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Hornblower|Storm the Front [Chapter 1 - 19 May 2010]

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StarKnight Lt WHO

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PostPosted: Tue May 11, 2010 8:38 am    Post subject: Hornblower|Storm the Front [Chapter 1 - 19 May 2010] Reply with quote

And this is what happens when you get inspired to make a Hornblower/Bush story, set in a post-modern [or maybe futuristic] version of the Napoleonic War. This is my first Hornblower fanfic... I can only hope this turns out good...! It also brings out a character I'd created for an RPG, but decided to give it some slight altering and introduce her here. Let's just say, Bush might've met his match in this one...!

Enjoy!! <3

"...well now, this looks most promising..."

Horatio Hornblower read the letter that was received by the messenger, sent by the Admiral on behalf of one particular individual. Of course, being under the safe harbor and whims of Admiral Pellew while in the Royal Navy sure had some quirks. This was to be no exception. So, where the heck was his best friend and First Lieutenant? Well, not too far from where Hornblower stood, obviously. But William Bush had been talking with Matthews and Styles about a sort of "surprise party" for the Captain, if you will, and who better to have help plot up some good mayhem than Matthews and Styles? Bush had, obviously, chosen quite well. But for the moment, he would walk over to Hornblower and look to the letter.

"Hm, you seem quite perplexed, if I may say such" Bush said with an amused smile.

Hornblower just chuckled. "Actually, not simply perplexed so much as I am, I suppose, humored" he admitted. "I just read the most interesting letter, ever, Mr. Bush."

The First Lieutenant cocked a brow; "Oh?"

The Captain nodded with a smirk, handing him the letter; "See what you make of it, Mr. Bush. Give 'er time, she'll be a grand officer."

Bush's other eyebrow shot up. Wait... she? The hell was Hornblower saying!? And that was when Bush glanced to the letter...

...and his jaw could've dropped. "My God" he gasped, "it's a... it's a..." Yeah yeah, it's a girl.

"It's Admiral Pellew's Goddaughter" Hornblower interjected with raised brows towards his best friend. "And a fresh Lieutenant from what I can gather."

"Yeah but... but..." Bush said, looking at the letter and handing it back to Hornblower, before sighing in resignation. "Maybe I'd better not get my nerves up about this one."

Hornblower patted his best friend on the shoulder; "That's the spirit, Mr. Bush" he said with a smile. "I know you'll see to it that Lieutenant Andrews feels welcome onboard here. I'll send word of this to Matthews and Styles, and then get a hold of the Admiral so I'll know when she's expected to arrive." He would soon make his way over to the two men, leaving Bush to think through the situation.

Great. A female Lieutenant onboard the Hotspur. Just what William Bush needed.

Not that he was opposed to it, but it sure wasn't the norm either. That and, the last time he could recall a female onboard the ship, it was Betsy Bonaparte--who called Hornblower "damn heartless." Ouch. But it was duty.

But then, what to make of the letter? What was Bush to make of this newcoming Lieutenant? He glanced through the letter once more, sighing in resignation once more before realising, Hey! he still had Hornblower's letter. Oops. With that he made sure to return it to his best friend the Captain, before starting to adjust his mindset. Things were about to take a topsy-turvy loop, once Josephine Andrews arrived. It was only a matter of time until her arrival, and the question now was, When?
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Time Traveller

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PostPosted: Sat May 15, 2010 2:50 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

LOL, this is great Very Happy.
Canīt wait to read the rest of the story!
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StarKnight Lt WHO

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PostPosted: Wed May 19, 2010 11:37 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

|Storm the Front|Chapter 1 - Coming Up Close|

Days passed... days passed...

It was only a matter of time between the arrival of the letter and the arrival of the writer herself. Hornblower had only been awake just moments before the sun, but as he stood on deck, and the Hotspur still at Spithead, he overlooked the port. Memories... memories of when he was seasick while still docked. He chuckled at the memory now, smiling rather ruefully... he sure came a helluva long way since then. But as the sun began to rise, and the town began to burst with life gradually, he was soon accompanied by one of his better sort of companions--his best friend.

"Good morning, Sir" Bush greeted, "looks like the day's off to a grand start."

"Indeed, Mr. Bush" Hornblower replied, "and a good morning to you as well."

As the ship too began to come to life, with the crew waking up and breakfast being served, Bush stood to lean over the edge a bit, and watch over the dock. Hornblower didn't chide at him at all, knowing that his best friend was curious as to who this Josephine Andrews was. Bush had been assigned officer of the watch for the occasion, to keep an eye out for the Admiral's colors. Not like he hadn't seen 'em before... but this was a whole new occasion to it. The Admiral's Goddaughter... the newly-commissioned Lieutenant. Bush wasn't sure if he could handle it.

Hours passed... morning turned to afternoon...

--and then!
"Well now, Godpapa, I shall now be on my way."

"Be careful, Josephine. Send me letters and stories when you can. And send Captain Hornblower my warmest regards."

"Will do, Godpapa. I love you!"

"Love you too, little star. Now, shine on. Onward!"

With one last warm embrace from her Godfather the Admiral, Lieutenant Josephine Andrews smiled and boarded the small boat that would be her transport to the Hotspur. Sir Edward Pellew was a little heartbroken--it was like watching a child grow up. He had been mentoring his Goddaughter about the sea since she was a little girl, and brought her up in the Royal Navy when she turned 18. Her first ship was the Dreadnaught, with Captain Foster at the helm, and she had proven her worth to not just the crew, but to the Royal Navy as well. Foster looked out after her like she was his own daughter, which humored Pellew to say the least.

Now, however, even after the somber goodbyes and the well-wishes, Andrews was ready for a new adventure. This time it was to be onboard the ship that harbored the Captain Hornblower, whom Pellew regarded as a bit of a son to him. Andrews was rather excited for this new adventure, but she was also, on the other hand, fairly nervous. At age 25, who could blame her? This was only her second assignment onboard a ship. She knew practically nobody, aside from what-all she'd heard about Hornblower from Pellew, but that was pretty much it. So, with a sigh, as the sailors rowed the boat from the port to the Hotspur, Andrews kept her head down, her eyes instead focusing on the Book of Common Prayer that her mother gave her as a child. If she could focus from the sadness, even for a while, as she pulled the hood of her cloak over her head...

"...Godspeed, Josephine" Pellew sighed, watching her go.
Bush watched from the deck still, his eyes now seeing a boat being rowed over. Raising a brow, he then saw the small flags from that distance, the closer it was being rowed. And then, he saw... her.

Andrews had lifted her head from her book, the hood of her cloak fell back and the wind had blown the bangs from her eyes. Some of the layered curls that framed her face--dark brown with light brown and auburn highlights--were lightly windswept as well. The thin-frame glasses that fixed to her face, were adjusted by her free hand, the other one still holding the Prayer book. And then, she saw... him.

Bush was practically wanting to jump ship, just to drag the boat ashore! But, thankfully, he did not. Instead, he simply watched the boat being rowed over to shore, waiting for Andrews to arrive. Something about that mysterious beauty that was about to board his ship... a sort of comely, yet delicate, beauty. He had his usual tastes for women. But this... something about her...

Hornblower watched from a distance and chuckled. Having Andrews onboard was going to be a lot of fun...
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