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Feline Memories

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 19, 2006 12:07 am    Post subject: Feline Memories Reply with quote

Look what I found Estelle!!!


Here's a little story that was inspired by Paul McGann's reading of James Herbert's Fluke and Calvin, my friend Trudy's big affectionate kitty who loved to have his tummy rubbed.

The Doctor squinted. For some reason he was much closer to the ground than he was accustomed. He gaped at his image in the shimmering glass fašade of a white and gold building. He now possessed four legs and a tail and was covered with long gray, black and white fur. He had become a cat, and a rather bulky one at that. He arched his back and flicked his tail.

"But I am the Doctor! What's happened to me?" He paused to consider the facts. "This new body means I've regenerated. Trans-species regeneration is theoretically possible, I suppose. Hmm, I wonder if there was a gender switch, too. I feel male though."

He then ruefully admitted to himself, "At least you know who you are this time. That certainly hasn't always been true in the past." He stared some more at his reflection and thought, "Fat again." For a moment he mourned his former slim, lithe form.

"Now, first things first. I must find the TARDIS because she'll be able to help me adjust to this bizarre transformation. Right, but where am I?"

The pavement beneath his paws was glittery, and multi-hued tree trunks marched past him. But those brown, green, blue, black and red things were people's legs he reminded himself. A monster rumbled ominously beneath him, and the grate upon which he stood vibrated furiously. A raucous din of blaring car horns assaulted his ears. He craned his head upwards, trying to see the sky. He was at the bottom of a deep canyon, the walls of which were composed of immensely tall, closely spaced buildings. He could not even discern the tops of these latter. The sky was as crowded as the sidewalks and streets.

He involuntarily shivered, suddenly enveloped by abject loneliness. The Doctor shook his head to dispel these gloomy feelings and told himself, "I'm not alone. I have my TARDIS, and I'm still a Time Lord."

But where was he--New York, perhaps? People brushed past him in a strange anonymous intimacy, speaking English with American intonations. No one stopped to pet him or talk to him. He began to walk, wending his way through the human thicket, and then halted briefly in front of a building with Corinthian columns and an intricate array of sculptures of people. It was called the New York Stock Exchange, and some Japanese tourists were eagerly photographing the edifice. "So," he said, "I'm in the Manhattan Financial District. I think I last saw my ship in a park, and, lucky for me, New York City doesn't have too many of those."

His belly growled, but he ignored it while muttering sullenly, "Now is as good a time as any to transform this feline flab into muscle." He moved on, observing piles of interesting junk randomly deposited on the sidewalks--rugs, crates, tables, chairs, even an occasional computer casing and television. A desperate craving for even the tiniest scrap of food assailed him, and he nosed around the discards. Unfortunately nothing edible had been thrown away.

The Doctor sighed and resumed his journey, step by plodding step. Enticing meaty and fishy smells wafted by and made him salivate. The aroma of newly baked bread was heady. Perhaps the hotdog vender down the street would let him have just a taste.

"I've never been so obsessed with eating before," he mused. "But I have more important things to consider, like how I'm to get into the TARDIS without a key. Hopefully, the old girl will recognize some vestige of my being and open the door."

He estimated he was now about a mile from the spot where he had first noticed his metamorphosis. "This body just wasn't made for much physical activity," he grumbled as he wearily trudged onward.

After a while, he decided to rest briefly. He also thought, "I really want someone to rub my tummy." He nearly succumbed to a compulsion to lie supine upon the sidewalk with his soft underbelly exposed to passersby. "You can't do that," he sternly warned himself. "Someone is sure to hurt you. You must stay focused!"

The Doctor then recalled his previous incarnations. Each had offered alternate perspectives and slightly different motivations. He accepted that he would need more time to master the peculiar urges of his latest form.

His mouth curled into a grin as he remembered that the TARDIS was in Central Park. He saw a subway station across the street and decided he would ride a northbound train to the park.

Newly invigorated by thoughts of home and safety, he dodged around automobiles trapped in gridlock and scrambled down the station's staircase. "Excuse me, excuse me," he murmured as he tripped up several folks along the way.

After studying the subway route map, he decided to catch the number 6 green line to Central Park. Getting to the trains would be easy since he was short enough to walk under the turnstiles. He was looking for a free ride, but just this once he told himself. "Besides, I don't have any money for a pass. I don't even have opposable thumbs anymore. I am a cat, after all."

He watched the people go by and then intercalated himself between a teenage couple holding hands. The male member of the pair delivered a sharp kick to the Doctor's flank while yelling, "Get away, you mangy cat!"

The Time Lord slunk off and waited for the pain to abate. Mangy, indeed! What a scurrilous insult! He knew he possessed a beautiful, silky coat.

As the flow of people diminished somewhat, the Doctor found another gap and calmly strolled under a turnstile. Overhead signs directed him to the correct platform, and he descended deeper into the bowels of the station, grateful no one was impeding his progress. The eerie wail of a lone saxophone made him cringe. "Get a grip!" he admonished himself. "Your subterranean ride will soon be over." His outlook brightened considerably when he espied the train he should catch.

A transit cop suddenly grasped his hindquarters and lifted him upwards. Hissing sharply, the Doctor raked his claws across the man's chest and ripped the uniform shirt. He then dropped his head and sank his fangs into the policeman's arm. The cop loosened his grip, and the Doctor sprang down and dashed into the still open car. He settled himself beneath some designated handicap seats.

He looked up and saw a little girl, maybe six, staring fixedly at him. She was slowly nibbling a chocolate ice cream cone. The Doctor unconsciously licked his chops while watching the ice cream melt and dribble down the sides of her cone. If the girl were to drop her treat, he was certain he would run out to consume it.

The child smiled at him and said, "Mommy, look at that big gray cat under there."

Her mother said gruffly, "He probably has rabies or something. Stop looking at him!"

He looked up entreatingly at this child. "She reminds me of someone." He closed his eyes and let his mind wander. "I remember now! I belong to a human family with a mother, a father and two daughters. My girls are older than this one though. I have friends, and we all live together on a farm. And, and I have a different name--I'm Calvin!"

He shuddered and wondered whatever was he doing on this lurching, growling metal beast. If any of his pals like Sy, Felicity or Donna had been with him, he would feel braver. Even those pesky dogs Sadie, Ralph and Muffin would be welcome company at the moment.

These visions of his extended family and different identity suddenly vanished, and he felt bewildered. He was the Doctor, a Gallifreyan Time Lord, wasn't he? He had never been someone's pet. Or had he? "I have much to sort out," he mumbled.

"This is our stop. Let's go," the mother said to her daughter.

The Doctor decided he would exit as well. He had to escape the claustrophobic train and tunnels and get out into the open. Maybe his muddled head would clear, too.

"Look, Mommy, the kitty wants to follow us," observed the girl.

The Doctor narrowly avoided the point of Mommy's shoe as he ran out the door and up the steps. He abruptly stopped and gazed disconsolately at the gray, drippy sky. It was windy and uncomfortably chilly. Fat raindrops pelted him and matted his fur.

Something tickled his mind. He recognized the TARDIS, his oldest friend, acknowledging her proximity and encouraging him.

He gingerly made his way forth, sidestepping colorful broken umbrellas that had been abandoned by their owners. His eyes widened with delight at the sight of trees, real ones this time. "Yes, finally!" he yelled while traversing one last span of asphalt. As he capered on the lush green carpet of the park, welcome relief washed over him.

The ship was quite near. "Just a little bit further," he whispered. He was startled by a wave of panic inexplicably crashing over him. Nothing looked familiar now. He stood immobile, his heart pounding and his breaths coming in gasps.

His jaw dropped in amazement when he saw a man in a dark green velvet coat hurrying past him. The fellow's long brown hair was plastered down against the sides of his head. Water streamed from his coat, and his shoes made a squishy noise with each step.

"Hey, you're me! But how is that possible?" The Doctor's fears ebbed away as he contemplated this new mystery. "Wait!" cried the Time Lord. "I must speak to you." He was astounded to hear nothing but a pitiful mewling noise. He could not articulate words and had sounded just like the cat he was.

The man, however, halted in mid stride and said, "Oh my, you're as bedraggled as I am, aren't you? Do you want to come with me? I know someplace cozy for both of us."

The Doctor crept toward this impossibly familiar stranger and watched him doff his coat. He allowed himself to be bundled up and hoisted aloft. He scowled, however, when the man said, "I think you require a diet, my dear feline friend." But the coat sheltering him from the downpour was warm and had a welcome scent of kindness also exuded in abundance by his benefactor. The Time Lord nestled against his protector's chest and became lulled to sleep by the steady rhythm of dual beating hearts.

The Doctor opened his eyes, yawned and stretched. He must have had a little catnap. He noted with interest that his arms were clad in white shirtsleeves. Apparently he was no longer a cat. "I must have dreamed it all," he thought.

Whatever was lying on his feet was certainly heavy. He looked down and beheld a snoozing cat. It was the large gray one he had discovered wandering around outside the TARDIS. He wriggled his feet out from under the creature and pushed the ottoman away.

The cat promptly awoke and meowed plaintively. It then rolled onto its back and offered up its plump white belly. The Doctor bent forward and obliged his new friend with a vigorous tummy rub. "You must be Calvin," he said. " I never realized before that you cats were telepathic, but it must be so. You want me to take you back to your family, don't you?" The cat purred loudly in approval as the Doctor continued, "Don't worry, boy, the TARDIS and I will find a way to get you home safely."

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PostPosted: Sun Feb 19, 2006 12:19 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Awwwwww! That's so cute!!!!! I had never read that before!
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Site Admin

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PostPosted: Mon Feb 27, 2006 7:16 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Thanks, Rollande and Grace!

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PostPosted: Tue Feb 28, 2006 1:54 am    Post subject: Reply with quote

Soooooo sweeeeeeetttt! Very Happy
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Moon Dancer

Joined: 28 Aug 2006
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PostPosted: Sat Sep 02, 2006 8:02 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote


That's a cute story. Smile

I enjoyed reading it. Looking forward to any others that you might have written. Very Happy

Very sweet,
Moon Dancer
A dream is a wish your heart makes when your fast asleep
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Joined: 29 Jan 2006
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PostPosted: Sun Sep 24, 2006 12:41 pm    Post subject: Reply with quote

Moon Dancer wrote:
I enjoyed reading it. Looking forward to any others that you might have written. Very Happy

Thanks for reading it, Moon Dancer. Smile I also lay claim to The Doctor Deflowered in the adult lit section. The latter is a silly Eighth Doctor/Rocky Horror crossover.

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