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We'll have eternity (an AU QOTD fic)

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 11, 2008 10:52 am    Post subject: We'll have eternity (an AU QOTD fic) Reply with quote

A Queen of the Damned fan fiction story (Movie alternate universe.)

The girl in the long black coat flew high above the dark rainy London streets unnoticed. She ignored the noise and motion below her and purposefully passed over the heart of the great city.
It was her first trip back 'home' in more than a year. Nothing had changed, nor had she expected it to.
The London Motherhouse of the Talamasca centre for psychic research still stood back on its secluded estate; Solitary and unfeeling, always there, always watching; the supernatural knowledge of twelve centuries housed in its archives, tended and added to by librarians and researchers as cool and impassive as the stones of the great house itself.
Part of her wished that she still occupied her small apartment here; that she was still part of what had once been her family; that she was still human.
Jesse Reeves sighed.
She knew what she had come here to do was wrong, that not long ago she had thought Marius and LeStat monstrous for doing exactly the same thing that she now contemplated. But things had changed. There was no black and white, good or evil; it wasn't that simple anymore.
Being a vampire had taught her that if nothing else.

LeStat had given her the gift of immortality and his friendship but not his love, never his black little heart.
They had parted shortly after his child Louis de Pointe du Lac had shown up at LeStat's estate outside London. They were living in New Orleans now, in a townhouse on the Rue Royale. Jesse had been invited to come and stay with them, but chose not to. Three was a crowd, among vampires as well as mortals.
Jesse had been miserable then, and retreated to her aunt Maharet's home in the desert. There she had spent months trying to sort out her thoughts and feelings.
She had written of all that had happened to her in the fashion of a Talamasca report and that had taken her mind off her pain for a time. She found more and more that her thoughts strayed back to London, to one she had left behind…
Jesse went often to the shrine that Marius and the others had made for her aunt Maharet and spent hours talking to the white silent figure. Periodically Khayman would light incense and put out fresh flowers for her aunt like offerings to a Goddess.
The retreat was Jesse's, her childhood home inherited when her aunt had taken the place of Akasha as the stony vessel that allowed all blood drinkers their continued existence, but it was a quiet, empty place now, and Jesse would not live an eternity of loneliness.

She had fought with her desire to come back to the Motherhouse for some time, but this night was special, and the perfect reason to visit a dear friend.
Jesse flew to the dark window next to the lit one she had been watching and quietly removed the screen; breaking the lock on the casement quickly and quietly, letting herself in.
The darkened bedroom was messy, the bed unmade, piles of books and clothes lay scattered on the floor.
Frowning Jesse walked out into the small, familiar living room; a slender figure lay sprawled on the couch; on the floor beside him, an empty brandy bottle lay on its side next to an empty glass only a few inches from the sleeping figures fingertips. The room smelled strongly of liquor.
"Oh David" She whispered sadly as she knelt beside her passed out friend.
He had changed little in the many months since she had last seen him although his once neatly cropped dark hair had grown out well past his collar, and was badly in need of brushing. Jesse had never seen David's hair long before; to her surprise it was curly and a striking shade of chestnut.
There were little strain lines visible around, and dark circles under, his eyes as if he had been sleeping poorly, otherwise he looked much the same. His clothes were unusually casual, a pair of snug blue jeans and a black, long sleeved shirt.
She reached out and gently brushed a lock of hair out of his face. 'He'll be so beautiful' she thought absently.
David stirred slightly, making a soft sound in his sleep, licking his lips as he turned his head on the fringy throw pillow. He was facing her now, and his hair had fallen away from his neck so that she could see the pulsing of a rather prominent jugular vein.
Jesse stared at it hungrily; stronger then the smell of alcohol was the smell of David's blood and she fought back her urge to feed.
She shook him gently. He groaned at being wakened
"Just five more minutes…" he murmured.
Jesse sighed "David, wake up."
David Talbot blinked and looked up at her bleary-eyed "Jesse?" he spoke as if he thought he was imagining her "must be… dreaming…" he said indistinctly.
"David, it is me, I'm real, wake up."
Jesse slid her arms about him and helped him to sit up, and took a seat beside him.
He was mostly awake now and retrieved his glasses from the end table; putting them on, he looked at her in amazement
"Jesse…It is you" his words slurred just the smallest bit, "you remembered"
"Happy birthday David" she smiled sweetly
"I never thought I'd ever see you again" he embraced her affectionately; seemingly unafraid of her in his inebriated state "I often wondered what had become of you and LeStat. It's been what, a little over a year now?"
He got up, unsteadily walking to the tiny kitchen; he opened a cupboard and took out a clean glass and another bottle of brandy. He returned and sat down heavily, handing Jesse the clean glass and retrieving his own from the floor, began to pour the liquor.
"No birthday cake, but I can offer you a drink."
Then he caught himself "I'm so sorry Jesse…how could I have forgotten…"
He glanced away, embarrassed.
"Because you're drunk, David. What's wrong?" Jesse asked gently, sitting the tumbler down on the glass-topped coffee table, "I've never seen you like this"
"It's a long story…"
"I have nothing but time" she reassured him.
"So do I…" he said sadly
Jesse looked at him curiously.
"I've been suspended from active investigation since shortly after you…left. I was demoted from overseer of the London centre to glorified fucking librarian in the haunting and psychic phenom...phen…phenomenon archives."
He made no attempt to hide the bitterness in his voice as he sat down his glass with a loud clink "According to the Talamasca Elders I'm irresponsible and unworthy of my former position. They blame me for you taking off with LeStat…they say that I shouldn't have been so indulgent with you, and that I allowed myself to become too emotionally involved with an apprentice."
Jesse was stunned "How could they do this to you?"
"Not to mention unhealthily obsessed with vampires…" He continued
"They took my entire collection, everything, even LeStat's journal which was my own property. I've been barred from ever accessing any materials regarding vampires ever again."
"But it was your special field of study…"Jesse protested
"My life's work" he took a long swig out of the bottle "…all for nothing"
Jesse reached out and took the brandy away from him, sitting it down next to the empty tumblers.
"David I think you've had enough" she admonished worriedly.
"I don't think so…I'm not nearly pissed enough yet" he reached for the bottle
She grabbed his wrist in a gentle but unbreakable grip
"No more, David, I won't let you do this to yourself"
He pulled away irritably "What does it matter Jesse? What does anything matter anymore?"
"David don't, please!" she took hold of her friends' shoulders and shook him "I won't have you talk like this…"
"You left me here to deal with this mess on my own, remember; ran off with your vampire rock star. I don't really think you have any say." His voice was resentful and angry and Jesse shrank back as though slapped.
"David I…I'm so sorry." Tears prickled behind her eyelids.
David was instantly contrite “No, I'm the one who should be sorry Jesse…" his expression softened "I shouldn't take out my frustration with the Elders on you…"
"No, you're right. I did just leave you…it was selfish of me…"
"At least one of us is happy, though; you have LeStat, immortality and freedom from all of this … this …bullshit that the Elders think is so important"
Jesse raised an eyebrow. She had never heard David question the wisdom of the Talamasca Elders before.
"Well two out of three isn't bad, David." She replied sadly
"I don't understand…"
"LeStat had other plans." She said simply, trying to keep the tears out of her voice "He left me to go to New Orleans...with Louis de Pointe du Lac"
"I didn't know…I'm sorry Jesse…I thought the two of you… "He left the sentence unfinished.
"I thought so too" a single blood tear ran down her cheek.
"Poor Jesse"
David reached out and wiped her tear away, awkwardly pulling her close against him and she fell into his arms quite willingly, cuddling against him, inhaling the scent of his hair and his skin, burying her face in his silky tresses. Her hunger and her desire both flared, his blood smelled so delectable, and his slim body felt so good against her own.
"David, leave here with me tonight."
He eased her away from him and looked her in the eye
"Leave here? For good you mean?"
Jesse nodded "You can't tell me that you'll be happy here after what they've done to you"
David sighed "No."
"Then be with me, David." She reached out and caressed his cheek "I've missed you so much…"
"You want me to take the Blood." It was a statement, not a question.
Jesse nodded "I offered it before, and the offer still stands. David please, take the Dark Gift now, while you're still young…"
"I don't want to watch you grow old and die!" tears were threatening again and Jesse fought them back.
"It's the nature of things Jesse."
"Not for us!" She said fiercely.
David looked at her, and shook his head doubtfully
"I'm not a 'LeStat', I'm a researcher, a historian…I think I'd be a bloody awful vampire."
"I think you'll be so beautiful." Jesse ran her fingers gently through his unruly tangle of curls.
David blushed momentarily, then let out a sigh of resignation
"You're not taking no for an answer this time, are you?"
It was Jesse's turn to look embarrassed, but she didn't take her eyes from his.
"No, David, not this time."
He smiled sadly and took another swig out of the brandy bottle, and then he unbuttoned his shirt collar, pulled it open and turned his head, running a long slender finger over his jugular.
"I guess that means I can still offer you a drink" he laughed and took another swig of brandy.
Jesse resisted the sight of his neck and took his face in her hands, making him look at her
"I'll give you a whole new life David; we'll have eternity together to do whatever we want to, and I promise I'll never leave you again"
"Best friends forever, literally, yeah?" he kissed her forehead softly "I have missed you Jesse, apart from my work you were all I had you know…I often regretted not going with you and LeStat that night."
"I regretted it too"
Jesse took the bottle away from him, pushing him gently back against the sofa cushions; he didn't resist. Jesse let the bottle fall to the floor and pulled off David's glasses. He blinked, as the world around him grew blurrier
"I need those…"
"Not for much longer" she whispered as she let them drop.
Jesse kissed David's cheek, leaving a trail of kisses down to his neck, licking and sucking at the tender flesh just under his jaw. There was a nasty popping sound when Jesse bit into him, sharp teeth ripping into skin and vein and muscle and he cried out in pain, clutching at her tightly.
A light spray of blood spattered the sofa cushion behind him, and blood gushed from the wounds as Jesse withdrew her fangs; David whimpered as she closed her mouth over the bite and began to drink. Jesse closed her eyes and drew the delicious hot blood into her, affectionately stroking David's hair.
He moaned helplessly, the bliss of the drinking overloading his senses. She felt him slowly weakening, and when she had drained him to the point of death, she pulled away.
"David, you have to drink now" she bit into her wrist and placed it to his lips, but he was almost too weak, she smeared the blood on his mouth , but still he did not react and Jesse felt panic as she sensed his life slipping away.
"David, come on David!"
He was unconscious; she had perhaps taken just a little too much blood from him. But then she had never done this before. LeStat and Marius had made it sound so simple…
Decisively she bit hard into her tongue, her mouth quickly filling with blood; she parted David's lips and pressed her mouth to his. David's eyes snapped open, as he tasted the powerful Dark Blood. He pulled her closer and ravenously drank. Jesse closed her eyes; beneath the taste of brandy, David's lips were sweet, and she let herself enjoy the kiss completely.
When she felt David's heart beat growing stronger than her own, she pulled away, leaving him breathless.
With a sudden sharp little cry of pain he doubled over
"It hurts…oh god, Jesse!"
She wrapped her arms around him "Shhh, It'll be over soon, David"
She held him tightly until the pain of mortal death finally passed and he relaxed, breathing easier. She nuzzled him and kissed the top of his head.
"Look at me David"
She gently tipped his face up to hers and smiled; the Dark Blood had worked its magic once more. He was as beautiful as she had hoped; his pale skin glowing, his eyes like sparkling gems, his hair in perfect ringlets.
David sat up straight, all signs of drunkenness gone. He licked at the blood smear on his lips absently as he looked about him in wonder, seeing for the first time with what LeStat referred to as vampire eyes.
"How does it feel?" she asked softly
"The sensory enhancement is incredible; I don't need my glasses anymore!"
David was in full Talamasca scholar mode, and Jesse sighed. Some things never changed.
He looked at her and smiled; showing his sharp, delicate fangs "I need to make full record of everything; it'll be a fascinating study, a first hand account, completely factual and un-romanticized…"
David hugged her impulsively.
"We can work on it together Jesse, just like we used to!"
Jesse smiled as David went on enthusiastically about his project; contentedly snuggling into the arms in which she would spend eternity.
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PostPosted: Tue Mar 11, 2008 4:19 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

I love it!!
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PostPosted: Tue Mar 11, 2008 7:28 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thank you! Very Happy
I'm a firm Louis/LeStat shipper and feel that Jesse and David would be a much better match than LeStat and Jesse.
I took a bit of creative license here, as frankly the movie didn't give us a whole lot of background to go on for these peeps and they bear little to no resemblance to the book characters.
I don't see movie David as Superior General material, not the way the Talamasca was set up in the books. Overseer of the london Motherhouse, maybe, but SG, no.
LeStat doesn't always stay with his fledlings (like Mona and Quinn in Blackwood Farm/Blood Canticle for instance) so I saw no reason to keep him and Jesse a couple. And Damn them for leaving Louis out! I just had to bring him back into the story.
I actually wrote more of this, it's somewhere on my old harddrive (I gots a new 'puter recently) If I can find it I could post it, if you're interested
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PostPosted: Tue Mar 11, 2008 8:54 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

PretentiousArtWhore wrote:
I actually wrote more of this, it's somewhere on my old harddrive (I gots a new 'puter recently) If I can find it I could post it, if you're interested

That would be fun!

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