. I couldn't run properly though. I kept stumbling, and I started crying. You don't know how relieved I am to see you."

Sam eyed the Doctor who had been looking on quite solicitously. He said, "You obviously need some clothes, and then you should go home. Fitz, go get some extra clothes out of our car for this young man."

Fitz was surprised at first, but then he realized the Doctor wanted him to bring that kid something from the TARDIS. He walked off whistling quietly to himself to help dispel the gloom. This had all the makings of a creepy adventure.

The Doctor told the boy, Stephen, that they would help him get home. "That's okay," said Stephen. "I just live a few blocks from here. I'll walk. It won't be any problem, especially if you can spare some clothes."

"My friends and I will go to this Frank-N-Furter fellow and rescue your friends," added the Doctor. "He won't be a match for the likes of us."

At that point Fitz had returned with some jeans, a shirt, and an old pair of the Doctor's trainers. Everything fit Stephen pretty well, and he hurried off saying, "Good luck and thank you."

"Well, let's go get to the bottom of this," said the Doctor.

"But whyyy?" cried Sam and Fitz.

"Come on, you two, you know we just can't let this transgression go by without a little digging."

"But how do we get in?" they asked.

"We'll just knock on his door and ask if we could use his phone because our car is on the fritz. He's sure to invite us in, and then we can investigate, solve the mystery, and be on our way."

"Don't you think it'll be dangerous?" asked Sam.

The Doctor grinned and said, "Danger's my middle name."

Too soon they were entering the gate and walking up Frank-N-Furter's long, winding driveway. Sam felt a little strange and began to think how cute Fitz was. Fitz also found himself feeling a little frisky and thought he'd probably be able to score with Sam sometime in the night. The Doctor walked on obliviously.

They clustered together on the steps, and the Doctor rapped at the door using a knocker with a griffin's head. The massive oaken door slowly opened, and a craggy-faced man with long thinning white hair peered out. "What do you lot want? The Master's busy now and won't be able to see you."

The Doctor breathlessly began to prattle on about their defunct car and asked to use the phone. He saw a man dressed like Stephen had described come mincing down the stairs. That might be Frank-N-Furter himself.

"What is it, Riff Raff?" the man gushed. The latter surveyed his three visitors--a blonde, rather boyish-looking young girl; a tall reed-like young man with stringy black hair; and an older fellow with long flowing brown curls and a rather poetic-looking face. This last one was most appealing and was droning on about a car. "Do let them come in, Riff Raff. It's beastly late, and all the garages are closed." He told them, " Perhaps you'll stay the night, and we'll sort out your car problems in the morning."

"Why thank you for your generous hospitality," enthused the Doctor, as he slyly winked at Sam. They walked into the foyer where a couple of other people were waiting. Besides Riff Raff the dour-faced butler, there were two other women.

"Let me introduce you to Magenta, my domestic," said Frank-N-Furter. "She'll be showing you to your rooms in just a moment. And this other is my friend Columbia."

Magenta stared at them with a kind of predatory grin. She had a shock of long bright red hair and was dressed in a maid's uniform with a miniskirt. Fitz thought her attire showed off her tits and legs really, really well. She leered at him, and he found himself lusting after her. Sam thought Magenta just looked plain creepy with her blood-red cruel-looking mouth, and Riff Raff the butler made her shudder. She didn't think that Columbia with her spangly chorus girl outfit and bright green eye shadow was much better. Columbia had smiled at them though in a friendlier fashion.

The Doctor extended his hand to Frank-N-Furter, saying, "I'm called the Doctor, and these are my friends, Sam and Fitz. We were on our way to visit a mutual friend when our car broke down."

"Yes, yes I know," interrupted Frank-N-Furter. "Why don't you just call me Frankie? Go on and show our guests to their rooms, Magenta."

As Sam, Fitz, and the Doctor ascended the stairs, Frank-N-Furter turned to Riff Raff and asked, "What do you make of our visitors? The young greaser and that delectable girl are humans, but what of the other one?'

"I sense he is a Time Lord, Master," solemnly intoned Riff Raff.

Frank-N-Furter's eyes widened, and a broad grin broke out on his face revealing his large, white teeth. "A Time Lord? Why that's excellent. If I remember correctly, they can regenerate. Oh, I do hope he's not at the end of his regeneration cycle. That would spoil everything. You know, he could fit in perfectly with my plans."

Riff Raff nodded in assent. He recalled Frank-N-Furter's dream of creating the perfect sexual companion for himself. Riff Raff realized that what Frankie intended violated the Prime Directive for their mission on this sexually immature planet. They were supposed to be conducting a cultural anthropological mission, to be observing the sexual mores of these humans, to lay low, and to later return with their findings to their home planet--Transsexual in the galaxy Transylvania. Frankie would have none of it and instead had installed a Sexual Perversion Field over the house and grounds. This field served to make visiting humans lose their sexual inhibitions. Frank-N-Furter claimed this made their studies easier and more interesting.


Columbia and Magenta were watching their guests prepare for bed on the house's closed-circuit television system. The experiments would begin shortly. Frankie had said he would work with the girl, while Magenta and Columbia could deal with the two males. Columbia said that she thought Fitz was kind of cute, and Magenta said she'd take on the older man, adding that she always liked a challenge. She said, "He's different somehow from the other two--I don't think he's human."

"Oh, he's definitely not, " said Columbia. "Riff Raff told me he's a Time Lord who hasn't done it in eons. He isn't even sure whether this Doctor fellow has any sexual organs. They may have atrophied away."

"He's the one for me for sure then!" cawed Magenta. "If anything's there, I'm sure I can coax it out. And I thought Vulcans were bad enough when they only have sex every seven years." Magenta recalled Frankie's order that she assess the Doctor's sexual potential, but she didn't relay any of this to Columbia. After all, it really had nothing to do with her. Riff Raff, a telepath overseeing their mission on Earth, had also briefed his sister Magenta. He told her that he had been unable to discern any sexual thoughts from the Doctor, unlike his more transparent companions. Riff Raff had detected only a deep sense of curiosity and a concern that something odd was going on at Frank-N-Furter's. The Doctor had also thought that he would soon sort everything out.


Riff Raff sat in the kitchen slowly drinking a cup of tea. He wasn't sure whether this Doctor constituted a threat to Frank-N-Furter. If the Doctor could somehow help to destroy Frankie, why that would be wonderful, because the fall of that ridiculous lout was something Riff Raff had been trying to engineer for some time. He had been compiling a dossier of all of Frank-N-Furter's crimes on this forsaken planet. When Riff Raff felt the time was right, he had planned to alert the authorities on Transsexual that Frankie had perverted their mission and had violated the Prime Directive to have no contact with the sexually backward human race. Frank-N-Furter, however, insisted on nightly sexual orgies with multiple pairings, and all of them had gone along with it. Riff Raff knew he was most fortunate that his boss only saw him as a graying, hunch-backed, self-effacing manservant who tended his every whim--that he never realized Riff Raff's true role on their mission.

Magenta showed Sam to her room and shut the door fast. Sam was shocked to find out the door was locked. She started pounding on it and yelling, but to no avail. She lay down on the bed, which had four posts and diaphanous curtains. She growled to herself, "Get a grip, Sam. You won't be able to do anything if you stay freaked out." She took a deep breath and tried to assess her surroundings. The windows were all locked as well. There were no convenient air ducts for her to crawl through. Sam suddenly yawned and felt exceedingly tired. She decided it was the better part of valor to get some rest.

Fitz and the Doctor had also been surprised to find themselves locked in their rooms. Fitz had gone straightaway for a lie-down, feeling there wasn't anything he could do at that moment to change things. He figured someone would eventually let him out. The Doctor had been hurriedly pacing back and forth trying to find a way out. He chided himself for having misplaced his sonic screwdriver somewhere in the TARDIS.

Sam was trying to sleep when she heard the door to her room slowly opening. She sat up in bed and saw the Doctor framed in the doorway.

"Sam, may I come in?" he murmured.

"Of course, Doctor," she said with obvious relief in her voice. "How'd you get that door opened anyway? I thought it was locked."

"Just a trifle jammed was all," he said and crossed over to the bed. He sat down at the end of it, and Sam looked at him expectantly. He, in turn, gazed longingly into her eyes.

Sam thought, "What's his problem? He's never been that gooey-looking."

The Doctor inched his way along the edge of the bed until he reached Sam. He lightly touched her face, and she was surprised that his fingers felt hot. He leaned over and started to kiss her. She wanted to push him away, but somehow couldn't. She felt his long-fingered hands pulling up her T-shirt and caressing her breasts. He then shoved her down hard on the bed and hovered above her. Sam looked up at him, and suddenly the Doctor's visage swam out of view and was replaced by that of the leering Frank-N-Furter.

"Come, come, Miss Jones," he crooned.

Sam quickly drew her right knee up and felt it satisfyingly connect with Frank-N-Furter's groin, an action which prompted a loud howl. She pushed him away from her and rolled off the bed and onto the floor. She hurriedly stood up and saw Frank-N-Furter lying on the bed in a fetal position moaning, cursing, and writhing in agony. He recovered his smarmy composure all too quickly, though. He arose and growled, "That will be quite enough. I'll deal with you later, Miss Jones. Right now I have to look in your friend the Doctor."

"What are you going to do to him?" cried Sam.

"Oh, nothing much--just make him a sex god FOR ME. He'll be tall, blonde, broad-shouldered and tanned. I'll just have to trigger his next regeneration and monitor it very carefully."

"Fuck you, Frank-N-Furter. You'd better leave him alone or…"

"Or else what?" interrupted Frankie. "You can't stop me, and neither can that foppish friend of yours Fitz. You should also watch your tongue. It's interesting that my Sexual Perversion Field has just loosened your language, but not your loins." He minced out of the room, slamming the great door behind him. Sam sat on the floor feeling totally dispirited.

Meanwhile, Columbia slipped into Fitz's room where she found him fast asleep and nude. She pulled back the covers and found his penis slowly rising to the occasion. She began to fondle it, and still Fitz remained sleeping, but with the faintest hint of a grin on his face. Suddenly without warning he ejaculated, and the jism shot out and spattered on her forehead. "Damn," Columbia muttered. "He's really a dullard." She wiped her forehead on an end of the sheet and quietly crept away from the bed. "Talk about doing it in your sleep," she groused. Hopefully, Magenta was having better luck with that Doctor fellow.

Magenta shoved open the door to the Doctor's room and found him sitting on the bed in a lotus position with his arms outstretched. She decided to act boldly with him. She walked in front of him and saw that his eyes were tightly shut. She tapped him on the shoulder, saying, "Wake up, Doctor, we're going to have some fun." She grinned as he opened his eyes and looked dazed. She unwound him from his contorted position and was pleased that he'd already removed his shoes. She hated fooling with shoelaces and the like. He looked a little wan, and she asked, "Are you all right, Doctor?"

"I don't know. Something's just come over me, and I don't know what it is. I'm feeling rather hot, which is unusual for me," he said.

Magenta inhaled deeply and smelled sandalwood for some reason. "I know you're not human, Doctor, and that you're a Time Lord."

The Doctor narrowed his eyes and slapped his forehead, muttering, "What a dunce I am--none of you are human either."

"No, we're from the planet Transsexual here on an anthropological survey." Magenta thought a fluid exchange mission was a more accurate description of their activities. She drew closer to the Doctor and stared intently at him, making him involuntarily shudder.

He said, "There it goes again" and looked puzzled.

"You just need to relax a bit, Doctor."

Magenta easily pushed him down on the bed, since he didn't try to resist her. He noted that she was scantily clad only in bikini briefs and a skimpy bra. He lay supine, not quite recognizing what he was feeling, his face flushed.

The sandalwood odor had intensified, as Magenta straddled the Doctor, unbuttoning his waistcoat and undoing his cravat. His wing-collared shirt flopped open at the neck. She slowly undid the shirt buttons and then tugged off the shirt. All the while the Doctor just gazed into her large manic eyes heavily rimmed with mascara. She bent down and lightly kissed his hairless chest and playfully tugged his nipples with her sharp, white teeth. His white skin was quite warm, and he had started to sweat slightly. He didn't object to Magenta's ministrations, and she saw a tiny grin break out at the corners of his mouth.

"You're enjoying this, aren't you?" Magenta stood up and turned her attention to the matter of the gray breeches, which also had lots of buttons at the fly. She thought he was the most buttoned-down character she'd ever come across. Off came the trousers, and there he was in midnight blue boxers with little golden stars on them. Again he offered no resistance when Magenta pulled off his underwear.

She looked at his hairless crotch and found the usual set of male humanoid genitalia--penis, scrotum, testicles. And for a member of a supposedly asexual race, he possessed a rather large penis, currently flaccid. She knelt between his legs and began to alternately kiss and suck his pink-tan appendage, which also lacked a foreskin. It became engorged and lengthened to 12 inches. Its owner, however, appeared immobile.

"I'm going to have to do everything myself," grumped Magenta. The Doctor was just staring at her with confusion in his wide blue eyes. She raised herself over his erect organ, which slipped into her without any tactile guidance. She said, "I'm gonna take you on a little ride, Doctor." She began to slide up and down his penis. She was hoping he'd move his pelvis in time with her, but no such luck. She felt a pulsation from his groin and heard a quiet moan escape his lips. She suddenly gasped herself, as a sensation of liquid warmth radiated through her vagina and extended into her pelvis, reminding her of swimming in the warm waters that lapped the moon-drenched shores of Transsexual.

"What was that?" he asked.

"Why that was you, Doctor. You just ejaculated."

"Extraordinary! I never knew I could do that. But I remember studying the Kamasutra. I just didn't think its lessons applied to me. We need to do this again, and I need to participate. You must think I'm just a cold lump."

"You seemed rather unmoved by the whole process." Magenta slid off the Doctor's pelvis, and now she smelled jasmine.

"Ah, but I'm a quick study. There's a song I remember from a long time ago: 'I'm too sexy for my shirt, too sexy for my shirt, too sexy.'"

He bounded out of bed and started dancing around the room watching his @#%$ wave up and down. He touched it and was thrilled to find that it had hardened most satisfactorily. He decided that exploring these newfound sensations would be quite enlightening, since one of his maxims, after all, was "Know thyself." And to think he had viewed his fabulous organ as something merely to be employed for excretory functions.

Magenta began to wonder just what she'd unleashed, but felt she was up to the challenge.


Sam had slept fitfully through the night. When she awoke, she saw that the door to her room now stood open. She slipped on her trainers and ventured out into the hallway where she encountered Fitz. "We've got to find the Doctor and get out of here," she hissed to Fitz. "Frank-N-Furter tried to rape me last night, but I was able to fight him off. He has some really dreadful plans for the Doctor."

Fitz yawned and said, "I slept like a log. I did have a dream, though, involving that Columbia woman. We hit it off really well in my dream."

"Oh stop prattling, Fitz! Wait a minute, that's the Doctor down that hall."

"My god, what's he doing naked?" sputtered Fitz.

The Doctor hurried down the hall to greet his friends. He had remained unclad since he now regarded clothes as an unnecessary encumbrance. Skin was the body's largest organ and packed with tantalizing nerve endings. He wanted to feel as much as he could by using all available sensory receptors. He rubbed his hands together and beamed at them, "Sam, Fitz, I hope you had a pleasant night."

"Doctor, we have to leave now!" exclaimed Sam. Her attention was suddenly drawn to his crotch where he had the biggest boner she'd ever seen. And he had no pubic hair to boot.

A door opened behind the Doctor, and a hand reached out toward him. He turned and saw an alluring femme beckoning him. She, too, was naked and quite statuesque with the largest breasts he'd ever seen. He said, "Sorry, Fitz, Sam, I've got to go." He ducked into the room and slammed the door behind him.

"What the hell?" bellowed Sam.

"Well, I don't think we'll be leaving any time soon," said Fitz.

"I need to talk to that creep Frank-N-Furter." As if right on cue, Frankie glided up to Sam and grinned malevolently at her.

"I'm sure you're curious about your friend, the Doctor. I think it's just a case of almost 1000 years of repressed sexuality finding blessed relief."

"But you're destroying him!" cried Sam.

"My dear, I'm not doing anything to him other than revealing his true nature. And why do I do this? BECAUSE I CAN! Do stay out of trouble, kiddies. Why don't you go down to the kitchen and have Magenta fix you some breakfast." He left them to ponder the situation.

"I am starved," acknowledged Fitz.

"Oh, shut up, you clod. We have to rescue the Doctor."

"Come on, Sam, look how pleased he seemed to be with himself! I don't think we can change his mind and make him come with us. Of course, I don't know how we're going to get out of here. It's like a fortress, and that Riff Raff makes my skin crawl."

"It's like the Doctor doesn't have a mind anymore. Did you see him giving me the eye? I bet he would have tried to fuck me if his attention hadn't been diverted by that slut!"

"Well, that would be a switch. You were pretty sweet on him, weren't you?"

Sam glared at Fitz and decided not to verbally rip him to shreds. Instead, she reminded him of the teenagers they had originally intended to rescue. "But I don't even know where they are in this hellhole," she added.

Columbia and Riff Raff had been observing Sam and Fitz's quandary "This has got to stop now," Columbia said to Riff Raff.

"What's it to me?" he answered testily.

"You know that all Frankie's done is pervert our original mission to observe. He's had so many violations of the Prime Directive, and I know you've been documenting them all. I've realized for quite a long time that you're more than you appear to be."

"Just how did you find out? Well, never mind, it doesn't matter anyway. I haven't reported anything yet to Transsexual, and I have no orders."

"Come on, man, show some initiative! I know this Doctor is a force of good in the universe, and now he's become just a caricature, another of Frankie's playthings. We can keep him from becoming a mindless satyr that Frank-N-Furter will eventually destroy, the way he usually does."

"I'll think about it," said Riff Raff grumpily.


Frank-N-Furter was wondering what to do about the Doctor. The Sexual Perversion Field appeared to have worked. The Time Lord was now quite interested in sex--and how! Frankie's minions described the Doctor eagerly copulating with all the available females. They also told of his propensity to discourse ad nauseum about various sexual techniques and positions. He had become a walking-talking-interactive sex manual. He'd even tried the Vulcan telepathic sex method with non-telepaths, who subsequently developed excruciating headaches.

"The Doctor's gabbling and promiscuity are intolerable," groused Frank-N-Furter to himself. "He's supposed to be mine, and mine alone! I think exposing him to my new Sensate Actuator will trigger his physical transformation into my devoted Adonis."

Frank-N-Furter saw the Doctor eventually emerge from the room of his latest conquest and took him aside, saying, "Doctor, I have something you simply must see. It's my Sensate Actuator, which can enhance your sexual potency and desire and transport you to infinite levels of pleasure."

"Now that sounds really intriguing," said the Doctor as he looked down unhappily at his now shriveled organ.

"Come with me then." Frankie led his charge to the basement laboratory and showed him a simple-looking booth with a sealable hatch. "Just sit down in there, and I'll work some magic."

The Doctor willingly complied, although he did look a bit wary. Frankie sealed the door and flipped an enormous switch on the side of the apparatus. The chamber glowed green, and Frankie saw the Time Lord twisting and grimacing. His whole body seized for a moment.

"That should be enough." Frankie flipped the switch back and opened the hatch only to have the Doctor flop into his arms, apparently paralyzed with his head lolling from side-to-side. "Oh no!" cried Frankie. "I don't want to kill him just yet." He started slapping the Doctor's reddening cheeks, when suddenly the latter jumped up. "Are, are you okay?" asked Frankie somewhat timidly.

"Oh, I feel really tremendous," said the Doctor as he smiled at his now fully erect penis. "Something's strange just come over me, but I like it."

Frank-N-Furter giggled and thought, "Yes, things are proceeding nicely." He led the Doctor into a bedroom adjoining the lab and said, "We'll be undisturbed in here."

He was rudely startled when the Doctor without warning shoved him down prone onto the edge of the bed. Strong hands clasped Frank-N-Furter's flanks, and muscular thighs held fast his vulnerable buttocks. Frankie felt the Doctor bore into his anus without so much as a by your leave, and white-hot pain shot through every fiber of his being. "Stop, stop!" he futilely cried, as the Doctor continued his thrusts with unstinting vigor.

Dr. Frank-N-Furter felt a liquid heat coursing through his bowels and wondered if he had ruptured a blood vessel. "Hey, get off me!" he moaned again, expecting to be released from his tackle, since the Doctor had ejaculated. He was astounded to feel the Time Lord's frenzied movements once more and struggled to think his way out of this unforeseen predicament.

"Whatever is the matter with him?" wondered Frank-N-Furter. "Is this aggression some kind of residual Time Lord machismo? I only wanted him to be my personal sex slave, my "bitch" in the Terran vernacular. I never imagined he would turn into this inarticulate, insatiable pile driver."

The Doctor grunted and climaxed once more. His stamina was remarkable.

Frankie bit his tongue to keep from screaming. He thought, "Only Riff Raff can help me. He's sure to feel my agony and come to help me."

Uncannily, the bedroom door creaked open, and the cadaverous Riff Raff loomed over the threshold. "Yes, Master," he said lugubriously as he surveyed the curious scene. He struggled to keep his face rigid, but inwardly he was guffawing hysterically.

The Doctor did not notice Riff Raff's approach. "Just inactivate him, and soon, too!" ordered Frank-N-Furter. "Use your telepathy or Vulcan nerve pinch, whatever. I'm never going to be able to walk upright again after this fiasco."

Riff Raff quietly walked up behind the Doctor and willed him to cease and fall asleep. He was surprised to encounter no psychic defenses of any kind. When he had attempted to touch the Doctor's mind just the night before, numerous barriers thwarted his efforts.

"Come on, hurry up and get him off me!" Frank-N-Furter querulously exclaimed, as he lay pinned beneath the Doctor's now leaden body. Riff Raff cradled the sleeping form and set it on the floor. He really did feel that the Doctor had metamorphosed into an insentient beast.

"What do you want me to do with him?"

"Tie him up and use stout leather straps. I need to figure out how I went wrong with him."

Frank-N-Furter's erstwhile butler used leather fasteners to secure the Doctor to the four posts of the bed. Riff Raff thought of his earlier conversation with Columbia and resolved to make amends. He grinned to himself as he watched his boss slowly hobbling away. His brief moment of reverie was disturbed, however, by a piteous howl from the Doctor who was now strugggling ineffectually against his bonds.

Riff Raff went upstairs to see Sam and Fitz who were ensconced in Sam's room whining about the Doctor's hapless state. "I've decided to help you rescue your friend who's now in really dire straits," he said.

"What happened?" chimed the two companions.

"The Doctor has suffered some ill effects from Frank-N-Furter's Sensate Actuator. He's in a perpetual state of arousal like Priapus, and his mind appears nearly totally destroyed. If you get him out of this decadent place, he might be able to recover, but I can't guarantee anything."

"Let me see him!" Sam exclaimed.

"All in good time, all in good time. We need to have a plan first, and my sister Magenta will help. She can use her considerable feminine wiles to distract Frank-N-Furter for quite a while. I can attempt to mindmeld with the Doctor and see if I can unlock his memories. Right now he's obsessed with sex to the exclusion of all other thoughts. He has lost the protective mental barriers that I sensed when the three of you first arrived.

"The TARDIS. We've got to get him to the TARDIS," Sam said quickly.

"What's that?"

"The Doctor's ship. It stands for something like Time and Relative Dimensions in Space," explained Sam. "I don't know how it works, but it has some kind of telepathic connection with the Doctor. Maybe if we can get him there, his mind will be able to recover."

"You two will need to go through Frank-N-Furter's lab in the basement. There's a bedroom adjoining one end of the lab. You'll find your friend tied down to the bed. Wait for me there."

Riff Raff went off to talk to Magenta, while Sam and Fitz hurried to find the Doctor. They opened the bedroom door a crack and peered at the Doctor who was now fully awake. He was growling incoherently and tugging fitfully at his bonds. His entire body appeared flushed and was glistening with tiny beads of perspiration. His engorged penis lay upon his belly.

Sam and Fitz crept quietly into the room. "Doctor," whispered Sam. She touched his cheek as she brushed aside some lank strands of hair from his eyes and was amazed to feel warm flesh. Usually the Doctor's skin was very cool to the touch, almost like marble. Strong scents of sandalwood and jasmine assaulted her nostrils.

Fitz placed his hands on the Doctor's shoulders as a comforting gesture and became frightened as the Time Lord uttered a guttural cry while baring his white teeth. Fitz gawped at the prominent, sharp canine teeth and squawked, "He looks like a bloody wolf. If we untie him, he'll probably try to kill us."

"Ah, now you see what I mean about him," said Riff Raff as he joined them. "We don't have a lot of time. Frankie's being mesmerized as we speak. One of you will have to calm the Doctor, and then I'll be able to mindmeld with him. With a bit of luck I can render him docile, and you can carry him off to your TARDIS."

"What exactly do you mean about us having to calm him?" asked Sam.

"I mean one of you will need to draw him to climax, fuck him, have intercourse with him," intimated Riff Raff. He hoped they'd comprehend one of those phrases.

"I'm not into buggery!' cried Fitz. "You can count me out. How about it, Sam? It's for a good cause, after all."

"I, I just don't know," stammered Sam.

"Oh, come on, you know you want to," said Riff Raff.

"Stay out of my head, you freak!" she cried.

"Nevertheless, it must be done," Riff Raff reminded them.

"Well, okay, I guess," acquiesced Sam.

"And the sooner the better, too," added Fitz as he pulled a condom package out of his back pocket and offered it to Sam. "Here, I think you should use this. You have no idea what he could be spewing out of that thing."

Sam looked thoughtfully at Fitz and said, "Thank you. I just never think of you as someone who cares about my welfare."

"I'm not such a bad guy, and you never give me a fair chance. You always treat me like I'm the world's biggest cad."

Sam turned down the proffered prophylactic, saying, "I don't think it will fit around that! Could you two please get out of here for a moment and let me have a bit of privacy?"

"We'll give you a few minutes," Riff Raff said as he shepherded Fitz through the door.

Sam was appalled to see the Doctor spread-eagled before her, futilely tugging on the leather bindings. Could he ever be himself again? She looked into his pale blue eyes and was surprised to see them focusing on her. "Doctor, Doctor, can you hear me? Oh, please be able to understand me," she pleaded.

She thought she saw his lips move, but all that came out was an incomprehensible strangled noise. As she stroked his throbbing organ, he became less agitated. His slender form lacked the bulging musculature so highly regarded by Frank-N-Furter.

Sam forced herself to look at the Doctor's penis with its corded veins and quailed a bit at the thought of having it inside her. True, in the past, she had dared to dream of being intimate with him, but she had never imagined they'd be together as they were now.

She stripped off her T-shirt, trousers, undies and shoes and climbed over him. She felt his cock gliding into her, filling her. She started to caress his chest and abdomen--just lightly touching them with a swirling motion. His skin was almost uncomfortably hot. She was aghast to feel his hearts beating a tattoo beneath her fingertips. The skin and muscles of his chest also visibly rippled, and Sam worried about his hearts exploding.

She began moving slowly up and down. The Doctor also commenced rocking his pelvis, and his motions complemented hers. They increased the tempo until Sam perceived a warm pulsation spreading throughout her. Her own deep rhythmic contractions consumed her, and she was lost in bliss. She looked down at the Doctor whose eyes were still riveted on her own and heard another unintelligible croak escape his lips. She tried to dismount but found herself impaled once more. She called out to Riff Raff who bustled in with Fitz not far behind.

Riff Raff was pleased that his charge wasn't wildly thrashing about. "Sam, just stay where you are for the moment." Riff Raff cupped the Doctor's head in his huge hands and fixed his gaze upon the bright blue eyes. He inclined his head until it was almost touching the Doctor's. Riff Raff's brow furrowed, and he spoke not a word. Sam saw the Doctor blink and then shut his eyes. He started to snore softly, and his features relaxed. He no longer looked brutish.

"I can feel his memories," said Riff Raff. "Shall I leave him with knowledge of his sexual capacity? It will be something novel for one of his race. Besides, he is a being of great passion."

"Uh, I don't know," Sam said falteringly as she slipped off her perch and reclaimed her clothes. "I'm not a Time Lord, but I don't think sexuality is truly a part of his nature. I'm sure he would want to forget this degradation." Sam had decided she just wasn't ready for a sexually active Doctor. His delight in bounding off in a thousand directions simultaneously already made him insufferable at times, without adding sexual tangents to the mix.

Fitz found himself agreeing with Sam. He would never intentionally emasculate anyone, but the thought of the Doctor as a rival in affairs of the heart boggled his mind. "I'm with Sam," he said. "Besides I think he's supposed to be the guy with two hearts and no dick--well, not a sexually functional one, anyway."

"Very well," said Riff Raff, smiling to himself as he ignored the companions' wishes and left the Doctor with a memory of the people of Transsexual, Transylvania, along with a suggestion that he travel there to discover what had been lost to him. He was sure the Doctor, who was always driven by insatiable curiosity about everything, would eventually embark on such a journey.

Riff Raff handed Sam a bundle of the Doctor's clothes, and she and Fitz quickly dressed him. "I've released those teenagers, too, that Frank-N-Furter was using as fodder for his orgies. Don't worry about them. It's normal for human adolescents to be enthralled by sex. They won't have any permanent mental damage."

Fitz picked up the Doctor and was surprised at how light and frail he felt. Somehow, he had thought the Doctor would be more substantial.

Riff Raff led them out to the grounds via a back passageway. He explained that they would all feel more like their old selves once out of the influence of the Sexual Perversion Field.

"Thank you for all you've done for us! I never dreamed you'd become our ally," said Sam. "Good luck with that monster Frank-N-Furter."

"Oh, I can handle him. His day of reckoning is upon him. Anyway, you'd better hurry up before Frank-N-Furter realizes you're gone. He'll order me to call out the dogs, and you definitely don't want to be around for that."

The two companions jogged to the TARDIS, with the Doctor hoist over Fitz's shoulders. Once inside the ship, they decided a sonic shower was in order for the Time Lord, who still smelled strongly of jasmine--just like a perfumed ponce thought Fitz uncharitably.

Fitz carried the nude, slumbering Doctor to his room and gently laid him down upon his bed. As Sam was dressing the Time Lord in his pajamas, she glanced at the large, limp phallus curled up in his groin. Fitz eyed the Doctor with unveiled jealousy. "Come on, Fitz," Sam teased, "you know size doesn't matter."

Sam and Fitz were desperate to leave but couldn't because their pilot was still dozing, and he had already slept for twenty-four hours. They fervently hoped that when he finally awakened, he would be ready to depart and not recall his attempted midnight rendezvous with Professor Scott. They were standing in the doorway of the Doctor's room when his eyes burst open and he sat bolt upright in bed. "What's with you two?" he asked.

"We heard you cry out," Fitz said quickly, "and came to see what was the matter."

"Ah, yes," said the Doctor, "because I've just had the most peculiar dream--a little frightening, too. I'd been ensnared by Dr. Frankenstein in his great gothic castle, and he wanted to steal my regenerations and make me a creature of his own design." Sam and Fitz grimaced simultaneously. The Doctor continued, "But you two were also there, and you saved me." The Doctor beamed at them in his usual child-like manner. "Let me get properly dressed, and we'll find someplace nifty to go. How about the Restaurant at the End of the World?"

With looks of relief spreading over their faces, Sam and Fitz hastily assented.



The usually gregarious and convivial Doctor had shut himself up in a little used sitting room in his TARDIS. He was trying to make sense of a tiny niggling thought that had continued to tug at his consciousness. He felt that somehow his mind had been tampered with, and he was also bothered by his unexpected appearance in bed. Because Sam and Fitz had looked at him with such consternation, his first impulse had been to say something light and silly and disguise his own discomfiture. He was certain that he would eventually resolve his quandary by just sitting quietly and relaxing while his mind wandered along at its own pace. He had taken off his coat, cravat and shoes and was sitting in an overstuffed armchair with his feet propped up on an ottoman. He absentmindedly noticed his right great toe starting to poke through a worn spot in his black sock. He closed his eyes and slowly sipped his Earl Grey tea.

He thought he had been in a healing trance and that what he described to Sam and Fitz as a nightmare was actually his remembrance of recent events. He recalled having landed the TARDIS with the intention of visiting his friend Professor Scott and then getting derailed somehow. Yes, they had gone to that weird house and met Frank-N-Furter. Now the Doctor felt a barrier in his mind that was obviously meant to shield some of his own thoughts from his conscious mind. He caught brief glimpses of his being locked up and bound and feeling decidedly unusual. What was it that he wasn't supposed to know about? The flood of his repressed memories burst through the apparently hastily erected dam. Whoever had tried to suppress his perceptions evidently had no knowledge of the complexity of the Time Lord brain. He set aside his cup and nestled back against the cushions.

Things were becoming clearer now. He could see Magenta coming to stimulate him. That was it! He had become aware of his sexuality for the first time in his entire existence.

The Doctor was repelled by memories of his promiscuity and his offensive attack on Frank-N-Furter. He had become a sexual predator, though he was sure this state was just the effect of Frank-N-Furter's strange behavior modification devices.

His experiences with the Sensate Actuator had been especially awful. He remembered being inside the device and seeming fine when he had first come out of it. A few moments later, however, he had become aphasic, a state which wholly terrified him. He felt as if a wrecking ball had demolished his brain. Disruptions in his autonomic nervous system pathways probably accounted for his having continual erections and experiencing thermal and emotional dysfunction.

He suddenly saw Sam's face and remembered her coming to him, as he lay bound in bed. His cheeks momentarily flashed crimson as he thought of the two of them having intercourse under such debased circumstances. He knew of her earlier infatuation with him and wondered about her current state of mind. He believed he would eventually have to broach the subject of intimacy with her, but he didn't know how, or when.

He breathed a sigh of relief as he felt his mind's reintegration. He now had a whole new aspect of his being with which to deal. He recalled that humans often considered sex to be the physical expression of love, which itself was a bewildering state of attraction and adoration. He wanted to explore his own sexuality in the context of loving someone, and he recognized certain romantic aspects of his nature.

Frank-N-Furter abruptly intruded upon his musings, and the Doctor envisioned a calamitous fate for that depraved native of Transsexual, Transylvania. He finally wondered who had tried to isolate his memories of Frank-N-Furter and then remembered Riff Raff, the odd butler who happened to be a telepath. Yes, Riff Raff had also left him with the idea that he needed to journey to Transsexual. The Doctor supposed he ought to go there sometime just to say thank you to those who had brought him out of infancy. He laughed quietly to himself, thinking, "After so many years, I'm finally growing up."

…It's just a jump to left,
And then a step to the right.
With your hands on your hips,
You bring your knees in tight.
But it's the pelvic thru-u-u-u-ust
That really drives you insa-a-a-a-ane.
Let's do the time-warp again!
Let's do the time-warp again!

It's so dreamy, oh fantasy free me.
So you can't see me, no, not at all.
In another dimension, with voyeuristic intention,
Well secluded, I see all.
With a bit of a mind flip
You're into the time slip,
And nothing can ever be the same.
You're spaced out on sensation,
Like you're under sedation.
Let's do the time-warp again!
Let's do the time-warp again!

--Richard O'Brien from The Rocky Horror Picture Show

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Dude, I keeled over in laughter the first time I read this and again now. Smile
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Dude, I keeled over in laughter the first time I read this and again now.

It still makes me laugh, too. Thanks for reading it again!

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