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Eighth Doctor Feature from Doctor Who @ 40 Weekend - 2003?

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PostPosted: Fri Sep 04, 2009 5:36 pm    Post subject: Eighth Doctor Feature from Doctor Who @ 40 Weekend - 2003? Reply with quote

(From the EZ Board Library)



K9: The Television Doctor may have finished in 1989, but our story doesn’t end there. There has always been a light at the end of this time tunnel, and, with a keeper for every flame, the light of the Whoniverse has burned brighter still….So, with our loyalty and optimism rewarded, let’s meet the Eighth Doctor.

[BBC trailer for the TV Movie]

CLAYTON HICKMAN, EDITOR OF DOCTOR WHO MAGAZINE: Paul McGann…when he was announced, I remember being absolutely over the moon. I remember dancing around the living room, going, “It’s Doctor Who, it’s Paul McGann…”, and my mum going [pulls a face] “Don’t know who he is…”…I remember really, really liking the TV Movie when it came out, because it was everywhere, and it really felt like something new and exciting. After seven years…

PAUL: I’d got myself going about it, got myself really enthusiastic by the time I’d signed to do it…

GARY RUSSELL: Very, very good as the Doctor. He engaged people immediately. The other thing, I think, that makes him real, as the Doctor, is the regeneration sequence. Sylvester McCoy went to Canada and filmed the regeneration sequence.

SYLVESTER: I remember saying that, whatever happens, I’ve got to do the regeneration sequence. I thought, well, I’ll go over there and do the regeneration scene.

PAUL: McCoy, who was the previous incumbent, was an old mate. Showed me the ropes, kind of thing.

SYLV: [Mimes the regeneration, with gurning and handwaving] Weird, weird. [Grins] The rise of the not-so-handsome Paul McGann.

AMERICAN FAN: Paul McGann’s appearance, he was fantastic in it, but the story was not sufficient, it didn’t really go to the level that it could have done, for the actors themselves.

PAUL: It was a pilot. But in our case, the pilot didn’t get picked up. It should have been a series. I signed a contract, to say that if it was picked up, then I was theirs [staring eyes for a second] for six years.

AMERICAN FAN: You just don’t give Doctor Who to Americans to do. You just don’t do that.

K-9: the TV Movie floundered in the USA, but the Doctor’s life energy was far from over. A new phase was about to begin.

[Shots of Big Finish CDs]

GARY RUSSELL: Big Finish began a few years ago, we got our license from the BBC, and we wanted to do audio drama. There had been no Doctor Who on television for a while, apart from the Paul McGann movie.

INDIA FISHER: Big Finish do the new audio adventures of Doctor Who, so they use all the Doctors, apart from Tom.

PAUL: The audio books are…great.

INDIA: They’re not hampered by the telly programme.

PAUL: You get to do stuff on radio that you just can’t get away with on film.

[Shots from the webcast of Shada]

GARY: The audio adventures are bought by Doctor Who fans who just want more Doctor Who. For them, the TV series just hasn’t been enough.

PAUL: It’s kept it going. The stories are good, they’re kind of literary, and funny, and…(considers) camp.

GARY: They see that as a real continuation of the series, which is rather flattering.

[There follows a discussion of the Radio Times poll, in which Doctor Who was voted the TV how most people in Britain wanted to see return, and then the announcement of the new series]

DAVID J HOWE, FAN HISTORIAN: Well, a new series of Doctor Who – absolutely brilliant news. In some respects, it’s surprising how long it took them before they actually got round to sorting it out.

PAUL: If you think of the basic precepts of the story, there’s no reason for it to finish. Y’know, you’re looking at something where there’s a story where you can play with time, you can regenerate the characters…y’know, this is the perfect series.

DAVID J HOWE: One of the things that’s most important is the quality of the scripts, the quality of the stories that they’ll be telling, and you don’t need Hollywood-style budgets to be able to tell those stories.

BARRY LETTS, PRODUCER OF JON PERTWEE’S ERA: Bringing back the Doctor is a very difficult thing. Difficult, either for a producer to take over a Doctor, or to start again with a new Doctor.

WENDY PADBURY, ZOE HERRIOT DURING PATRICK TROUGHTON’S ERA: The prerequisite is good writing. If you’ve got it well written, the job of the actors is easier. If it’s Russell T Davies, I’m sure it’ll be fantastic.

JON CULSHAW, OF THE BBC’S DEADRINGERS: The show mustn’t become a children’s pantomime, it’s gotta be understated, y’know, no question marks on pullovers. Absolutely dead straight.

[Various people suggest different actors to play the Doctor, Colin Baker’s championing of Dawn French being particularly worrying!]

PAUL: I know nothing about the rumours that continue to abound, concerning the Beeb and the new series…

AMERICAN FAN: Paul McGann only had one TV Movie, in 1996, and I would like to see him back in the role if possible.

PAUL: (Laughing) You can’t just be Doctor Who once – well, I proved that. You can’t just be Doctor Who, play Doctor Who, once and (laughing again) hope to get away with it!

BARRY LETTS: Paul McGann was a magnificent Doctor, and I wish he could have gone on to do a series.

ENGLISH FAN DRESSED AD THE SIXTH DOCTOR: I think it would be very unfair of the BBC to proceed with a new series without at least considering Paul.

FEMALE FAN ALSO DRESSED AS THE SIXTH DOCTOR: I still think they should keep Paul McGann on as the Doctor, because he’s got the look of the Doctor, and he’s just got the character of the Doctor off to a T.

INDIA: I think he really brings something to the character that I don’t think was shown in the film, and I think that people should give him a second chance.

PAUL: If it was gonna be good, I mean, that never changes, you look at the thing, you read the script, you have a look, and if it’s gonna be good, yeah. So…watch this space. (Winks and grins to camera)
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